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  1. I want to fire a coach in my game world ? Is there any way to do it ? I don't know if it is the best place to question this, sorry for that. Thanks in advance
  2. I want do fire a coach in my game world, is there any way to do it ? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi. I create a world with 42 teams but i didn't found Dynamo Kyiv, only Dynamo 2 Kyiv, so i put it thinking that was the real Dynamo Kyiv. Can you help me ? It is possible to change only that team ? Thanks
  4. Which these Juve players should i keep for the future ? CURTI, Nicolò BRANESCU, Laurentiu LIVIERO, Matteo MAGNÚSSON, Hördur POGBA, Paul SILVESTRI, Tommaso ILARI, Carlo COSTANTINO, Marco GOUANO, Prince-désir GABRIEL, Appelt LEALI, Nicola BOUY, Ouasim BOAKYE, Richmond MASI, Alberto GIANDONATO, Manuel BONIPERTI, Filippo GABBIADINI, Manolo ROSSI, Fausto
  5. What will be the next big potencial of Real Madrid's cantera that isn't in DB right now ? Thanks
  6. Who is better ? In my opinion, Vermaelen is for the present and Subotic for the future. Vermaelen has scored many goals this season but he had a lot of injuries. Subotic is younger 3 years. Will subotic rise in near future ? Will Vermaelen rise now ? Thanks in advance
  7. Re: Vermaelen or subotic Everyone wants but if you can choose, what is your choice ? Vermaelen is 26 and Subotic 23.. I have to decide quickly, so i apreciate some reasons to choose one of them, plz
  8. Who do you think is better ? I will trade Lahm for Modric and one of them ! Will vermaelen rise now ? Will subotic be better than the gunner ?
  9. Re: Counter formations How to counter a 4-5-1 ? and a 4-2-3-1 ? In my league, i play 3-5-2 and won almost every game but there are 3/4 teams that use 4-5-1 or 4-2-3-1 and i lost ! What tactic should i try ?
  10. What rating do you think eto'o will get in next review ? When this review will be ?
  11. Hi, i'm barcelona and i can't win a game ! I'm getting really nervous because i have the best team in the game world. Here is my team NEUER, Manuel SIRIGU, Salvatore LAHM, Philipp SCHWAAB, Daniel ALVES, Dani SILVA, Thiago (injury for the rest of season) RAKYTSKIY, Yaroslav PIQUE, Gerard MUNOZ, Ezequiel BUSQUETS, Sergio VIDAL, Arturo FABREGAS, Cesc INIESTA, Andrés GOTZE, Mario BALE, Gareth HAZARD, Eden RODRIGUEZ, James MESSI, Lionel ROBINHO, Souza SANCHEZ, Alexis GOMEZ, Mario Then i have Lavezzi, Lennon, Ganso, Wilshere, Luiz Gustavo, Koscielny, Capoue and Walker - all of them on loan I can't find a way to win ! Can you help me ? What tactic and intructions should i use ?! Plz help me !
  12. Should i trade my pedro rodriguez for Bale, Lennon and Walker ? In my opinion pedro is losing his space in Barcelona's first team to Cuenca and Sanchez and Tottenham players could rise. Any predictions for all this 4 players ? Should i accept ? Thanks
  13. Re: Ligue 1 Ratings 2011 Any predictions for Eden Hazard?
  14. Here are my barça kids: MASIP, Jordi PLANAS, Carles GRIMALDO, Alex MONTOYA, Martín DALMAU, Albert BARTRA, Marc MUNIESA, Marc GOMEZ, Sergi KIKO, Femenía JONATHAN, Dos Santos RIVEROLA, Martí ILIE, Sánchez ESPINOSA, Javi ROBERTO, Sergi TELLO, Cristian CUENCA, Isaac RODRI, Lozano Who to keep or sell ?
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