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  1. You should apply for the Swansea job!
  2. Wildboy


    On the old UI if you click on your name, then click 'club information' then click 'honours and league history'... you can get a list of your finishing position in every league as well as honours.
  3. Wow, thats exactly what I thought. I've never known sm in the years I've played have so many bugs. Everyday there is a different mistake. Its like they're doing it on purpose to get us to switch... however, i suspect it will have the reverse effect in that a lot of people will quit.
  4. Same here. For 2 games in a row there have been 4 off sides lol
  5. Same here. There was no commentary so the goals just came in really quickly... it took away the excitement of it... Also when I look at the match commentary all I get are codes.
  6. Re: What improvements / new features would you like? The first example you gave are the 3 that I would have put... 1) Improve match engine 2) Introduce squad numbers 3) Improve customer service
  7. Re: Connect Game Worlds This sounds really exciting and fun! SM deserve a lot of credit for this. The only trouble I had was thinking of a name... I went with 'The Connect Cup'... original huh? lol
  8. Wildboy

    Can't log in

    Re: SM have changed the design again... I can get in either!
  9. Re: Hey, look... Great that they added the pin... all is well in the world!
  10. Re: How do you beat teams that are better than you? Thats really interesting. I've noticed a few teams in my gameworld are doing well with lower rated players. Can I just ask how low do you go? Would you go below 85 for example?
  11. Re: Where can i see all the player's changes? On the third toolbar down, click on your gameworld link... yet another toolbar will open.... click on player database... its there!
  12. Re: Hey, look... This is my problem with it as well. Is there any need to have 3 toolbars and for it to be so big? I used to like to assess my squad without scrolling down, I can't do it anymore.
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