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  1. Is it worth to sell Cherki for 7.1 million? Division 4 side here. Is he due a rise? Considering he only has 400 mins and no goals or assists ? I have Wirtz,Reyna, Kadewere, Koita,Sima,Cho , Bamford, Che Adams ( will sell) Out on loan I have Moukoko,Madueke, Musiala and Danilo (Ajax)
  2. Anyone know anything about Luiz Felipe of Lazio ? Cross competition? I can't find anything
  3. Manchester City unstoppable . WestHam gave them a good game and deserved European football at minimum after this season Some people will probably say we're getting lucky being 4th xD
  4. My GK in a 80/80 manager GW. I believe it's absolutely pot luck what performance your GK will put in . I've had loads of 94-95 GKs have 1 shot on target to deal with and concede it so many times. I've had lower rated GKs pull out 10/10 performance more regularly . Aslong as you have a solid team in front, it shouldn't matter what rating you have . But I like to have 87+ to be on the safe side
  5. Giroud,Vardy, Stindl or Caputo? I'm a div 4 side. Money isn't a problem. Who would people pick
  6. Is this on the front page ? Would be handy
  7. What is the better deal? I'm Lazio with the duo Screenshot below shows my CBs and Wingers
  8. I prefer Bono. Only because Sevilla do well in Europe. But can't go wrong with either
  9. Anyone got any gameworlds where I can try and do a great escape with a team rooted at the bottom ? Just looking for a challenge
  10. 😭😭 Just remember Soucek is a DM xD imagine if he gets 15/20 goals which aren't freekicks or penalties lol Nonetheless I think alot of people underestimate WestHam still 😎
  11. Yeah it's a shame you missed out 😎
  12. Isn't the second divisions of the top leagues too soon? Most got done around September 2020?
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