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  1. All taken xD very popular gameworld. Which is why I'm annoyed at SM for a random rise for someone I wanted
  2. Any players worth 800k due any rises ? PM would be lovely xD I did my own scouting for a few players . Players like Matt Clarke who just rose to 82 . Just typical SM reviewing a player who plays in championship from a prem side during the Brazil reviews . Like couldn't that wait until the premier League finishes xD
  3. Off topic but does anyone know any players that can play most positions on the field ? Or anyone that can cover many ? Don't care about age or rating.
  4. You have to be on the old interface on a browser like the computer to see everything.
  5. Any good ? It's in a setup that the max rating to buy is 84 By selling him I could buy other youths
  6. I have Nordin Jackers as my back up GK to Timo Horn in a competitive setup. Worth keeping Jackers ? I'm surprised he didn't rise with the minutes he had. I know his team is bottom but he is only on loan there
  7. Julian Baumgartlinger or Luka Milivojevic?
  8. Henderson(22.2) or Bentancur(20mil)? I have 23 million Also Papu Gomez or Josip Ilicic?
  9. Juan Manuel Gutiérrez Freire. finally got a +5 to 78. worth keeping ? And is this a random review or Uruguay next ?
  10. Any players rated 88 and below have any chances of 89/90 ?
  11. Rezan Corlu . Anything special or just a riser ?
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