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  1. I must be dreaming?? (WHU) We made Wolves look terrible somehow given how bad we can be . What a all around performance
  2. Jonah Osabutey . 21-78 . Worth holding onto in a competitive set-up?
  3. Sell Marco Richter (22-86) for 9.9 million? . Would get me out of debt. And would have to do some scouting for risers as it's very tough
  4. FC Emmen new sponsorship deal with a Adult toy company xD This is their stadium entrance apparently
  5. @Milanista1email sent to you. Says he is reporting me because I'm calling him out
  6. Ryan Reynolds in take over bid for Wrexham
  7. @Milanista1Just the way he writes with his other accounts and backs up Mustafa is so obvious Plus all his clubs. He signs onto but doesn't rotate his team for 3 games a week or cups . And all are bottom 4 in each division
  8. @Milanista1 There you go. That cheater in English championship 7777. He sold Moreno to Darlington last season for Omishen and Cantwell. It got reversed by SMFA and then it went through again and SM claim there is nothing wrong . He is now buying back Moreno despite that Darlington manager having better offers
  9. WestHam playing 3 youths tonight. 4th coming off from the bench Diop,Cullen and Moyes test positive for covid. Gonna be a long season 😕
  10. Yes sub appearances count for half a game. Every 2 sub games = 1 full game :);
  11. Normal season is 38 games If he is your top 5 player he needs 80% of the number of turns which is normally 38. Cup games count as a game also but won't add on to the 38 to my knowledge . So you could play two cup games and lose both and the player could play 40 games / 38turns in total So if he gets injured for example 6 games . He will expect 80% of 32 turns This example is from SM help section For example, in a league with 38 games (38 Turns) a 94 rated or higher player expects to play in 31 games were they lose fitness. This could be 25 league starts, 8 substitute appe
  12. Refs and VAR are inconsistent in the PL
  13. @Sir Rahul Is it the German div 3 review ? Or just a few players here and there
  14. RC Lens doing well so far. 4 games 3 wins
  15. Early days but Koch is not having the best of starts in the prem. 2 penalties in 2 games.
  16. Is this for times to come ? A player getting reviewed like this ? Gets a -2 then 8 days later gets another -2 .
  17. Keep Goretzka . Kante is only gonna go down
  18. Yeah these random rises aren't good lol.
  19. @Milanista1Engliah Championship 7777. Oldham, Fulham, Brentford, Darlington,WestHam. Those are the clubs he is managing that are known. Could be loads more
  20. EC 7777. A guy with like 5 clubs. I'm sure you posting in newsfeed. Other managers would help you by telling you the exact clubs
  21. So their fullbacks will be from USA and Canada. Think that's quite cool tbh
  22. Do we have a review list ? Like last time a country was reviewed? Think it would be good to have a rough estimate of dates /year Think Russia is coming up to 1 and half years since last review Becoming difficult to decide who to buy with these random reviews other than transferred players xD
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