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  1. Where's Arau....Nevermind.... 👀
  2. As if you got reported 😂 cant he see that you have a hard time supporting Newcastle then have to deal with childish arguments like this on top 👀 . Honestly though everyone does a great job offering opinions on this thread etc and it shouldn't be met with toxicity behaviour if someone disagrees
  3. True but others have had their positions removed because they haven't played there for a season etc Was just asking.
  4. It's the same player. But Pepe Sanchez rated 73 is the proper one.
  5. Any reason why Hakimi plays LB on SM? But hasn't played LB since 2019 at Dortmund and International level?
  6. Rondon 😂 and Muriel (currently playing wing though) 116 manager set up which explains Rondon btw
  7. I have Daka. Leaning towards keeping Daka despite how tempting those players are . As Daka doesn't play and those two would. What would you guys do ?
  8. Top 3 go through to the world cup. 4th place go through to the intercontinental playoff with other teams Could we see Alphonso Davies and David's at next year world cup with Canada??
  9. Apparently it's common in Chile to use your fathers surname and mother's surname in one. And obviously his mother's surname before marriage was Diaz
  10. Worth keeping?? Or should I sell and try and get anyone else ?
  11. What does kante need to do to get 95
  12. Hakimi to 92 ? And will he keep his RB?
  13. Anyone see big Sam interview ?? He didn't like Antonio comments about long ball and down the channels 🤔
  14. Don't think it's a handball? It hits his knee first onto to his arm and he looks Offside imo 😂
  15. Yes because Grealish is 91 😂 Foden should be 91/92 but mount deserves 91
  16. 😂😂 He was quality for Newcastle. Don't know why he left for China but currently on loan at a Russia club and has 4 goals 1 assist in 9 games. But I don't know how safe his rating is at 89 😕 Also I have Muriel but I'm sure he will lose his AM/wing soon and then I'll be stuck with 3 FCs in a 1 FC formation 😂
  17. Rondon 😂 the 89 CF on loan at the Russian club xD or Josef Martinez. The 88 CF at Atlanta
  18. Josef Martinez. I'm guessing his rating is safe despite the Injury Out of rondon and Josef Martinez. Who would you keep in a competitive setup
  19. Fabio Carvalho debut for Fulham in premier league
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