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  1. Gonna be tough. Massive game for both clubs . I'm sure most neutrals want WHU to win because of this ESL saga I'll be happy with Europa at minimum Also can you explain this new handball rule? Peter Walton seems confused and talks out of his ***
  2. Get in Newcastle!!! So unlucky with that disallowed goal glad that's getting changed next season as Wilson had no chance of moving his "arm" from a natural position But it was unfair because the GK kicked it at Wilson so how is that handball ?
  3. Obviously as a WestHam fan. Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs can take -12 👀 But no seriously, when it comes to financial issues. They're happy to dock -12 to teams like Wigan or kick teams like Bury or Dover out. So these big 6 shouldn't be let off with just a tap on the wrist this season. Also I wonder if they're still banned from UCL or Europa next season?
  4. Should there still be a punishment for English clubs ?
  5. Actually Gold is a West Ham fan I believe and it wasn't Gold and Sullivan who wanted to Null and void the season because of relegation. It was Karren Brady who wanted to Null and Void the season
  6. This would be truly awful . Would be so hard to watch WestHam if this goes ahead an invite system ? talk about power play . They're just upset small teams like Atalanta, Leicester have been doing so well and taking their UCL spots Juventus CEO was crying ages ago about how teams like Atalanta make the UCL a joke of a competition when you got big teams like Milan not making UCL because these so called big teams are the ones who have made Italy well known
  7. Plus with this potential ESL. None of other 14 prem teams can ever qualify for it I believe @Kieran_S91 the premier league would be ruined and we will all be fighting for nothing due to greed
  8. Can't rule out Leeds man after they beat Manchester City with 10 men But oh well. Newcastle fans dream of what WHU have done this season And no one can say we don't deserve it as we have given the big boys a run for their money . Which we why the ESL has been created to stop our smaller teams taking their UCL spots/money. Leicester winning the league was a big No No in their eyes . Honestly if Newcastle was pushing UCL I would support it like I would any small side in prem as I think it's fantastic that a team who hasn't spent much money are above a team who spent over 200 million
  9. This is the premier league table without the big 6 results counting WestHam have only lost twice! Both against Newcastle 😂
  10. https://mobile.twitter.com/SkySportsPL/status/1383832540054659082?s=19
  11. If this goes ahead. Football is corrupted and will have officially killed the sport. And I hope fans wouldn't support it I've heard mixed things on city. Some are saying they're in it and others saying they have opted out
  12. European super League to be announced tonight? UCL new format ? All people who don't want Westham/Leicester to get top 4 because they dislike them and hate seeing smaller clubs do well. This new format would potentially mean all the big 6 clubs get in no matter what position they finish(protection) Effectively killing the sport and the smaller sides playing for nothing
  13. Anyone know anything about Alessandro Vogliacco in Seria B? Use to be a Juventus youth player. But not if worth keeping
  14. Well he has moved back to Brazil 😂😂 Literally hours ago . So you was right in thinking that you saw something ages ago about it and then every bit of news vanished until today when it's confirmed
  15. Pretty bad misprint then. Spurs are 6 points away from Fourth place West Ham and 5 points away from fifth place Chelsea lol. Two errors there. I personally think everyone hates clubs outside the big 6 doing well. You never notice when our clubs beat the big 6? It's the same excuse from presenters of how bad were Chelsea ,Man City etc and not how good the likes of Newcastle, WestHam etc were to actually stop them playing their normal game
  16. What is this stupid big 6 bias ? 4th place Chelsea ? When they're 5th and 1 point behind 4th
  17. Any 88-89 CM looking at 90+? Brozovic slight chance at 93?
  18. Why is taison playing for a Brazilian side in SM,? he is currently playing in shakhtar under 21's
  19. Perfect , Matt Dorethy loses his LB and will now have to play on orange tonight as that's gotta be better than a 87 LB 😂
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