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  1. Danny Ings? Anything on him having his positions removed? He is mainly a CF. Will he keep his winger positions ?
  2. Worth keeping or selling ? Highly competitive setup up
  3. Yes Gundogan has a very good chance at 93. Top scorer and City winning league. Pjanic is only gonna go down now
  4. Lingard 35 million now πŸ˜‚ Edit - 40 😳
  5. Great result. Shame because under Bruce you play dire football . Surviving means Bruce stays πŸ˜‚
  6. Fulham (white) are the defending team
  7. I think it's C. 1.5 I had Rondon on level 4 concerns and had him play all 46 league games and I made it to round 4 of both cups so he played 8 cup games aswell.
  8. KDB or Kimmich? Would be playing CM
  9. That's because your squad value and cash balance is under the division squad value average so chairman invests to bring it up
  10. Any game that decreases your fitness counts towards concerns etc
  11. What is your team ? Like what are your best positions etc ? Obviously some of these players are better than others. But they're all different positions and depend what you need most really
  12. What is everyone's thoughts on attendances and revenue in game ? I feel in lower divisions it's extremely tough. I'm in div 4 with a 26k stadium and only grabbing 6000 poor sods to watch my team despite being top πŸ˜‚surely I should be getting atleast 10k. I've been in div 1 before and got max attendances. But it feels likes SM copy the real life attendances of Shorpe?
  13. Respect to Lille (1st) Lens (5th), Frankfurt (4th) , WestHam (5th) These teams have relatively cheap players and should see some good rises.
  14. Anyone know anything about Marc Bola and Dijksteel of Middlesbrough? Both young players . Wondering if worth keeping in a competitive setup with barely young players at external Just wanna know if anyone knows anything
  15. What about Jordan Henderson? Will he lose his CB eventually? As he is only playing there as a emergency
  16. How come Banega only dropped -1 ? That's still a 90 in a Middle East league?
  17. Soucek with a hat-trick for Czech Republic
  18. Are the two risers worth holding onto in a competitive setup ? Their team sits 5th in Portugal
  19. Sorry 😭 I know how it feels being down there. I'm fuming today but after giving it second thought , It's much better than previous seasons of fighting relegation like last season. Before first lockdown we was 17th by GD. Hopefully top 10 can attract a better striker than Antonio and WestHam can challenge for top 8 consistently It's actually nice being a neutral in a relegation battle and not relying on other teams losing πŸ˜‚
  20. Better than 3-0 to Brighton and relegation πŸ€·πŸ˜‚ πŸ‘€ tbf WestHam going defensive cost them the game and our last 9 games are okay. Some winnable games . I think Newcastle should be worried . That last game Vs Fulham looks to be exciting for a neutral xD
  21. Branthwaite and Zaydou Youssouf for Falcao ? @Kieran_S91 This is a full gameworld 116/116 and my best forwards are Muriel,Josef Martinez and Rondon My best youth fwds are Daka and Sinisterra
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