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  1. Odubeko makes his debut. Coming as a sub Vs Stockpoy
  2. Take that back 😂 we're only missing a decent striker who can actually run or score goals and we would be top 10 guarantee IMO xD
  3. My mate paid 1.2 million for a rated 70. I was like 😂
  4. Well done Brentford. Fantastic result and achievement.
  5. What a dive by Wilson 😂 how that is a pen and red card when it was outside the box when contact was made . Poor Fulham lol
  6. 82 you reckon? Just kidding but honestly Wouldn't surprise me if SM give him 80
  7. Haha, he has no chance. More chance of dropping xD All he did today was score a brilliant bicycle kick Good Leeds wins today. Teams from 15th and below are really falling behind the rest of the league
  8. Arsenal shouldn't be losing a massive 6 pointer like that. I don't 😂 proper cocky fans when they won the two cups thinking they were back to their best . No clue what has happened since then though.
  9. Sheffield United are really having a tough time . 1 point in 9 games lol
  10. Absolutely disgraceful from Lookman. Who does that in the 97th min? When your team is fighting relegation and needs every point they can get. Judging last season ,Villa surviving by one point. Let's hope Fulham don't regret that
  11. As a WHU fan. Yes he has been our best player aslong side Soucek ,Coufal, Rice ,Fornals Antonio makes the team work and gives us a attacking threat. You saw once he went off with a hamstring injury Vs Man city , we lost all our threat of scoring and had to hold onto a draw with the onslaught Man city were throwing at us. Haller isn't good enough for the Premier League with "us" Maybe another team would get the best out of him as he is slow and lazy. And Antonio is going under the scan in the next 48 hours to see the outcome of his injury. It's a recurring problem and I don't see him getting 89 But he is very underrated and I'm sure most prem defenders hate playing against him with his pure strength and speed and all the closing down he does . He seems a nightmare to face. He really brings the rest of the team together and into the game which is good as our players aren't bad as people make them out to be.
  12. Already have him in a competitive full English C set-up when I got him for 399k. Didn't have the money for this Div 4 side at the time. I'll just sign Sven Botman instead for 800k more
  13. Does anyone know about SM values? Any chance of Illya Zarbarnyi dropping his 1.6 million ? Looking to buy him for a division 4 side. But it's alot to fork out. But obviously a great player to buy
  14. That's alot of players lol First of. You really only need 2 GKs Pick your 30 man squad Pick 50-70 youths you want to keep who are well hyped, playing loads , you see them having a future in your starting 11/bench You have Regullion as LB. You are sorted for LB. You would ideally only need 3 or 4 LBs now. You have Hickey aswell Your squad is young and in their peak years already. Which is good and it will take forever for others to displace them You have players who will never reach those heights for 5+ years . Sell what Kieran said Sell Ereda aswell Sell pretty much players who are 23-27 and are only rated 80-84 If they become amazing you will know to go and buy back . But you shouldn't worry if you have already kept 50-70 youths who are already talented
  15. My youthful team. Not necessarily the team I play. As I have had loads of risers to 81-83 who would play until sold
  16. Maybe Aaron Connelly aswell ? Guessing it all depends on what I can buy ?
  17. Mad result lol. Worth selling Kumbulla in a non competitive set up ? I'm Port Vale in div 4 with another mate and probably 6 other managers in top division. Is it worth holding onto or get around 6 million for him ?
  18. Anyone know of any GKs around 500k who are playing consistently? Ivan Villar from Celta Vigo is only one I can think off. But once the main GKs are back I'm sure he will be dropped
  19. I have 181 notifications lol and PMs I didn't know I had lol
  20. Found this funny. All spurs fans were laughing at 3-0. Even my work mate 🤣 this is what they were like
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