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  1. WESTHAM! You never know what team will turn up lol . Game of two halves . Spurs scored 3 in first 16 mins and WestHam score 3 in last 12 xD
  2. Ayo akinola worth keeping in a extremely competitive set-up ?
  3. Remove and ban cheaters!! Sick and tired of putting in tickets to get the answer of "insufficient evidence" Especially when I've sent two emails to SM and also provided enough evidence in game when it's balantly obvious the guy has 7-10 games making transfers all within another. Even quoted SM own "Code of conduct" in the ticket and explained each point. Still not enough evidence lol. Nice to know rules are there to be broken broken Picture below is a few ideas from managers in my GW. Who are also fed up of cheaters
  4. Apparently Man United block Romero transfer to Everton? Feel sorry for him. Too good to be third choice
  5. Liverpool fans will say they didn't have their first choice GK or Mane/Henderson xD
  6. Who is the previous champions ? Looks like villa 🤣🤣🤣
  7. Just a laugh. I don't actually think WHU will win. Hopefully give it a good go though xD
  8. I'm not offended 👌😎 it's cool. Yeah it looking like a crazy season so far. Sheffield United Vs Fulham in 2 weeks. Gonna be a tense game and a massive 6 pointer . A draw doesn't help either of them. Yeah xD don't know what's going on lol. On paper we are a average side but just shows that playing with your heart and actually trying matters more than having just quality . That Newcastle game , whu fans were so annoyed that we just rolled over and showed no passion knowing full well that our next 7 fixtures is like death to the club and a potential no points until November
  9. Oi our mob is playing very well and organised xD Possession is a over rated stat 😎 New signing Coufal. Played very well today and has only had 2 training sessions. So good signs Spurs,Man city and Liverpool next lol. So happy we have gotten 6/12 points now Otherwise this could have been 8/8 losts Fulham and Sheff United playing poorly though with 4/4 losts . Sheff United suffering from second season syndrome
  10. WHU have been really good in their last 3 league games!! 2-1 away lost to Arsenal. We deserved a point and could have won 4-0 win home at Wolves 3-0 win away at Leicester We are playing so great . Just like the end of last season. I thought we would be bottom in our first 8 fixtures
  11. Does anyone want to join English Championship 7777? Pretty much full gameworld. ID: 63666 Message me.
  12. Who else can WHU pinch from Slavia 🤣
  13. My player database - player ratings doesn't show Isak Johannesson getting a +13 today. But when I search his name he is 78 now. So very weird that it's not including all players. It's not even showing Mykolenko +4. I only knew as I had him in a few world's
  14. As a hammers fan I'm use to teams beating us 🤣plus were the only side who hasn't made a signing in the prem lol. So 4-0 is a surprising result
  15. I must be dreaming?? (WHU) We made Wolves look terrible somehow given how bad we can be . What a all around performance
  16. Sell Marco Richter (22-86) for 9.9 million? . Would get me out of debt. And would have to do some scouting for risers as it's very tough
  17. FC Emmen new sponsorship deal with a Adult toy company xD This is their stadium entrance apparently
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