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  1. Re: Mata+badstuber= rossi should i demand cash as well..?. balance is low.. just 12 million..
  2. Re: Mata+badstuber= rossi hmmm.. so i'll do it.?. should it be badstuber or simon kjaer as the second one in the deal..?.
  3. Re: Mata+badstuber= rossi and wow.. that was quick..
  4. Re: Mata+badstuber= rossi sure.?. it's guiseppe rossi..
  5. CAN I do this deal.?. i'll be giving rossi..
  6. Re: welbeck + vaclav kadlec for carrick.? hmm.. ok thanks..
  7. Re: welbeck + vaclav kadlec for carrick.? torres berba chicha cavani .. cm/dm's are busquets castro hamsik.. so now what'd i do..?.
  8. Re: Looking for a new AM kagawa's easily the biggest name there.. and try erik lamela too.. just rose..!!
  9. hey guys.. can i swap vermaelan for carrick.? my cbs are sakho, hummels, puyol, vermaelan and dm's are arturo, castro, busquets.. thanks..!!
  10. Re: Rooney + Bale for Messi? do it.. u hardly get messi and back up lb/lm also u can buy.. good deal imo..
  11. Re: Urgent Deal........ no.. right now keep him.. he seems to have found his feet at barca finally..(masch)..
  12. Re: Mussachio, Munoz, or Rakytskiy mussachio...
  13. Re: choose.: lavezzi, falcao , lisandro thanks guys.. 'm going for falcao and lisandro..
  14. Re: Should I swap Falcao for Rossi? i'd get rossi.. i personally think he's a class act.. and even if he moves to juve or even atletico , he'll only shine.. falcao's good to.. but i think rossi's better..
  15. Re: Deal for M'Vila do it.. ur other positions are well covered.. and u relly need a dm.. so do it..
  16. can i do this deal.?. 'll be getting carrick..
  17. i found all the three at a single unmanaged club in my new gw.. but the club has only 23 players.. meaning i can get only two.. which 2 would u choose and y.?. cheers
  18. Re: CM--rarest commodity.?. thanks.. and any views on rafinha alacantara..?. thiago's brother..?.
  19. Re: Need some advice - Sell or keep yup.. the very same.. and typing it twice was a mistake..!! thats all..!! nut he is quite a talent all the same..
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