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  1. Re: Emergency Rating Changes!! Kwl thanks for your replies, i know Kewell needs to play a bit more but he should go up by one. Almunia is not a weak link he is world class i mean he is playing for Arsenal, Carragher is underated while Terry is overated, Shaevchenko dosen't deserve to go down anymore, Kuyt and Veronin deserve to go up one, as for Torres a superstar who is one of the best strikers in England and maybe the best.
  2. Almunia Needs To Go Up, His spectacular performences in recent weeks show a massive improvement, 87 just dosent do him justice. Liverpool has a massive underated team, Torres is defenetly worthy of a higher mark and is much better then Rooney, Kewell is now a first choice and will need an improvement, Kuyt and Veronin will also need an increase, as for Crouch he should go down. Santa Cruz proved to be a great bargain sign for Blackburn his preformences deffenatly make him worthy of an increase as he will be a challenger for the Golden Boot this year. FINALLY!! After at least 2 seasons at th
  3. Save Our Season 2 Well Leamingtonsteve made this new challenge i'll give it a try and i urge anyone else to do it as well i took over CRUZEIRO in WC 23 even though there not in debt they are bottom. Everybody try it
  4. Re: World Champ 1 James Heaton Just Takes Over At Auxerre
  5. Rennes Have 'Sven Goran Eriksson' At Helm Promotion Seems Possible If He Can Get The Points Club Brugge Got There First Win On A Wednesday But Fell To A 3-1 Defeat At The Hands Of Top Of Division 4 Aston Villa ,Sending Aston Villa To The Top, Birmingham City Are In MASSIVE DEBT, Birmingham With No Manager Massive Debt Need A Very Good Manager To Help Them. Manchester United Top Division 2 After A Win, Lazio Trash Werder Bremen 6-2 Werder Bremen Hover Just Above The Relegation Zone. Valencia Drop To The Bottom Of Division 1 But The Season Is Still To Pick Up A 6-1 Defeat In The Hands Of Do
  6. Take The Challenge And Take Over -LA GALAXY 3 Points 2 Seasons Bottom Of The Lowest League 2 Million Pounds Money Average Team Rating 79 Try And Win (Believe Me Its Impossible) Take Up the Challenge
  7. What Was With Them How Come Xabi Alonso Has Degraded But Most Of All Why Has Carragher Gone Up So Little He Is Much Better than Terry
  8. My Mate Has This Really Ace Hamburg Side But He Got A Virus On His Computer He Relied On The PC To Remember His Password But The Hard Drive Was Whipped Clean He Has Asked Me To Ask Someones Help He Dosent Know His Main Password To EMAIL Box So He Is Unable To Email Soccermanager He Desperatly Wants To Keep His Prize Team Is Their Anything He Can Do?
  9. We've All Seen The Premiership Start From The Good - Man City To The Bad - Man Utd And that The Premiership Has A Nice Range Of Players And Young Players Who Have Already Shown That They Deserve A Rating Increase Kasper SCHMEICHEL Matt Derbyshire Micah Richards
  10. Why Is World Championship 35 Locked
  11. Are You An Ace Manager Who Wants To Join Become A Soccer Legend Many Members And More To Come Soon To Become The Greatest Faction In Soccer Manager -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join By Eg Putting (CLUB 101) at The End Of Your Name Then Invite As A Friend
  12. CLUB 101 Needs A Leader A Gold Member Who Knows The Game Well Who Is Able To Create Setups Join and Lead 21 Current Members Plus More Who Join Leave Your Name If Your Intrested If Not Oh Well
  13. Re: Rooney, Torres, Nugent, Owen, Kewell, Ronaldinho Nugent Incredible Scoring Ability Proves Why Most Of The Premiership Teams Wanted His Contract 1 Apperance And 1 Goal For England But His England B record shows why he is underated As for Rooney A 93 Or 94 is a deserved Rating
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