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  1. Re: EPL Joke Transfer Fees Honestly as a Man u fan i was rejoicing when i saw Sunderland had paid 5m for Richardson. He is a decent player but not Man u quality. And he isn't worth 5m pounds.
  2. Re: Best league? (local players) For only local players i think Spain would be the best. But Italy and England wouldn't be far behind. In most of the other leagues the best players have gone to the three top leagues in Europe.
  3. Re: Problems on tables page. I think i have. Is that also counted? I thought only league games count in the league table form. Thanks for clearing that up.
  4. Re: Official Red Devils thread Pique is a really good defender. He was brilliant against Arsenal. I don't understand why Wenger played Song. He should have put Eboue at RB Toure at CB and played Walcott. Song was terrible. Great win for us. We need to win at Blackburn now. Usually a tough game.
  5. This is very strange. Im playing with Lyon in WC 1849. On the form tables for last 6 games i see 4 wins. But in my overall table i have only 3 wins.
  6. Re: GRAND SLAM SUNDAY - Man utd Vs Liverpool & Chelsea Vs Arsenal Great result for Manu and Chelsea. Both matches were good. Even after the red liverpool showed great spirit. They will get the 4th spot as long as they don't lose to Everton next week. Btw i agree that money plays a role in winning titles. But you can't expect teams not to spend money if they have it and you can't criticize them for doing so.
  7. Re: Goalkeepers - Doni(roma) Frey (Fiorentina) I don't think either of them will get international football much. If anyone Frey has more chance. Coupet is very old. France have some quality young keepers like Lloris and Costil but before they become regulars Frey can be France's no1. But for Brazil Julio Cesar is much better and younger. In fact if he is available get him.
  8. Re: nxt pfa player of the year Ronaldo for me. 24 goals from a wide position. He does play as a Centre forward sometimes but he is mainly a winger. Fabregas had a great first quarter of a season. Since then he has been quite poor. Adebayor has been way better than him.
  9. Re: Özgürcan Özcan He is there on the db. Type ozgurcan. Apparently thats his sirname in the db. Rated 82 as well. A bit pricy.
  10. Re: Official Red Devils thread Any idea on where Sergio Aguero might end up next season. He is an amazing player and i would love to see him at Old trafford. I doubt he will stay at Atleti for too long.
  11. Garay i can buy for 20m Mertesacker for 30m. Who will be a better buy? But Garay's club has only 12 players in their main squad and 10 in their youth. Dunno if it will go through.
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Go for Mascherano.
  13. Re: Official Red Devils thread What a shocking result. I mean we completely batterred them. They hung on. And that may have been a penalty but it wasn't a red. Anderson and Rooney were right behind Kuszcak
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Thanks. I actually need the cash to replace giigs cause i sold bought Fabregas for 40m + Carrick and Giggs.
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Sold Mario Gomez for 30m + Robin Van persie. Was it a good deal? Gomez was on fire for me last season when Rooney and Tevez were injured.
  16. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Was this a good deal? I sold Mario Gomez to Arsenal for 30m + Robin Van persie
  17. Re: The Forum Rumour Thread But not lose pique. I like Garay but Pique imo will be a great player.
  18. Re: Ronaldo A 98 You tell me one winger better than Ronaldo. Terry is comparable to any defender around the world. Fabregas is one of the best as is Gerrard. Just because you don't like a league don't berate it. I personally dislike the Italian league but they have some quality players like Kaka Pirlo Gattusso.
  19. Re: Official Red Devils thread Frustrating first half with 0-0 scoreline. But the 2nd half. Awesome. And finally Ronaldo has his hat trick for Manu.
  20. Re: Ronaldo A 98 Messi was injured i think. Thats the only reason i tihnk he will go to 97. Btw world Rankings don't matter much for Sm ratings.
  21. Re: Official Red Devils thread Its at Old Trafford. Reading are great at home but horrible away. They did get a draw at old trafford but we weren't playing well then. I'd rather play tottenham. We don't usually lose to Tottenham and it would be a far better match. Unless Reading play like they did last year in that 3-2 match which was great to watch.
  22. Re: Most Hated Team & Player on SM Ronaldo does get mentioned as one of the best in the world.
  23. Re: Sell rooney for kaka? I am a united fan. We know each other on a diff forum. I dont think ill do it. I have only 3 strikers anyway but it was kaka so i was wondering.
  24. Milan oferred Kaka for rooney. Should i do it? Kaka is the world's best atm but rooney is a great striker and he is younger.
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