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  1. Thanks Gents! Mukiele it is. Noted Milenkovic for future/other gameworlds. As for D(LC) 89 rated and under I've got Hermoso/Diallo/Kamara on shortlist. Any others to note down?
  2. Looking to complete my defence with a D(RC) 89 rated or under so currently looking at either Mancini or Mukiele - who's got most potential from these two? Or is there another player out there better/potential to improve more than these? Cheers
  3. Ah Cheers! Not a bad guess at all ! The forumers/community have been generous - cheers all. I was even hoping for a sneak peek of your risers formula - maybe next prize giveaway 😁 For those who have Tammy Abraham & Wan Bissaka - seems both got £4m more value - another random couple. When the Argentina review is over is there any players worth keeping (assuming the next Argentina review will probably be another 18months away)? < if nobody has already asked this.
  4. I'm waiting for Lukaku to drop in value for 1 of my GW's. But also got Gomez and De Jong in a few so hopefully no major loss. Might be a bit steep but reckon -40 million in these players.
  5. Argentina - Retegui 300k & Cesar Ibanez 240k USA - E. Segura 400k & Casseres 400k & Vines 400k & Servania 280k Denmark - Dyhr 300k
  6. Been offline nearly a week and just catching up - I had to google him 🧐 as before my time oops. Thanks for response anyway - good to see all your spreadsheets and predictions - good strike rate so keep it going. Looking forward to seeing more! A query for all - I've inherited a Man City team - Walker, Otamendi & Gundogan drop/stay for time being? Also thinking of bringing in Hazertz for the AM/FWD role but to free up funds would probably need to shift on one of this trio: Aguero / Mahrez / Jesus - any help will be grateful. Any wonder kids up and coming under 21 between 83-87 that going to hit the big stage next season?
  7. @Soccahappy fellow Leeds lad here - of your % predictions have you got any predictions for Barella / Icardi / Jesus/ Gundogan / Otamendi / Mahrez / Manolas? Anyone got any suggestions for any players with solid chance to get 90+ (other than Davies / Haaland)
  8. If you had 12m to spend on either Osimhen or Jonathan David who is best prospect for the future?
  9. What are your predictions for: Ross (Aalborg) Sadiq / Antwi / Atanga / Munim / Christensen / Kudus / Atanga (Nordsjaelland) Frendrup / Skipper / Lindstrom (Brondby) Munksgaard / Thorsteinsson / Duncan / Hausner (Aarhus) Nelsson / Stage / Daramy (Kobenhavn) Onyeka / Dyhr / Cajuste / Isaksen (Midtjylland) Some of GW season coming to an end so wanted to pounce early on some Danish risers. Think Evander can get to 86?
  10. Hummels / Walker / Vertongthen / Umtiti / Manolas / Maguire - but based on other comments in thread thought Gimenez or Sule would be best options.
  11. Which of these 89 rated keeper's is best buy for now with a view to keep hold of for 6-12 months: Pau Lopez / Strakosha / Vaclik / Hradecky? Also Jose Gimenez - keep his 92? Reached his peak? Or buy Sule instead?
  12. Cheers! I'll go for Zaniolo first up. Also trying to drft in young strikers/wingers. What's thoughts on best to buy: Dolberg / Dwight McNeil / Harvey Barnes / Tsyhankov / Moussa Diaby / En Nesryi / Chalov?
  13. I'm keen to know order of best to buy for these players: Zaniolo / Bennacer / Golovin / Guendouzi / Winks / Joan Jordan / Rongier / Neuhaus / Benes - all free in my Gameworld. Also Nicolas Dominguez of Bologna - is he likely to get a rise at all?
  14. Cheers - there's Mancini (Roma) and Diallo (PSG) free in the league. Who's best/what order would you keep/sign these 3 players?
  15. Could i get recommendations for RB and LB's around 10million likely to rise. Was thinking T.Hernandez, Celik but are there better more likely risers out there? Thoughts on Hermoso as looking at getting rid?
  16. Great thread Sir Rahul, I've recently taken over in a fairly competitive gameworld where I'm thinking of selling Klosterman, Sensi, Bailey, Koman, Zaniolo, Depay and Bale the previous manager bought. Are any of these worth keeping for rise/longevity? I'm looking at brining in Mancini, Barella, Golovin, Bennacer, Neuhaus, Ikone, and Amiri based on possible increases. Any striker's worth taking a punt on 87-89 rated under 30 as I'm struggling knowing their rises/longevity? Cheers for any input guys
  17. Re: The race to reach 90 - Second Edition Happy with my punt on Daniel Carvajal. Up 10 in 3 and a half months now. Think someone mentioned it earlier but i think bayer leverkusen would need to be doing well in champions league before he rises to 90. Could see Pogba reaching 90 first with Juventus running away in the League and a better squad for champions league football
  18. Re: The race to reach 90 - Second Edition Daniel Carvajal 20 years old Bayer Leverjusen 78 Rating Right Back
  19. Im not a gold member but i have earned 6001 SM credits now. I want to get the extra club slot package but does anyone know if this is eligble for non-gold members and how long does this extra club slot last for? Any help is appreciated
  20. Re: Croatia....the usual list of young players wwith first team minutes (500+)
  21. inspiron


    Re: Croatia ive heard good things about mateo kovacic. But what about mario situm and dino spehar. Anyone know how they will rise by?
  22. Re: who will be the next 5 players to hit 93? Mata Hummels Cavani Badstuber Hart
  23. Re: Best 11 Neuer Silva Pique Vidic Ronaldo Xavi Iniesta Silva Messi Gomez v.Persie Subs: Cassilas, Kompany, Ramos, Sneijder, Bale, Aguero, Higuain
  24. Re: Brazilian Serie A - By nicholasbig96 & JHM_daggers Ah fair enough. Tried searching on soccerway for him but no luck. Thanks, il get him sold
  25. Re: Brazilian Serie A - By nicholasbig96 & JHM_daggers On soccermanager in the cornthians' team theres a player who i have got in few of my teams but in this review he isn't shown. Feitosa Wesley, 19, Fwd/Am and 78 rated. Any prediction on this player? Thanks
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