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  1. Setup was created at 9:00 this morning. Real Madrid(me),Barcelona(a friend) and United(another friend) are only teams that have been taken. 3 Divisions with 14 teams.3 go up and 3 go down.Play off system included. Division 1: Aston Villa CSKA Moskva Dynamo Kyiv VFB Stuttgart Lazio Zenit Shaktar VFL Wolfsburg Udinese Bordeaux Fenerbahce PSV PSG Bayer Leverkusen Division 2: Barcelona Real Madrid Man United Chelsea Arsenal Liverpool Roma Villarreal Lyon Bayern Munich Milan Inter Milan Sevilla Werder Bremen Division 3: Everton Valencia AZ Porto Celtic Rangers Tottenham Hamburger SV Benfica Atletico Madrid Marseille Ajax Fiorentina Sporting Lisbon Setup will be made public soon but if anybody wants a team now just add me Daniel Murphy(Forum Mad Leprechaun) It's the only GM acount with thet name.
  2. Re: Can I use a laser card?? It's ok I got it renewed.
  3. I am trying to renew my gold membership and the only way I am able to is by using my mam's laser card. I have put in all the relevant details but every time it just says I have done something wrong. My membership runs out after today and I really wanna keep my setups and extra teams. So can I actually use a laser card? Any help would be great.
  4. Re: In different language All back to normal thank god.Have changed me password aswell.Thanks for the help lads.
  5. Re: In different language I can't log into any account at the moment as sm is taken forever to load up.
  6. Re: In different language I will change it but Iv no idea how I have been hacked.I don't give out my e-mail address or password.
  7. I went to log onto my main sm account and for some reason it is in a different languageI am not sure what the language is but here is some of the words on my profile Mondo di GiocoCampionato Inglese 106.I have not changed the language myself.I also recived an email from sm earlier in this language.Any help
  8. Re: who would you like your team to bring in this summer? In: Tevez Higuain Gago Sakho Young Asenjo Out: Nani Berbatov Kuszczak Foster Park(always been a fan but i think he needs to move on now)
  9. Re: how good can these 2 teams get? I can't stand managers that are like that.Even if anybody was stupid enough to do that deal it would be stopped.
  10. Re: how good can these 2 teams get? Try and swap one of them players for Chellini
  11. Re: how good can these 2 teams get? I can't ever see Rooney getting over 96 and if he does ever drop I think it will only be to 95.He is worth paying 50 million for.
  12. Re: how good can these 2 teams get? I could see Arsenal buying a better keeper.He seems like an ok keeper but is a bit dodgy at times.you should sell Almunia though.
  13. Re: how good can these 2 teams get? I would personally keep him as he is one of your better wide players.Try and sell Rosicky though and buy somebody like Mata.The wages are paid after every match played.
  14. Re: how good can these 2 teams get? I would sell both as you only need 2 keepers and Frey is a good keeper so he could keep his 93 rating for ages.You have that other young keeper also but just keep him as your second keeper.Try loan out players that you do not use so you can make some extra money cause you are not paying the wages.
  15. Re: how good can these 2 teams get? You should sell Hleb as you have 2 better AM's.Also sell Almunia and Fabianski as you have 4 keepers and Frey is better than the rest.I would say you could earn 30 something million from selling them players.
  16. Re: how good can these 2 teams get? That is a good Arsenal team.How much money do you have with them?
  17. Re: Getting a Good Team I have got a few good teams by being on at them times.The only time I do bother to log on at this time is when I can not sleep and my sister is not using the laptop to play dvd's.
  18. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Well done to Barcelona.They proved they were better and outclassed us.We really needed a goal from the early chances.
  19. Re: Maldini Jeered By Own Fans How can they boo him.He has been one of there best ever defenders. People need to respect any player that has played at a very high level at his age.
  20. Re: Wembley!!!!! Ok thanks.I will be home in time to watch it.It should be a good game.I am hoping for a Burnley win mainly because they have never been in the top flight.Best of luck to both teams.
  21. Re: Wembley!!!!! What time is the match at?
  22. Re: rep.ireland youngsters young guns! Alright mate.I look forward to seeing more posts.
  23. Re: rep.ireland youngsters young guns! He is a good player.I have been impressed with Cork City this season. Are you doing only players in the Eircom League or Irish players playing overseas?
  24. Re: Eminem - Musical Genius I mainly listen to rock and indie but Eminem has got to be one of my favorite ever artists. I am not a huge fan of rap but I would always listen to Eminem. My top 5 songs of his would have to be: 1)Cleaning out my Closet 2)When I'm Gone 3)Lose Yourself 4)Sing For The Moment 5)Mockingbird I like the series things he does more than the joke ones.
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