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  1. Re: Best Deals You Have Ever Made? 25mill for pique when he was 92... 10 days later he went up to 94 the guy wasn't happy...
  2. Should I sell my Cassilas for Ramos? my second goalkeeper is de gea, but i dont have a RB in my team and my other defenders are evra pepe and pique...?
  3. Re: Evra for Van Der Wiel? no way evra will maintain his rating for atleast another season and or depending on his form vdw will only rise if he goes to a better club.. keep evra remember the best LB in the game are 93..
  4. Re: Ramires + Nesta for Jaun Mata?? Thank you! Deal completed
  5. Is this a good deal selling my ramires 91 and nesta 93 for jaun mata 92??
  6. Re: Rooney Or Sneijder? Do you mean keep sniejder or get rid of him for rooney??
  7. Ok so i am wondering if this is a good deal or not... I currently have sneijder 28 (95) and due to his recent poor performances this year for club and country i am considering selling him before next rating change.. now i have offered him and 10 million for rooney 26 (95) who is in fine form to say the least.. Firstly is this a good deal if the other manger accepts? and secondly what are the chances of a drop with sneijder...? With regards to positions i have xavi, alonso and snijder in a 3-5-2 and if i were to get rid of sniejder i would slide silva to my midfield from the wing and drop
  8. Re: Rank these Keepers regardless of rating As of current form for club and international level.. Iker Casilles Joe Hart Manuel Neuer Victor Valdes Gianluigi Buffon Peter Cech Hugo Lloris Julio Cesar
  9. Re: Yaya Toure 93 + 5 mill = Pepe 93 ok so my defence is Evra 93 Ferdinand 93 Nesta 94 Pique 95 CMs are- xavi 97 sneijder 95 alonso 94 So im trying to sell toure for pepe because my mids are set and I will try and sell nesta and ferdinand aswell cause they are ageing and are gonna drop next chnage..
  10. Ok so i have dilemma , should i trade yaya toure and 5 mill for pepe? what is your opinion who is worth more and more likely to rise if so thank you.
  11. Okay so I offered Rvp + 6million for david silva is this a good deal? Both are 93 however silva looks better in form plus Rvp is playing for one of the worst form english teams at the moment, what are the possibilities of a rise for either in the future? Thanks in advance for opinions.
  12. Re: Can Messi get to 100? You are a funny man... no
  13. Re: Should Lionel Messi be rated 99? too easy for that i give you a rep.. took me weeks to find that out :/
  14. Re: Help me! Javier hernandez.. thats a start
  15. Re: Di Maria STAYS??? Yehp cant beleive it myself what stupid mods decided to do that.. the guys scored 9 goals and 20 assists for this season yet ozil goes to 94 with only a fraction more goals/assist....
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