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  1. im certain that my stadium capacity should be expanded! im wigan with a capacity of 25000 odd,i won the 2nd division in my 1st season,then won the 1st division the following year,followed by a runners up and 2 more title wins,also nuemrous cups and shields. im sure you all agree i deserve it to be expanded? at least 50,000 i think.
  2. Re: Not Happy! unrealistic!!! Ok,thankyou for clearing that up for me,i did'nt know they would just accept the higher offer even if it was purely players. Personally i think that's the wrong way,as im 100% sure that in real life they would prefer £20m in cash rather than 2 average players.
  3. Re: Not Happy! unrealistic!!!
  4. I really enjoy playing this game but am really annoyed with it at the moment! I bid the asking price for steven gerrard of real madrid,liverpool also bid for him but offered no fee and 2 players in exchange! now,there is no way on earth that a club would prefer to accept two average players instead of cold hard cash for a player!! i know gerrard would prefer the move to liverpool rather than wigan! (even though i am the current champions) but madrid would and should have rejected the player swap deal!
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