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  1. hi guys what it is iv finished 7th in a the prem league with arsenal but im in the champions league final if i win the final will i knock 4th spot off in to the europa and i take 4th.. like chelsea did to spurs. answers appreciated thanx
  2. what it is i created a game world were u start off with no players. and i made a **** up by putting transfer window opens on turn 3 like an idiot. iv gone back in to the settings and out turn 1 will players now turn up after turn 1 or will it still be turn 3 please can any1 help me all appreciated if you can thanx
  3. i wanna set up a game world were u start off with no players and have a big budget to buy your squad... how do i do this help appreciated thanx
  4. taytay

    game world

    do any of you guys know how to make a game world were u start off with no players and have money to spend to build a squad. help appreciated thanx.
  5. aguero? will he rise this next change or stay
  6. will any of these go up? pastore di maria higuain..
  7. taytay


    does any of you guys know the answer to this. iv just taken over a team in the bottom 3 with 3 games to go if i get relegated will i get sack or will i be ok. thanx
  8. this is my squad for a team i have below any of u know who will rise stay or drop. be appreciated thanx.. CASILLAS, Iker DE GEA, David STECH, Marek DIDAC, Vilà BOTELHO, Pedro CRUISE, Thomas VAN DER WIEL, Gregory AZPILICUETA, César WALKER, Kyle CARVALHO, Ricardo VERMAELEN, Thomas MUSACCHIO, Mateo KALAS, Tomás REKIK, Karim M'VILA, Yann GUSTAVO, Luiz PFEFFER, Zach RAMIRES, Santos LUCAS, Leiva RANDALL, Mark ELABDELLAOUI, Omar TUNNICLIFFE, Ryan KAKA, Ricardo NASRI, Samir PASTORE, Javier LUCAS, Rodrigues THIAGO, Alcántara LAMELA, Erik HAZARD, Thorgan KOVACIC, Mateo MORRISON, Ravel RIBERY, Franck DI MARIA, Ángel BASTOS, Michel GERVINHO, Yao Kouassi EBECILIO, Lorenzo MESSI, Lionel VILLA, David HIGUAIN, Gonzalo Fwd/Wing PALOSCHI, Alberto BEN KHALIFA, Nassim CUENCA, Isaac TORRES, Fernando....... i know some may have already changed i just couldnt be bothered to take them out lol thanx guys
  9. can any of u guys whos knows alot about changes let me know if any of these players will rise.. thanx ribery nasri di maria higuain pastore and a.thiago (barcelona) thanx
  10. so alot of people have been saying hes gonna be a super star??? true or not true??? and do you guys think hes gonna rise anytime soon?? cheers
  11. any1 know any young players on here thats going to be good. 15-18 yr olds
  12. will any of the following reach 90 HOWEDES, Benedikt REINARTZ, Stefan VERTONGHEN, Jan
  13. Re: player fitness haha sorry didnt see tht duh thankyou
  14. does the players fitness come in to consideration when playing in champs league games and euro game.. just i have a champs league game tonight and most players are on.70-80%.. thanx again guys..
  15. does any1 know if any of my players ratings will go up or down please..thanx.. rating changes on these players... do you think any will go up/down. thanx....... Shirt 1 I.CASILLAS Gk 95 100% Shirt 2 D.MAICON RB 95 100% Shirt 4 A.NESTA CB 94 98% Shirt 5 S.JUAN CB 92 100% Shirt 3 P.LAHM RB/LB 94 100% Shirt 6 C.FABREGAS CM/AM 95 95% Shirt 7 C.RONALDO Wing/Fwd 98 100% Shirt 11 S.NASRI AM/Wing 93 97% Shirt 8 W.SNEIJDER AM/CM 95 93% Shirt 9 D.VILLA Fwd 96 100% Shirt 10 R.VAN PERSIE Fwd/Wing 93 100%
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