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  1. This is what sm said when I clicked on help then transfers
  2. I think that the money you get from winning the cups, the prize money and the money from homes would just increase. You won't go back to empty squads
  3. Just because I'm a new signing doesn't mean I'm new to sm(soccermanager), I just don't post much. Check my profile, I've been in the forum since 2011 and sm since 2009. So how do you want sm to decide which club the player picks?
  4. It's still in place, if you buy a player over the average rating of your team, the transfer won't go through
  5. You have to click on the players name and place them on the transfer list
  6. And What about use target man, should that one be checked too? And Is this formation than the first one you posted?
  7. paco alcacer or lucas vazquez? I have vazquez and the other manager offered to swap paco for vazquez.
  8. someone offered to swap david luiz for javi martinez, should I go ahead with this deal?
  9. I'm looking to buy either willian or oscar. Would would you prefer on your time and why? And who is more likely to increase in rating? Thanks
  10. who wants to join my game-world. it is completely empty pm me for details the Id is 243256
  11. who wants to join my friens game-world it is completely empty pm me for details the Id is 243256

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