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  1. Whats peoples views on these players? I'm struggling to see them progressing past there current 88 mark, atm anyway. Main reason is the club there at. I have all three players but I don't think I should keep for wages sake.
  2. Re: Multiple Accounts I have just had a message saying: Your account has been linked to another account in the same Game World. If this happens again then you could be suspended from the game. Please see the Terms and Conditions for further details. Its my mate that has been round mine a couple of weekends in a row!! We are both now gold mems with a few of our own leagues,so we pay GOOD money, but that shouldn't make a difference anyway as it could quite easily have been a family member on same IP from a normal member? I'm not too sure how to talk to SM about this as it has changed allot since I used to play a couple of years ago? Can anyone help it would be really appreciated.
  3. is he worth selling for 3.3mil, 86 and 21 years old is he worth an increase soon? or should i sell him
  4. do i sell totti for lampard and 5 mil?? realy need help lads..
  5. yobbo


    hes been fantastic throughout euro and an excellent game tonight with two assist out of spains three. any thoughts? up to 97 for me
  6. can anyone give me any stats on this guy?? and is he likely 2 rise/fall or stay anything would be appreciated thanks
  7. Re: Improved Finances sounds a bad move by sm. i carnt understand why they would change this i meen in real life managers get an amount of cash which they can spend. so y would you not get any cash at the end of a season?
  8. Re: BERBATOV, Dimitar thanks alot for the stats and you opinions. it was just that he was available to buy and i already have messi,totti,ibrahamovic,gomez and benzema for my strikers and just wanted to know what were peoples views on him. i signed him last night for 18mil so i think iv got a good deal,although i dont need him one bit
  9. just wanted to know is BERBATOV, Dimitar worth signing? and is he due for a rise? or can anyone just tell me some stats on him? thanks alot
  10. Re: castro or richards? castro hand down;)
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