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  1. Re: Arsenal Gossip Arsenal were rampant again....they won the game fair and square against Birmingham...... here are Arsenal - Birmingham 3-1 Video highlights
  2. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread ....blues lost again..... here are the Aston Villa vs Chelsea Video highlights
  3. Re: Official Manchester City Thread City are pretty much interesting in buying maicon.......they gonna ditch manchester United to sign him Source: Total Sports madness
  4. Re: Scotland vs Macedonia I thought i should post highlights of the game here .....Scotland 2-0 Macedonia Video highlights Mcfadden is genius with the ball some times.........
  5. Re: England v Slovenia - LIVE! Here are the highlights from the game......England 2-1 Slovenia Video Highlights
  6. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Man city vs arsenal predictions : Arsenal 3-1 Man city.......mark my word
  7. Re: Arsenal Gossip here are the highlights of Everton 1-6 Arsenal treat of pure football by arsenal....
  8. Re: Official Manchester City Thread here are the highlights for the game Against Blackburn.......Blackburn 0-2 Man City
  9. Re: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Invitational hey mate.....can i join ???????? if any slot is available count me in plz
  10. Re: Hex`s Champions League 4-th edition! (new) hey hex.......im in all of ur previous setups...!!!! so can i take team in here ????? Any team, preferably from germany or Italy......
  11. Re: Premier League 08/09 Hey all.... Im in if its not too late........ My team is TOUCH OF CLASS Real Name: Sameer Team name: TOUCH OF CLASS
  12. Hey all SM forumers and guests, good day to all of u ! Mates im doing MBA Finance in Pakistan, and im in my last semester(just two months to go). And believe me professional future of MBA's here is almost none, if u need to get a job here u either have to have big money(BRIBERY) or huge reference u know....or u should have an international degree!!!!! So im planning to come to europe, for further studies and ofcource to earn somethin as well...so i was chatting to a famous SM forumer from ESTONIA, he gave me this suggestion to open a thread to get other peoples views on selecting and getting admission in suitable country........ Plz if anyone have some experience in this, help me out plz....im looking farward to hear ur comments and suggestions....and u can add my E M A I L I D from my profile if u wish to see me online.... cheers, Ruud-17
  13. Re: Best teams setup! VERY SLOW process, hopefully will worth it !!
  14. Re: BATTLE OF THE CONTINENTS- OFFICIAL Transfers/Match Report Thread NIGHTMARE START OF THE SEASON FOR BARCELONA: Barcelona lost 3-1 to Savilla, not the start Ruud-17 promised before the start of the season. emphatic loss but hopefully will be our only defeat of the season. FERDINEND UNVIELED IN CAMP NOU: Rio Ferdinend has just joined Barcelona, he will be a great asset to the team. Probably one of the best defenders around, certainly the most elegant. WILL LEAD THE DEFENSIVE LINE RONALDINHO AND ETO'O AVAILABLE Both great strikers are available, but i need A great CM and a GOOD winger, so anyone wanna have swap deal are welcome. im interested in Febrigas, PIRLO, Robinho and Frank Ribery..........
  15. Re: BATTLE OF THE CONTINENTS- OFFICIAL Transfers/Match Report Thread TUG OF WAR BETWEEN THREE GIANTS OF EUROPE: EXTRODANIRY setup, and 1st season havnt started yet. BARCELONA, CHELSEA and MANCHESTER UNITED are the teams which were most involved in the transfer market. Some big names moving from one club to another, CHELEA and MANCHESTER UNITED hate the sight of each other for some several reason specialy coz of their manager's outbursts at each other. HEX and NIKS are not good friends thats not a secret, and the rivalry is kind of a triangle with Ruud-17 involved as well. Its pretty much sure that it will be one hell of a season, with respect and dignity on the line, MAJOR CLEAR AT CAMP NOU: Some of the big names have left the club in recent days, which raised some eyebrows but Ruud-17 has promised his fans that we gonna win the league anyways.So no need to worry at all. We are building a team full of strong characters and to some extend we have achieved that, by signing some replacments for the most overated players( excluding Messia, he's a gem). Plyers which left the club are: Carlos Payul Andreas iniesta Abidal Messi and Following are available for sale: Ronaldinho ETO'O Marques NEW SIGNINGS and INTERESTS: Well lots of players have joined Ruud-17 at camp nou, Looney toon will provide firpower up front Super Target man(dont like him though) Joe will provide necessory flair Will be key in midfield Still one of the best defender around Cup specialist Spains most under rated player Nice sub to have in ur ranks OTHER BIG SIGNINGS are M.ARETA + PETROV etc OTHER NEWS: New is that Rio Ferdinend will join Barcelona in coming days, and if Real appoint new manager. im interested in signing Robinho and Snieder, u can have swap deals Ronaldnho and Eto'O.
  16. Re: Best teams setup! oke its my turn now......sorry for late reply..... i will have CHELSEA..........never managed them before
  17. Re: Best teams setup! count me in too,
  18. Re: Kevs North/South Invitational LONGFORD TOWN OFFICIALY DIVISION-1 CHAMPIONS: Another geat season, third trophy in just two seasons, what else fans want!!! Looking farward to strenghten my club even more, but as GADGA said he will give it all to win the league next season, it will be hard for me to win again but i love challeges!!!!
  19. Re: BATTLE OF THE CONTINENTS- OFFICIAL Transfers/Match Report Thread Barcelona Has appointed Ruud-17 as their new manager! Ruud-17 at his first press confrence: For lots of manager this would be one special job but for me its bussiness as usual, I joined one great club, a club with great history(not recent history), team consists of some Most overated players, but no need to worry anymore, coz im here and i will change this club once it for all. Hopefully fans and players will stand beside me if not, well it wont bother me. PLAYERS AVAILABLE FOR SALE: D.ALVES RONALDINHO HENRY INIESTA MARQUES ABIDAL All the above players are available, but for equaly good players in swap deals.... I need WINGER, RIGHT MIDFIEDER, CENTRAL DEFENDER
  20. Re: Kevs North/South Invitational LONGFORD TOWN WON THE DIVISION-1 TITLE WITH ONE GAME TO SPARE !!!!!!!!! MANGER Ruud-17 is very happy on winning his third title(2 leagues+1cup) in two seasons..... HARD LUCK GADGA !!!!! But u played well through out the season but maybe i deserved the title more than u.......And its real sad that ur leaving the setup !!!! What if u had won the league ? you would have stayed or not ?
  21. Re: Register - BATTLE OF THE CONTINENTS FORUM NAME: RUUD-17 ALLOTED TEAM: BARCELONA CONTINENT: ASIA THANKS NIKS FOR ALLOTING ME BARCA....... Its my first ever Barca in SM, looking farward to win trophies with most overated players and team( only my openion), i will trade many players with some of my favourite players......but surely will win some silverware for my CONTINENT ASIA ...........PROUD TO BE AN ASIAN........
  22. Re: Kevs North/South Invitational Well Im managing LONGFORD, which is top of the table......Sameer is my real name so plz use my nick Ruud-17 if u wanna mention me..... anyway, its gonna be a grand slam finish to the season, with only two points seperating us i will take a draw anyday........but im afraid ur team gonna make it hard for me.....Good luck GADGA
  23. Re: Battle Of Continents Great idea...........im in too, btw welcome back niks........
  24. Re: New setup, you choose the rules and teams! I applied for intermilan.......''canin Sized Idiot'' gave me inter through pm...... so can i have them......
  25. Re: SM Euro Predict - THE FINAL SPAIN 0-0 GERMANY (Spain on Penelties)
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