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  1. Re: Fabio Coentrao He'll stay at 91 for this season no doubt
  2. Re: Sell Ibra... Yes Ibra will most likely go down to a 95 sometime in the future and Yaya will increase to a 94 by the next rating review whilst Rooney will stay at 94 for the time being... So if Yaya and Wayne both get into your team I would accept this deal comfortably.
  3. Re: David Luiz He'll probably move to Barcelona in January and Luiz Scolari prefers Luiz and Silva instead of Dante and Silva. If he stays at Chelsea he'll drop down to a 92 by the next rating reviews but if he moves to Barcelona and cements a starting position and has success his rating will go up to 93.
  4. Re: Samir NASRI return to 93!? Keep Nasri. Smalling won't increase from 89 any time soon neither will Ramires from 91, Nasri will stay at 92 his only had a couple of good months he needs to be more consistent and put in top performances in the Champions League too before he has any chance of reaching 93.
  5. Re: cavani for falcao.... I would accept the deal 1) Cavani has scored 12 Ligue 1 goals this season in comparison to Falcao's 9 and it's likely he'll score more at the end as his surrounded by better players 2) Cavani is younger and can play F(RLC) whereas Falcao can only play F©
  6. Luis Suarez form-wise like Steven Gerrard said is the best player in the world yet his rating is only 93 and has been since Feb '13, since then his gone and broken record after record.... Imo he should be a 95 as his the best player in the Premier League and better then Aguero (94) and Rooney (94) and probably only behind the likes of Messi, Ronaldo and Ribery.... (Maybe even Ibrahimovic)... So when will his rating improve and by how many?
  7. Re: Hey I'm new and need help. Ok thanks,
  8. I'm thinking about creating a SM Custom League (Not pre-owned) and I'm wondering how many teams can be in each division. (Please reply with the correct numbers, e.g. You can have a 10, 20 team division, etc...) I especially need to know if you can have a 12 team division. Thanks.
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