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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have a Roma squad with 37.5mil in the bank and a healthy/deep squad. I was just offered 99mil for Klaus-Jan Huntelaar. This amount is absurd and I believe if I play my cards right I could add yet another elite player, perhaps even a better forward. My cover for now would be moving a combination of replacing him with Julio Cruz (91 F), moving Totti up from a-mid to forward and playing Julio Baptista (91 AM/F) at AM, and moving Totti up, Diego up from CM to AM, and filling in CM with Pizarro (91) and Aquillani (91). That sounds like a ton of 91-rated cover for 99million, and I think I'm going to pull the trigger. Any words of wisdom against it?
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Someone just counter-offered my bid for Henry: I give up: - Toulalan - Falcao - $15mil I get: - Henry My guess is this was a better deal a year ago, but what do you think?
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have an Ajax team which I inherited in Div2 with around 200 million in the bank and spent half of that building it up to having a starting XI 3-5-2 which has no player lower than a 91 rating. I won Div2 two seasons ago and got second in Div1 by 1 point this season. I'm looking to add a few elite players to push my performance over the top. That said, I made an offer for Riquelme and got this as a counteroffer: I give: Barry Ferguson and 25mil. I get: Riquelme. Does that seem like a good deal to accept? Will Riquelme likely perform in a 3-5-2 or would a switch to a 3-4-1-2 probably be in my future?
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Does this deal look good in a WC? To Barcalona: - RIBERY To Boca Juniors (me): - ESSIEN - NIHAT - 10mil Either way, I have the flexibility to run my 3-4-1-2 without Ribery at W and with Essien at CM (i.e. I have CMs who can play the wings). Nihat would allow me to stop starting Larrson (though he's quite well for an 89). Is Essien going down? Is Ribery going up?
  5. With a combination of picking my battles a bit (taking risks resting starters for cup matches) and some good fortune (4-2 on penalties over Real Madrid), my Div 2 Werder Bremen side finds itself in the Cup Final, coming up on the 17th. While I don't have many superstars, I have good depth and a number of 89/88 players who post 7+ Ave Performance; my starting lineup is thus in frequent rotation but in general, looks like this: --------------------Wiese(91)-------------------- -------Corluka(91)--Naldo(91)--Squillaci(91)------- -Husev(90)-Borowski(91)-Barry(91)-Jorgensen(90)- ------------------Di Natale(93)------------------- ------------Farfan(92)---Lavezzi(90)-------------- SUBS: - Mikel (90) CM/DM - Andre Dias (89) CB - Camara (89) CB - Coutadeur (88) CM/DM - Wiltord (88) F My tactics are using playmaker/targetman, men behind ball, counter attack. My mentalities are attacking, direct passing, through the middle. My predicament is that I am against a team that plays similarly to me, only with far better players. They also play a 3-4-1-2 attacking, only with a 94 average rating and the likes of Messi, Totti, Klose, Juninho, Essien, Sneijder, etc. running their attack. They use attacking mentality, playmaker/targetman, tight marking, and pressing all over. Should I simply ignore the mirrored tactics and run what my team does best, or is there value in trying to change my formation or mentalities... introducing Mikel for Lavezzi or Farfan (actually playing worse than Lavezzi) and running a 3-5-2, for example?
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Thanks for the help. I'll see what I can do.
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Thanks for the advice... your suggestion leads me to another question. If I wanted to trade out some of my glut in young defense for some more offense, which of these youngsters may be best to part with: Tosic, Shishkin, Raggi, Diakhante? Further, are Oubina (CM-89), Jurado (AM/RM-88), or Araujo (DM/CM-88) worth selling now?
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I just won Div2 as Boca Juniors and was able to splash out some cash to improve my team some more. However, an interesting set of offers has come up: 1) I've been offered 50m for Wesley Sneijder (who I bought last season for 40m). 2) I've been told by a manager who sold me Rosicky for 28m that he'd also be willing to sell me Gattuso if I made a "fair offer". Should I go about negotiating for Gattuso and buy him with some of the 50m I get for Sneijder? For the record, my starting lineup currently is this (players bought this season with an asterisk): Carrizo (89) Anyukov (90) - Mertesaker (93)* - Diaz (90) Ribery (94)* - Sneijder (93) - Keita (92) - Rosicky (93) Elmander (91) Larsson (89) - Falcao (89) Subs: Andujar (G-88) Vargas (LB-90) Ledesma (CM-90) Kleber (CF-89) Arce (RM/AM-90) I realize my strike team is weak, but they actually both have played extremely well for last season (8.20 and 7.97 averages), so I'm kind of tentative to spend a lot of cash replacing what's not broken. Again, should I sell Sneijder for 50m if that could produce a deal for Gattuso and perhaps a little bit of a profit?
  9. Re: Who do u think will win the world club championship It's too bad Nesta put in the trash from Pirlo's free kick... that was the point where Boca could have scored and taken the momentum in my opinion.
  10. Re: Ibrham Grant The tactics were the easy part for Grant... even WE could put together a lineup which would compete in the league with that roster! The impressive bit is how he's kept the team together. Things could have exploded and sunk after such a popular manager left, but Grant has stepped in and kept the ship afloat - and then some! His locker room demeanor must be spot on to keep such a group of superstars together and playing as a unit. ...I can't stand Chelsea but you have to admit Grant has surpassed everyone's expectations.
  11. Re: Propose offer button This may not be the reason, but if you're not offering a deal worth what is above the minimum threshold set by the other club's chairman, you can't offer the deal. The only option is to "Alter Offer". When you offer enough to cross that minimum line (it is featured in bold on the transfer page), you can then offer it.
  12. Re: ***Breaking News*** Capello to become England next manager I think Capello's defensive mindset will be great for England's young backs... Micah Richards comes to mind in particular. I also think that for Capello being a national manager may be a welcome change of pace from the frenzy of Real Madrid (not that I'm say it's a no-pressure job, mind you).
  13. Re: Tricky Trading?? Yeah, I'm thinking that injury was the best thing that happened for you... you'd take the deal two months from now, wouldn't you? This is just the same, only it's a done deal 8 weeks early. Nice snag, by the way!
  14. Re: Lyon needs help -------------------Coupet------------------ ----Daniel Alves-----Cris--------Abidal------ ------------------Toulalan------------------ Govou------Guti------------Tiago----Malouda ---------------Klose-----Adriano------------
  15. Re: !Sick of lifeless Setups! It's not amazingly active, but I've always had good luck with WC80. I've never had an offer sit on the table for too long and there are a lot of big players who have been moving lately... I picked up Wesley Sneijder from Rangers (who then bought Ayala) and Rosicky from Barcelona this season, so that should be an indication of pretty good activity. Ronaldinho, Messi, and Kaka have all been transfer listed. I don't know if you'd be interested in a WC instead of an EC, but if so, there's also some squads available. The best is probably Monaco, who 17 turns into the season are unmanaged but only 1 point out of 3rd place in Div2. Also, Deportivo La Coruña, who are in Div3 but have David Silva and some other good players. They have also been bought down to 17 players, which means they probably have a healthy bank account balance.
  16. Re: please help!!! I know you've already tried 3-5-2 and 3-4-1-2, but I don't see how with your squad you will be able to sustain a formation with 4 in the back... you would quickly find yourself playing backs rated 82 or lower as fatigue and injury set in. I think your best bet would be to find some backs to loan. Try to get backs rated at least 87. Then start your rest of your lineup as: Walcott - Horshkov - Zenden - Goor -----------Rossi---Edmundo----------- ------------Laslandes------------------ Perhaps a 3-4-2-1 will work out better for you. Make either Rossi or Edmundo playmaker and move them to the right AM spot, whomever has a better average performance. Then make Walcott captain and set your attack down the right side. If Laslandes has good form, make him targetman. There are no guarantees of good performance with such a weak backline, but making the above change might spark some more offense. Good luck!
  17. Re: Who do u think will win the world club championship Don't you think losing out on the season's championship to Lanus will make them want to work even harder to win some silverware this season?
  18. What a crazy world we will be living in if Mr. Arena gets his wish... an American managing the Scottish national team? I never thought I'd see the day when that was even a possibility.
  19. Re: benitez I usually don't double post, but it's worth noting that reports are suggesting if Benitez doesn't produce wins against ManU and Marseilles, Jurgen Klinsmann will be Liverpool's next manager. That sounds like a great way for the new American owners to alienate the fan base... I like Klinsmann but I really hope Rafa is at least allowed to see the end of this season. He's built LFC to what it is right now, and should be able to see the fruits of his labor.
  20. Re: Youth squad out of control Have you tried loaning a bunch out first? You may be amazed what a drop in your payroll can do for your bottom line.
  21. Re: help my spurs side Have you checked the loan listings or tried to contact some of the better squads in the league to find some reinforcements? It might be worth your while...
  22. Re: What Formation Can Beat 3-4-2-1 Try searching the forums for one of the threads which summarize general strategies against each formation. I think looking for "counter formation" will probably find them. There's been a few in the past... at least 2 that I recall.
  23. Re: Who do u think will win the world club championship Riquelme and Boca Juniors were one of the best stories in football last season and I would love to see their success continue. Also consider that the championship is at the end of the Argentine Apertura, so they will be able to give their all, while Milan is in the middle of Serie A and the Champion's League. After the Cup they won't play another game until February. That will be the difference.
  24. Re: Difference between F and CF Forwards can also play in the traditional A-Mid position (i.e. the 10-spot).
  25. Re: The Premiership Thread If Derby managed one in against ManU, Torres will probably put in about eleven next week...
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