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  1. Re: Resigning from an international post good man Dan, cheers for that.
  2. You used to just go to the soccermanager home page and click add or remove, but now that is simply add team.. how do i resign from an international job? someone post a link please! Thanks
  3. Team: Manchester United Players: Carrick vs' Anderson Carrick is rated 92 Anderson is rated 90 Anyone who watches the Premier league or the Champions league should by now have realised that Micheal Carrick is a crock of ****. Anderson on the other hand is pure class. His recent performances since the start of the 2011/2012 Prem season prove this. Carricks omission from Fergusons first team in preference of youngster Tom Cleverly also shows that even Ferguson rates Cleverly, an 86 rated player in this game, over Carrick, a 92 rated player. This is my case for having all three of these
  4. Re: Annual Income for Clubs... Sickner!
  5. Just wondering.. Is there an annual income for clubs? Gate receipts or whatever? Or am I doomed to the buying and selling on the transfer market?
  6. If a player retires in real life, will he be gone out of my squad?
  7. Hat Trick Hero


    New here, great game btw, mate of mine put me on to it... addicted already! Anyway, good to be here, and look forward to either doing business with some of you, or taking three points...
  8. Re: Finding a League that has default teams in I'm not sure this game exists long enough for him to have had them when they were youths, but sure no matter... i'll look around for a fresh league.. go raibh maith agat..
  9. I just took control of a team. Now, there is another team in that gameworld that literally has like 60 players, the top seniors and youths that are in the game. This guy literally wont sell them, thats his right I know. But I suspect that there is a bit of illegal play going on, how do you manage to get the players he has, with the starting cash, its not possible. Is there a way of reporting him? And, are there any leagues that I can join, where I'm not going to take control of a team which has been pilfered of all its good players? Are there leagues where the teams are set at 'default'
  10. Re: Youth Team Players... explain Sound.. Good thinking with the youth team, had the same idea for mine too, must take a few years to get a return on players though.. how do you scout them?
  11. Re: Youth Team Players... explain Cheers for that lads.. Coming from championship manager to this so didnt realise that the stats for each player were based on the actual real life stats of the players.. nice feature. Wasnt sure if it was up to me to improve them or not. How often do the player stats get updated? How are the stats rated?
  12. I had a look through some of the pages on here and did a search but couldnt find any information explaining how my clubs youth team works. If I drop a player from the senior squad into the youth team what difference will it make? Will the player improve? Will I take charge of youth team games? Generally how does player improvement work? Is it a case of having to play them for them to improve? Probably questions that get asked all the time, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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