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  1. What i can i do? i sell Badstuber or Boateng and i go for Hummels? What do you say?
  2. Respuesta: Re: Croatia....the usual list of young players wwith first team minutes (5 Alright bud of this player how is the biggest risers in this review??
  3. Respuesta: Re: Croatia What players here are the best??? or the biggest risers?
  4. hi guys i need your help, what do you think about Jovetic it's going to be a top player or not? i should keep it? What do you thing?
  5. Respuesta: Re: Ashley Young i have it, bud i want to know if is good to stay with him or no, its just a simple question
  6. What player i should buy??? sorry for my bad english
  7. I need one, what player should I buy? Help Pleasee
  8. What do you thing? Keep or Sell? Help Please
  9. Who is the best player to buy??? Help Please
  10. Respuesta: AUSTRIAN league next, austrian risers Yes i want to know who is the bigest risers in austrian league, pleasee helpppp
  11. Respuesta: swiss and czech risers Please i want to know the big risers from czech republic? Help Pleaseeeeeeee
  12. Respuesta: Stay rise or drop? And gomez? tevez? Mascherano?
  13. What do you think about this players? Its gonna be a future stars?? :):)
  14. Respuesta: Player ratings thread what do you think about altintop?? stay or drop??
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