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  1. Respuesta: Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011

    What is the possibility (Percentage wise) of Pazzini getting a rise to 92? Seems at the moment to be keeping Milito out of the team who is rated 94.

    the possibility are low because he is new in the club so havee to wait to the next season and see how the season goes to Pazzini

  2. Respuesta: drop or stay for kaka

    Will he stay or drop?

    plenty of people saying he will drop but SM don't drop for being injured and he has been injured. Beginning to find fitness again and performed well last night and in last few games also

    he dropped in dec 2010 then march 2011 and if he drops again he will have dropped in every rating change and he has been injured since august 2010. This means he will have had 3 drops while injured which seems unfair to me

    so what do people think? will he drop or stay?

    He probably drop

  3. Respuesta: goalkeepers

    can u list some future youngsters goalkeeper for me??????


    Emiliano Viviano

    Salvatore Sirigu

    Matej Delac

    Thibaut Courtouis

    Fernando Muslera

    David De Gea

    Nikolay Mihaylov


  4. Respuesta: Re: Wilshere for Sahin?

    What do you think will be Wilshere's highest potential? He is worth 13M in my setup and I was offered 30M for him. Should I sell?

    Don't sell Wilshere mate, yes he is a highest potential an for sure he is gonna be a superstar very soon be patient mate

  5. Respuesta: Wilshere for Sahin?

    I currently have Wilshere in my squad and was thinking of swapping him for Sahin' date=' any advice please?[/quote']

    Don't do it because Wilshere its a good player and very soon he goona be a superstar he only have 19 years old and very soon he is gonna be 92 or 91 so don't sell him :):)

  6. Respuesta: Portugal League Full ratings changes 2010/2011

    Green - Riser

    Orange - Possible riser


    Rui Patrício 88-88/89

    Torsiglieri 83-85/86

    André Santos 86-87/88

    Joao Pereira 88-88/89


    Nuno Pinto 83-83/84

    Claudemir 80-81/82

    Danielson 83-84/85

    Skolnik 83-84

    Bruno Amaro 82-83

    Todorovic 78-80

    Edgar Costa 80-82

    Diego Barcellos 78-82

    Paços de Ferreira

    Cohene 80-82

    Bura 78-79/78

    Baiano 82-83

    André Leão 82-83

    David Simao 80-81/82

    Jose 80-82

    Caetano 77-78/79

    Rondon 78-81/82

    Nelson Oliveira 80-81

    Pizzi 82-83

    Rio Ave

    Paulo Santos 80-82/83

    Jeferson 78-81/82

    Tiago Pinto 80-82/83

    Gaspar 83-83/84

    Wires 82-83

    Yazalde 82-83/84

    Joao Tomas 84-85

  7. Respuesta: Portugal League Full ratings changes 2010/2011

    Green - Riser

    Orange - Possible riser


    Helton 90-90/91

    Rolando 90-90/91

    Alvaro Pereira 90-90/91

    Otamendi 88-89

    Maicon 87-88

    Sapunaru 87-88

    Moutinho 91-91/92

    Guarin 86-88

    Belluschi 89-89/90

    Varela 89-89/90

    James Rodriguez 86-87

    Hulk 90-91

    Falcao 91-92


    Roberto 87-88

    Coentrao 90-90/91

    Carole 76-78/79

    Sidnei 87-87/88

    Roderick 75-77

    Jardel 80-83/84

    Salvio 87-88

    Gaitan 87-88

    Jara 85-86/87


    Artur 84-86

    Sílvio 85-86/87

    Garcia 82-83/84

    Paulao 84-85/86

    Kaka 83-85

    Hugo Viana 87-88

    Vandinho 87-88

    Salino 85-85/86

    Ukra 83-84

    Lima 85-86/87

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