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  1. Re: Player ambition concerns Yep I agree with this. Would be a great step in improving the concern system if something along these lines was brought in. At the moment concerns seem to be more geared towards evening out teams in each set up but the reality is that the best players gravitate towards the best teams and players in the highest rating bracket shouldn't be satisfied playing for sides who never challenge for the title.
  2. Re: Uffe Bech - [The Danish Messi?] Bech's team Lyngby got relegated at the end of the last season. However, he did well for them in the Danish 1st division and earned himself a move back to the top flight with defending champions FC Nordsjaelland in the January transfer window where he has impressed thus far. Recently got a +5 to 82 in SM and is worth keeping an eye on.
  3. Re: Indridi Áki THORLÁKSSON - Valur Nice find. From the looks of it those appearances came towards the end of last season in Iceland. Will be interesting to see if he is a starter when the new season kicks off in May.
  4. Re: Chairman Max Bid - New Players But isn't this how it is in real life though? The best young players do generally sign for the better side. But I'm not saying it should be like this in soccer manager either. I just want it to be a tiny bit more even. At the moment its quite to disheartening to know that I have already lost the 'bidding war' as soon as I see that another team has also put in a bid. And like I say its not even like its small teams benefiting in the set ups I'm in, it's just other strong sides who it seems will be forever allowed to pay that bit more than me until my c
  5. Hi All, I am growing very frustrated with the chairman maximum bid feature, especially in relation to the signing of new players and low rated prospects. Basically, at all my clubs, I get outbid for every single new player that I attempt to sign. Its completely changing the way I play the game, as in the past my sides have always been built up by bringing in hot prospects and watching them develop. Don't get me wrong here, this isn't just a moan because I am not able to sign the players I want, but it would be nice if every once in a while I was able to sign one or two! Also its not
  6. Re: Freddy Adu on his way to Benfica hmmm your probably right about his rating, a small increase would seem reasnable. Especially if he is making the US national team on a regular basis. I wonder if he will ever come close to living up to the hype that was made about him? Still I think going to Benfica was a fairly sensible move for him, it will surely help his development playing in a decent European league.
  7. Re: Freddy Adu on his way to Benfica Has anyone seen much of Benfica this season? I was reading before that Adu now has 5 goals in all competitions, although it seems like a few of them have been in the cup and he has only one start with the rest of his appearances being as a substitute. Still he is only 18, so it would appear that he is making reasonable progress at the club, but does anyone have any idea of how well he has actually been playing? Also I am thinking of buying him for one of my teams, do you reckon he would have done enough to warrant a small increase when the Portuguese le
  8. Re: Players regaining Fitness.. I disagree. A player who has been injured shouldn't come back with 100% fitness, they still regain fitness very fast, even a player who has been out with a long term injury who comes back from injury with fitness of 30% will be ready to play in a week or so time. Its not too long to wait.
  9. Re: Guthrie I agree, I'd say he was worth holding onto. Granted at the moment it doesn't look like he would break into the Liverpool team when his loan ends this season, but he certainly looks good enough to play on a regular basis in the Premier League. I believe Bolton are keen on a permanant signing. Also, I think he should be considered for a positional change from CM to M. Although CM is probably his main position, he has played on both flanks at various points this season also, as he did against Derby the other day when they changed their shape towards the end.
  10. Re: A Cheat who keeps coming back... Its just a standard World Championship. I was considering just reporting him again, but can soccer manager really do anything just because I say it is the same manager as before? He hasn't actually done a dodgy deal since he last created a new log on. Also in the past only the deals I specifically flagged up as suspicous were reversed, and now as we have moved on into a new season I am no longer able to get the details of any of the previous transfers which could also be classed as dodgy
  11. Hi All, I have a problem in one of my set ups, there is a manager who has cheated an awful lot, we are talking 20-40 dodgy deals over the last couple of seasons. I had initially not reported him as I believed that due to the blatantness of his actions he would be picked up by soccer manager, however when he wasn't and the new ticket system was put in place i reported him and gave an example of a few of his recent transfers, but drew attention to the fact that he had done so many more dodgy deals. This worked ok and he was removed and the deals i drew attention were reversed, however within
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