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  1. Re: Aaron Ramsey or Jordan Henderson Cheers. Always good to hear other opinions and I tend to agree with you on this one. I reckon I'll hold him for now.
  2. Re: Aaron Ramsey or Jordan Henderson I have had Rodwell for a while and he has gone up from 87 to 88 in that time. So, the general opinion is he has reached his level for now? If you had already invested in him is he worthwhile keeping or selling?
  3. Re: The New Players Thread It's a discussion rather than an argument.....
  4. Re: The New Players Thread I'm not saying your thread has no merit but I believe you have it in the wrong forum. I applaud all efforts by managers to share information about new players. To use your example.....if you know nothing (your own words) about Diouck then how can you class him as a talent that people should be buying? Just because he appears on the database doesn't mean he is the 'next big thing'. This forum is for people who unearth a talent that has not yet hit the database, scout him and share with other managers why they are worth buying. To quote the forum description......
  5. Re: The New Players Thread Is this not the whole point of the 'Found a Talent' forum?
  6. Re: Jamaal Lascelles Added to database now
  7. Re: Lionel Andrés Messi Is he on the database yet? Can you let me know when he appears? I think I'll try to buy him.
  8. Re: **free agency tracker** Good idea mate.
  9. Re: Thorgan Hazard - Better than Brother Eden? There are far too many people expecting to be spoonfed. Is it not enough that someone has scouted the guy? And you want someone to pm you when he eventually shows up on the DB? Come on.....put a little bit of effort in on your own and track the thread and new player database.
  10. Re: Cenk Tosun [Gaziantepspor Goal-Machine]
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