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  1. Re: Long term Replacement for Right and or Left Midfield Ok, thanks. In my setup Stocker and Albrighton are available. Get them? (both?)
  2. My experience is that my squad plays best when there is at least one outer midfielder (either LM or RM) and one Winger in a 4-5-1, 3-5-2 or 3-4-1-2. I have high rated Wingers and younger future replacements, but no replacements for Malouda/Jesus Navas (92). Jesus Navas will stay (but not go up), but Malouda is probably going down (maybe even next rating changes?). In general there seem to be not many RMs and LMs in the database. So the question: which midfielders (RM or LM) are going to be high-rated within one or two seasons? Thanks, Tom
  3. Re: sell ond (or two?) of these players? Ok, thanks!
  4. I need to cut on wages and need some cash. I have a big squad and am cutting on players that have no chance of rising. Which of the following players have no chance or rising and could I safely sell? - Kolarov - Vermaelen - Milner - Elia - Albiol - Westermann - Lass Diarra - Badstuber - Kjaer - Valencia Thanks!
  5. Hi, I'd like to strenthen my forward position. Robinho is available, but the managers will only go, if another player is involved. I have the following players that are not playing regularly but are great future prospects. The inter squad is very highly rated, so I think he will only go for an interesting player. Also: Robinho is performing well again, but is his rating safe? Would you try to get him in the first place? So, which of the following players would you offer in the Robinho deal? - Valencia, - Hulk - Müller - Badstuber - Zhirkov - Milner - Chamakh - Malouda thanks
  6. Hello, ATM I have two 91 Goalkeepers: Mandanda and Adler. Both were promising, but won't rise anytime soon. I have 89 De Gea as backup and potential 90+ So which of my current 91's should I let go? thanks for the help.
  7. Re: Need a CF! related question (don't want to hijack the thread) I have Chamakh in my team. Is Llorente a more promising player?
  8. Re: Which CM? (91-92) Thanks all for the help. I bought the portuguese and keep an eye out for Barry. Money is finished for a while now.
  9. Re: Which CM? (91-92) Fair enough, iĺl go for meireless. thnks!
  10. I have a team with some highly rated players. For the breath of the team, I would like to buy one extra CM. The league is quite old, so all top-players are taken. But even then, some 91 CM's are still available. Which of the following would you recommend? - Nigel de Jong - Paul Scholes - Simon Rolfes - Anunciado Josue - Konstantin Zyryanov - Jean Makoun - Alou Diarra - Raul Meireles - David Albelda - Gareth Barry any help appreciated, thnks
  11. Re: Battle Of Positions Series-- Who Should be Your Priority
  12. Re: Battle Of Positions Series-- Who Should be Your Priority Hello Gozzy. Great thread! I'm very curious about a battle of young CM's! I bought Ireland, but think there might be a young CM with more potential. Any chance on an update on this thread? thanks.
  13. Re: most promising goalkeeper thanks for the help.. repped
  14. Hello, I hava Mandanda as a goalkeeper now. I doubt if he will keep his rating of 91 or get any higher, so I am looking for a suitable long-term replacement All 92+ goalkeepers in my setup are taken. Which goalkeeper will be 91 or higher in the future? the following keepers are available: - adler - diego lopez - valdes - neuer - etc. (lloris and akinfeev are taken) Could you please give me tips on (long-term) prospects? thanks.
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