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  1. Re: Selling Messi... why to sell the best player ? simple, keep him. he will be 99 for many many years. But if u want to sell him i would try to get rooney/gotze/busquets.
  2. Re: sagna or arbeloa seems that arbeloa stayed at 91 , i have also my doubts about sagna and if he will keep his 92 . I would like to keep richards because i think when he recover he has a good chance to rise and generally in long term he would be better than the others 2, i'm expecting Real to buy a RB during the summer so arbeloa even will stuck at 91 or drop.
  3. Ok guys, i have arbeloa in my squad and i have received some offers for him, meanwhile sagna has requested transfer (lvl 5) so i can buy him. If i buy sagna i'll sell arbeloa, my 2nd rb is richards. So keep arbeloa or acquire sagna?
  4. Re: Rafael Van der Vaart? Will he drop? also i was surprised that he didn't dropped to 91 but most probaby it will happen in the next ratings
  5. Re: van persie + 6mill =zlatan thank all of u guys , i took robie as i think in the next months his rating will be higher.
  6. Re: Offer for Badstuber badstuber will be injured for the next months, but i would keep him, very few good cb's are in the game instead of wingers, rodriguez is a great talent but so badstuber , also Bayer is a top team.
  7. Re: Rafael Van der Vaart? Will he drop? He kept his rating so for the next months he will be 92, but till then we have a lot of games , but i would say that most probably he will be 91 till the end of the season
  8. Ok the manager of man u offered me 40mill+ fletcher+carick , i rejected the offer as in the midfield i'm pretty strong and i made him a counter offer, van persie +6mill for my zlatan and he accepted the offer !!! I think is kind of steal , zlatan will only go down in the next ratings where robie will rise +1 if he continues like that, but what do u think? I'm wrong?
  9. Re: Fabregas = Hummels + Benzema ? i would accept the deal especially if u don't have a good squad, but solid 94 + 93 and future riser 94/95 for a solid 95 !!! very good deal even if cesc gets 96 in the future
  10. Re: baines/rami & mvilla & soldado/damiao Just a post so more people can see it and vote , ty again
  11. Ok guys need some help, i would like to sell one of baines and rami, and one of soldado/rami and i would like to know what do u think about mvilla, i think he has stucked at France and he will take him a long time to get +1. Let's start with baines and rami, usually i'm playing with 3 in the defense and in case i'm playing with 4 i play Alba as LB. My other defenders are ferdinand/chiellini , alba/richards/arbeloa. I think baines he will get +1 during the season and rami is not palying as good as he used us but deff he will keep his 91, what do u think u shall i sell? Same question for soldado/damiao who shall i see? My other strikers are zlatan/cavani and i used to use also reus there but after the recent change he's not suitable for FW. Still not sure if i will someone of these. Please vote 1 deff and 1 striker , tyvm
  12. Re: Alba + 7.0m for Mata.... i'm pretty sure alba will reach 91/2 till the end of the season, also mata most probably he will rise by one. it's all about your squad who is going to be the most useful and who will improve your squad, also note that it 's pretty difficult to find good defenders than AM/Wingers. The deal is not bad it's a good one.
  13. Re: Messi or Hazard + gotze ?? buy messi deff
  14. Re: Hulk/Reus/Soldado/Zlatan thanks everyone for your suggestions, i just managed to sign cavani. I have some offers for soldado and hulk but still not sure who to sell as i hulk is a scoring maching for my team !!! Probably i will decide according he offersi'm going to have. I don't think it's easy for hulk to get 92 at Russia plus soldado if also scores around 25 goals again this season he got his chances for 92. Zlatan i also expect him somewhere at 94
  15. Ok these are my 4 strikers, i'm buying cavani, so i'll have to sell one. Who would you sell? Zalatan is going only down where do you think he can reach till the end of the season? Reus is going only up and i'm planning to keep him. Hulk probably stable at 91 or max at 92. Soldado i also think he has his changes to hit 92.
  16. Re: Moura LUCAS + Shinji KAGAWA = Hazard... i also would keep kagawa and loucas or you can wait few days to see if loucas is joining man u.
  17. Re: Rbs Help please!! Not bad deal, altough i think he'll rise to 91. Better try to sell castro or santon
  18. Re: Gervinho sell gervinio, as for young probably he'l rise but not sure, i would say 65-35 to rise, Personally i have sold before few monhts gervinio for 20 and just before days young for 25. Always depends what''s your other players. For me both were good deals as no one was playing a lot.
  19. Re: Essien i think he won't drop below 92, not sure if he can keep 93 depends how good he's going to play. What are your others DM/CM?
  20. zoze

    3 offers

    Re: 3 offers for me take pato and suarez, neymar should make a move to europe to rize and seems that he'll stay for at least one year at Brazil. From the other deals keep gotze as for hazard keep him expect you get someone a lot better than marin, kagawa is certainly a riser
  21. Re: who to sell i have bids on all keep digne also
  22. Re: Gomez + Di Natale = Villa Gomez should be 94 and i'm pretty sure if he continues like the last season he will take it, villa probably will go to 94 but still we haven't seen him after his injury. Personally i would accept that deal, just try to change di natale with someone else or some money
  23. Hello guys, i need your help with some deals. First of all herrera how good you think he can be? I have as CM SCHWEINSTEIGER/toure/gotze/ramires although the last 2 are playing as RM and wingers many times. Herrera some times he's coming from the bench i have him cause i think his potential is pretty big but the last days some managers are pressing me to buy him, i think i can even sale him for 25~30mill what you think? Now lets go to the 2n deal Zlatan, is my best striker my other strikers are hulk/soldado/reus, shall i sell him now that he moved to Pari? his rating will go down but even if that happens he would be still better than the others strikers i have. I just rejected an offer of 90 mill for Zlatan, they are desperate to take him, about 5 managers, what do you think his rating going to be at the end of the season? 94 or lower? And i don't think i can buy someone rated at 92 or higher with a good potential. Money doesn't mean much to me right now i have plenty of them .
  24. Re: Predictions Argentina 2012/2013 great job mate and don't worry about your english
  25. The manager of milan is really interested for my bale, he had made an offer of 60mill which i rejected, then he offered me 40mill+fernando. I made him a counter offer for his silva which i believe that he will reject easily. This is his squad(only players i'm a interesting, from song and below i'm not so interested) which player do you think i should try to get. My other wingers are valencia/young/nene/ribery also i have gotze but i'm not playing him on the wings and my ramirez can help on rm sometimes but i usually use him as cm another solution for wings could be reus/hulk but are playing as forwards. Knowing my team my weak spot is gk and maybe i would like to have a good cb, I have as gk lopez and i'm trying to buy someone better but it's not easy and i don't think he will sell me his hart. My defenders are ferdinand, rami, lescott, howedes, richards, arbeloa, banes. Any opinions? VIDIC, Nemanja ETO'O, Samuel SILVA, David ÖZIL, Mesut SILVA, Thiago HART, Joe HAMSIK, Marek VIDAL, Arturo MARTÍNEZ, Javi SONG, Alex DM/CB PODOLSKI, Lukas LENNON, Aaron BOATENG, Jérôme Def ABATE, Ignazio
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