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  1. Re: Moura LUCAS + Shinji KAGAWA = Hazard... i also would keep kagawa and loucas or you can wait few days to see if loucas is joining man u.
  2. Re: Rbs Help please!! Not bad deal, altough i think he'll rise to 91. Better try to sell castro or santon
  3. Re: Gervinho sell gervinio, as for young probably he'l rise but not sure, i would say 65-35 to rise, Personally i have sold before few monhts gervinio for 20 and just before days young for 25. Always depends what''s your other players. For me both were good deals as no one was playing a lot.
  4. Re: Essien i think he won't drop below 92, not sure if he can keep 93 depends how good he's going to play. What are your others DM/CM?
  5. zoze

    3 offers

    Re: 3 offers for me take pato and suarez, neymar should make a move to europe to rize and seems that he'll stay for at least one year at Brazil. From the other deals keep gotze as for hazard keep him expect you get someone a lot better than marin, kagawa is certainly a riser
  6. Re: who to sell i have bids on all keep digne also
  7. Re: Gomez + Di Natale = Villa Gomez should be 94 and i'm pretty sure if he continues like the last season he will take it, villa probably will go to 94 but still we haven't seen him after his injury. Personally i would accept that deal, just try to change di natale with someone else or some money
  8. Hello guys, i need your help with some deals. First of all herrera how good you think he can be? I have as CM SCHWEINSTEIGER/toure/gotze/ramires although the last 2 are playing as RM and wingers many times. Herrera some times he's coming from the bench i have him cause i think his potential is pretty big but the last days some managers are pressing me to buy him, i think i can even sale him for 25~30mill what you think? Now lets go to the 2n deal Zlatan, is my best striker my other strikers are hulk/soldado/reus, shall i sell him now that he moved to Pari? his rating will go down but even i
  9. Re: Predictions Argentina 2012/2013 great job mate and don't worry about your english
  10. The manager of milan is really interested for my bale, he had made an offer of 60mill which i rejected, then he offered me 40mill+fernando. I made him a counter offer for his silva which i believe that he will reject easily. This is his squad(only players i'm a interesting, from song and below i'm not so interested) which player do you think i should try to get. My other wingers are valencia/young/nene/ribery also i have gotze but i'm not playing him on the wings and my ramirez can help on rm sometimes but i usually use him as cm another solution for wings could be reus/hulk but are playing as
  11. Re: Di Maria : David Silva+ 5 millions silva for me
  12. Re: Van Persie for Falcao + S.Bender take RPV hes quality and probably future 95, you have a good cover for the mid
  13. Re: Higuain/Gotze/Mata/hazard deals option 2 and 3 i like them most, i like more gotze than hazard but as 123_abc said probably he will move to city so he has a better chances of rising
  14. Re: Schweinsteiger, yaya toure, modric, khedira Bastian and then yaya.
  15. zoze


    Re: Sahin if you can buy someone equally rated sell him Real madrid are going to buy a CM and i believe sahin will not take so much time. But if you cannot buy someone keep him he''s a good player, or try some exchanges
  16. Re: Robben or bale keep roben, pedro is worst than bale and has reached his pek, bale can raise more n the future especially if he moves to barca.
  17. Re: Selling Bale no rossi will drop for sure maybe at 90. andr santos nothing special.
  18. Re: Santos Ramires personally i bought him before few days for 20mill, i think he's improving every year and probably he can hit 92 in the next review. So for me keep him but depends always what players can buy with that 37mill
  19. Re: Tom Cleverley keep him he has a lot of potential
  20. Re: Lavezzi vs Hamsik and Rolando i also think that for hamsik probbly going to be a war , go for hamsik+rolando
  21. Re: Gomez or Higuain both of them are great playes, but i would take gomez because he's a starter and he will hit 94 also in the next ratings. But as infernito said you can't go wrong
  22. Re: Schweinstieger + 6 million = Gotze? Bastian in one of the best cm in the world, take him. gotze is a great talent and has the potential to hit 94+ but bastian also has the potential to rise more and he's solid 94. For me every day bastian.
  23. Re: Stefanos kapino (panathinaikos 17year gk) Today he get a rise +4, he's not the starting gk cause of an inury he had and karnezis(+7 today) has replaced him and was really impressive, he didn't conceded a goal for 8 or 10 games in row can't remember exactly. Nevertheless he's a great talent.
  24. Re: Greece - lower rated players with +500 minutes Really happy with my predeictions 20/23 i think, hope you have bought some players for money. I wasn't expecting mavrias to get +5 it was more than he deserved, vlachodimos was more impressive and they are in the same rating. Also maybe a little bit harm to mirallas. But because they give him +1 it was normal for djebour not to take a rise. From the risers you should keep Kapinos, Karnezis (probably he's going to be the starter gk for greece at euro), megueri, mavrias, vlachodimos, klonaridis, ballas, stafulidis,giannotas. All of them prob
  25. Re: Greece - lower rated players with +500 minutes Great job mate really good thread. Unfortunatelly i was working the last days and i didn't had time. And today there have been already some changes and i didn't have the opportunity 'to buy some players for money . For those who have read the old thread about Greek champ i'm pretty sure that they have bought vlahodimos, giannotas, markovsi , vasiliou and maybe some others. From what i see the only teams that sm hasn't reviewed yet are the following. So here my predictions. Olympiakos Bal√°zs MEGYERI -->+5 +5 Mirallas -->+2 he's the be
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