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  1. Will Meyer & Draxler rise considering Schalke's 6th place finish? Also will Kyriakos Papadopoulos retain his 89 rating?
  2. Are we expecting rises for Aguero, Mikel & Hazard?
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Is it worth spending 13.5m on Emre Can?
  4. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Any thoughts on whether Eden Hazard, Di Maria and Aguero will rise? Haven't watched any football this season.
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Gundogan + Nastasic or Di Maria, all players are/will be starters. Varane + Lucas Moura or Aguero.
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Should I jump on Mikel Balenziaga and Martin Harnik at CV? Both would probably start but only just ahead of Depay and Ross Barkley.
  7. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Any thoughts on whether Adryan and Kovacic will rise? I know Kovacic has played a lot this season but haven't seen him in action. Also will Martin Caceres stay/rise/drop?
  8. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion Any thoughts on whether Meyer, Hojbjerg, Jojic, Kolasinac or Malanda will rise? Thinking Meyer might get a +2 but I haven't followed the rest at all this season.
  9. Re: GC150 - The Forum Invasion / Choose the League! ~Melbourne Heart News~ The A-League was very disappointing. Won the last match of the season 6-0 but was still 3 points behind cross-town rivals Melbourne Victory. Feeling pretty happy about the teams position moving forward though after a 7-1 drubbing of Luton Town, a 2-2 draw against a full strength Barcelona and then a 2-0 win against Real Madrid despite spending an hour with 10 men. The club has added Gundogan, Malanda, Kolasinac, Depay and Diouf in the previous fortnight, boosting the average rating of the starting XI to 88. The club are considering offering Butland, Kovacic and cash to secure a stronger keeper. The club are also very interested in a potential deal to secure Eden Hazard to join both Thorgan and Kylian who are already in the Red & White. Heart will face Real Madrid later in the week to further test their newest lineup against the elite teams. We are happy to play any team in a friendly match should the opportunity arise as we have no first team football for nearly 30 days. The club will head into the Australian Cup undermanned due to players being cup tied but Heart believe that we can still beat any side in the league comfortably if we play our style on the pitch.
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Is it worthwhile spending 27m on Depay, Kolasinac and Malanda? Depay will be a starter but the others will be bench defenders behind Varane, Caceres and Mendy.
  11. Re: Jupiler pro league (belgium) Any thoughts on whether Thorgan Hazard will rise?
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I've got the ability to purchase one of the following, Diego Costa, Verratti, De Sciglio, Muslera, Schurrle or Berardi. All but Berardi would be starters for my team. Any thoughts on who I should sign? Also would it be worthwhile selling Boetius to buy a 2nd of the players above?
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Can someone rank these 5 youths please? Berardi Depay Praet Malanda Kolasinac Also is it worthwhile buying Diego Costa or Schurrle at CV?
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Who's Better? Coelho Vitinho or Leandro Bittencourt?
  15. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion Worthwhile holding onto Pierre Hojbjerg from Bayern?
  16. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings II - 12/13 Winter Predictions Up! - by BRNL||- Got a few players from both Eredivise and Eerste that I'm curious about. Nicolai Boilesen Jean-Paul Boetius Menno Koch Bas Kuipers Derwin Martina Vincent Vermeij Pieter Langedijk Alvin Daniels Abdel El Hasnaoui Aleander Jakobsen Any of these guys really worth holding onto in SM terms? Have a small team in a strong GC but don't really know much about the dutch league.
  17. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Repost: Should I swap Stekelenberg, Edgar Ie and 2m for Mame Diouf?
  18. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Should I swap Stekelenberg, Edgar Ie and 2m for Mame Diouf?
  19. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Not alot currently, GW is active but i'm fairly broke.
  20. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Should I sell Boetius for 13m?
  21. Re: GC150 - The Forum Invasion / Choose the League! ~Melbourne Heart News~ Melbourne Heart are proud to announce that Ilkay Gundogan has joined the club for a fee of 21m. The club are very pleased with the inclusion of the 23 year old German who will join Wilfried Zaha and Lucas Moura up front next season.
  22. Re: GC150 - The Forum Invasion / Choose the League! ~Melbourne Heart News~ Another disappointing season for Melbourne Heart. With one game remaining and 5 points adrift, the title is officially out of reach. The SMFA Shield proved to be a similar story after failing to progress past the group stage. The only positive this season is that the squad has improved dramatically. I have added Zaha, Lucas Moura, Mendy & Caceres in the last 6 weeks. My first team is starting to look very potent and I feel that we are finally in a position to really start challenging in the later stages of the shield next season. Our first team now reads as follows Maarten Stekelenburg, Martin Caceres, Raphael Varane, Benjamin Mendy, Mateo Kovacic, Ross Barkley, Jean-Paul Boetius, Thorgan Hazard, Leandro Bittencourt, Moura Lucas and Wilfried Zaha. Really wanting to secure a good 90-94 rated striker in the off season and a higher rated Attacking Midfielder. I could also use higher rated wingers but I have a LOT of faith in Thorgan Hazard. My goal for season 8 is to secure the services of either Courtois, Gotze, Neymar or Hazard along with Nastasic. Anything less than taking home the league title next season will be seen as a complete failure and anything less than the round of 16 in the SMFA Shield will also be taken as a massive disappointment. Got a bunch of cash sitting around and a host of really gifted youth to throw around in a few trades during my off season. Best of luck to all managers in the back half of the season.
  23. Got nearly 100 players in my squad currently and I'm losing about 1m every match in wages. Really want to halve the players I have so If someone has time to sift through and and help me sort this mess I'd be very appreciative. My team as it sits: CÁCERES, Martín STEKELENBURG, Maarten MENDY, Benjamin IÉ, Edgar NEIDHART, Nico SCULLY, Ryan YOUNG, Kerr LUCAS, Moura VARANE, Raphaël BARKLEY, Ross KOVAČIĆ, Mateo HAZARD, Thorgan BOËTIUS, Jean-Paul VITINHO, Coelho ZAHA, Wilfried BITTENCOURT, Leonardo BOILESEN, Nicolai BUTLAND, Jack JOJIĆ, Miloš SLAVCHEV, Simeon MEYER, Max ADEMILSON, Junior ADRYAN, Tavares GERHARDT, Yannick VERRE, Valerio HENRIQUE, Gustavo TISSERAND, Marcel ANEKE, Chuks KAPINO, Stefanos KUIPERS, Bas KOCH, Menno VELKOV, Stefan PENNINGTON, Matthew GORDON, Ziggy BURKE, Reece COLLINS, Roddy MARTINA, Derwin SHAUGHNESSY, Joe SMITH, Brad COUSINS, Jordan AFONSO, João EVANS, George LUKAKU, Jordan HÖJBJERG, Pierre BYRNE, Shaun EVANS, Lee ODUBAJO, Moses LALLEMAND, Michael LANGEDIJK, Pieter PETERSON, Kristoffer DANIËLS, Alvin MAHONEY, Connor ROTARIU, Dorin EL HASNAOUI, Abdel GOROCITO, Antonio GREALISH, Jack JAKOBSEN, Alexander HAZARD, Kylian MESSI, Enguene WILLIAMS, Ryan LAZIC, Boban RODRÍGUEZ, Gastón HENRÍQUEZ, Ángelo FERNÁNDEZ, Guillermo MESA, Rubén ROBERTS, Philip LAWRENCE, Tom RODRÍGUEZ, Jonathan KOWNACKI, Dawid KEATINGS, James STOLZE, Sebastian BONGONDA, Theo COULTHIRST, Shaquile HOPE, Hallam YEBOAH, Kwame BAILLY, Leandro LIPMAN, Austin MOORE, Jordan BENTEKE, Jonathan MARIANO, Díaz WILLYAN, Barbosa VERMEIJ, Vincent If there's a few youths that are due for ratings rises but aren't worth keeping I'll hold onto them. Just want to know which of these players I should be keeping long term (2-3 years minimum)
  24. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion Anyone got thoughts on Meyer's next rating review? Personally thinking that he's up for a +2 but he's also starting and scoring at the moment.
  25. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) Rejecting a good Manchester United in GC 281. Rooney, Vidic, Carrick, Sanchez, Evra, Ferdinand, Valencia, Nani, Chicharito, Rafael, Isco, De Gea, Kagawa, Thiago, Welbeck, Eriksen, Damiao, Ter Stegen & Evans.
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