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  1. Re: Gold Championship 115 Match Reports / Transfers Thread Cardiff City appoint Niks "The Special One" Early this morning, Cardiff City Appointed Niks "The Special One" as their new manager and the crowd was ecstatic on hearing the news. Niks "The Special One" was quoted saying "I'm Here for a reason. I'm going to take Cardiff to the the Greatest of Heights and Rule the Footballing world. If I wanted to have an easy job...I would have stayed at Inter Milan - beautiful blue chair, the Uefa Champions League trophy, The Seria A title. God, and after God, me. Please don’t call me ar
  2. Re: Gold Championship 115 Match Reports / Transfers Thread I'm Cardiff City. Need Loan deals for backup CM's and Defenders. Anyone kind enough to help out can do the honours. Btw, "The Special One" with his Cardiff City Squad is Coming up next season so Chelsea, Man Utd n Arsenal WATCH OUT!!! Cheers!!!
  3. Re: Words or phrases you HATE people saying. I hate it when ppl use "DUDE" after every 5 words.. wannabe losers
  4. Niks

    Did YOU KNOW !!!!!

    Re: Did YOU KNOW !!!!! What if the Person doesn't have any teeth and Doesn't Chew his food at all? Does it mean He's NO HANDED too? P.S - I know it's a V.P.J!!
  5. Niks

    Name Our Robot!!!!!

    Hey guys, Me and my friends are making a Robot For the "ROBO-WARS" event at my college fest. Now, the robo's yet to be made but the rules state that it should be named before registering. And I'm a Bit Confused for it's name. The name needs to be funky, Eye-catching and can be funny too. I need some suggestions. So plz help me out and put up ur Suggestions ASAP. So Far, I've come up with "Thing In Black" "Blaze" "Chaos" "2 Hot 2 Cool" "90210" "Astala Vista Baby!!", "Mama-Mia" Hoping for some replies. Cheers
  6. Niks

    Future/Inner Quotes

    Well, today i had some free time [for a change ] and I was thinking of doing something "EVIL" [as usual ] and than this idea struck my mind. We all read and follow quotes from celebs all over the web and on tv's. But i was thinking there might be so many things that celebs can't really say directly to the press guys and they keep it to themselves. But Not anymore guys. Here's presenting a Thread for those thoughts/quotes or maybe even a MOCK Press Interview if you may, which the celebs want to make or you think would make in the near future. It can be any Celeb, be it a footballer, any ot
  7. Re: HELP Me WIN the competition??? hey guys, Final shout for HELP.. tomorrow's the BIG DAY... the evaluation of all blogs is tomorrow so plz visit the blog and help me win the blogging contest in my college.. plzz http://nikster.belgaumpages.com/ thanks in advance Cheers!!!
  8. Re: Foster - My Graphics Thread hey, Can i Get a Avatar made with a Real Madrid and Man Utd logo in a Single pic [not animated ] Need it a bit urgent so if u could, plz do the honors
  9. Re: HELP Me WIN the competition???
  10. Re: HELP Me WIN the competition??? dude, The organizers ain't retards they do check the Site Analysis and that shows the IP addresses of most visits.. Other Guys have their friends sitting in Cyber Cafe's and have been using Fake IP addresses to increase the traffic but I ain't That Cheap so cheat and win this competition...
  11. Hey guys, Tomorrow's the Evaluation of the Blogs and i need some serious traffic to win it.. So plz visit it and help me win the blogging contest in my college.. plzz http://nikster.belgaumpages.com/ I need some help from you forummers. Here's the deal, I've a blogging Contest in my College and it's like a HUGE event and I wanna win it at any and every cost. But the thing is i haven't got much time left to get traffic into my site and most of the participants have cheated and gotten their PAGE VIEWS increased by 200-500 well, I don't wanna steep so low and cheat like them coz i wanna w
  12. Re: || The New Energy 106 ||<>|| Match Report & Transfer News Thread have applied for man utd.. if the setup owner is here... let me know whether i'm in or no ASAP.. cheers
  13. Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread Real Madrid Humiliate Their Local Rivals Barcelona Real Madrid not only beat their Bitter Rivals Barcelona in the El-Clasico but also managed to embarass the Barca Kids. Real Madrid set out to thrash Barcelona and they got off to the perfect start when Cristiano Ronaldo Blasted a Screamer from the edge off the Box to make it 1-0 for the home Side. IT felt like Real Madrid were out there to Give Barcelona a FOOTBALLING lesson and they relentlessly kept attacking and made it 2-0 in only the 20 min mark through a Ruud
  14. Re: Love Thy Rival! (Prize Setup) - Match Report Thread lol.. u accidentally beat me 1-0... BIG DEAL!!! I didn't feature even 1 regular player .. played by substitutes.. :p If i played my 1st team would had beat u atleast by 25245 goals :eek: But no excuses.. u won can't wait to beat u in the next round of matches.. cheers
  15. Re: Love Thy Rival! (Prize Setup) - Match Report Thread maybe that's why YOUR ENTIRE love for them, is oozing out in this setup.. :p
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