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  1. Re: FA Cup Peterborough Vs Wrexham , should be a relativly easy game since we beat them twice last season. but you never know, its the cup anything could happen
  2. Re: Who will be the EPL Champion this season? Manchester United , 1:0 wins all season xD
  3. Re: Ciso's League Match Reports Manchester United Suffered there first league defeat to there biggest rivals in div 2 AS Roma, Roma out played Manchester united, and the game ended 4-1 to Roma. Manchester united Boss Said" we will bounce back and get back to winning ways"
  4. Re: Manchester United vs Coventry City know how you feel mate, Peterborough United get average on league games 5000, but when we face big teams that is almost doubled, ive asked people and they say "cos there a great team to watch", i think well what about your local team support them not a team 300 miles away. only game i was shocked we didnt get alot of fans was Against Southampton just below 5000, but we won no matter, then West brom came, loads showed up we lost and people called there us "****".
  5. Re: England v Russia w00t w00t England ftw, now Goos Hiddink (xD) will think twice before slagging of england.
  6. Re: Over Rated Players! Carrick maybe but not Ferdinand, last season was brilliant along with vidic, people criticise him all the time for what?. why do you people think hes overated
  7. Re: Champions League - Groups Drawn: Manchester Uniteds Group i reckon will be tricky, Roma wont want to see another 7-1 thrashing xD
  8. Re: solkjaer truly inspirational player, i will allways remember him and his final kick of the ball in 1999 will be remembered for ever.
  9. Re: Spurs Chiefs 'lose faith in Jol' if spurs chiefs do get him out then they are a little on the stupid side, one bad start is nothing. so getting him kicked out would be pointless. and changing manager so early could make things worse not better.
  10. Re: man city vs man united! Sir Alex has allready said he wont be looking into the transfer market . hopefully he changes his mind
  11. Re: Carling Cup First Round: Peterborough United(2) Vs Southampton(1) lolercopter, Rotherham was relagated what you expect ?.
  12. Re: man city vs man united! they will bounce back for sure, they just got alot of injuries atm. i reckon either 1-1 or 2-1 united (and yes i am a fan of United)
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