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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... porto offered me 50 million 4 tevez my strke force is rooney96 gomez93 and tevez94 i have 100million in the bank but the offer is really good although tevez is playing awesome 4 me and i am leading the table in my group should i sell him to attract someother really awesome striker?
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... i am really confused and i need your help.i made an offer for essien of about 50 mil and i received a counter offer for him of 5 mil plus nani and CARLOS TEVEZ.do you think i should accept.although i will get an excellent midfielder but at the cost of my striker?what should i do.i received another counter offer for bastian schweinsteiger of 13mil and nani and gary neville which i accepted.
  3. Re: Best Free Kick Taker on the planet?! i believe david beckham is the best as fa as free kicks are concerned.i have seen some of the free kicks he took for la galaxy and they still have the quality of being the best in the world.
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... my brother also has a tottenham squad in an english championship just started abt 1 week old.this is his squad Move players from your senior team squad into your youth squad if they are 21 years or below. This will enable you to organise your squad better. Players can be moved between the two squads freely throughout the season. Info Nat Player Pos Age Rt Con Morale SM Val Chair Val TB AvP App GS Ctr Sal As MoM YC RC - ROBINSON, Paul G 28 91 100 Okay £6.6M £10.6M - 5.00 1(0) 0 1 yrs £43,500 0 0 0 0 TrL CERNY, Radek G 33 84 100 Okay £1.6M £1.0M - 0.
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... i dont have any problem with any particular deal but i face problem signing players from managed club.i control 2 teams bayern and man u and have loads of finance.just wanted to ask how how is any world class player worth between 93-98 and age group 23-27.i make offeres to many players but i only offer money but many counter offer demands a star player from my squad like ronaldo and less.whats the use of gettin a 94 or 95 or 96 ranked player if i have to give 1 myself.so plz help me estimate a money value for players ranging from 93-98 and their age groups.
  6. Re: transfer not gone through just asking y is this that u cant sell a player for far more than its worth.what i mean is i am not forcing him to buy scholes for 35 it was he who offered.i even have his message of offering me.if we both agree still y cant we sell it 4 more than its worth.
  7. bayern offer 9m and 88 rank player for my giggs and i accepted it but the transfer was cancelled could you plz tell what could be the reason behind this.and yes i also wanted to ask that they are going offering 35m and 92 rank player for my scholes will this deal go through
  8. Re: A Guide to countering formations i have already made a thread of counter formations.you could have posted there you know.there is no challenge going on in ths forum that whose thread is da best.haha anywayz i wanted to add that in 3-4-1-2 i dont believe 4-4-2 would be a good idea due to the position of the 3 strikers which are together against only 2 defenders at the middle.the rb and lb dont contribute to the defence much except that they protect the wings but they dont stop the 3 strikers.so i believe 3-5-2could be better as its 3 on 3 in defence you have upper hand in the midfield and
  9. Re: help to counter different formations
  10. bayern has offered 20m and lukas podolski for my dimitar berbatov.i think i should accept but i would like your assistence on this deal plz
  11. Re: help to counter different formations i will be adding more counter formations as soon as i get more news.if anybody knows a counter formation to any formation not mentioned above plz do tell us
  12. hi friendz i have seen many forumers who look for ways of countering different formations.so i decided to make 1 threads giving counters to all formation.i started sm just a week before so im not a master in tactics.so any help will be full heartedly appreciated.lets begin wid main formations 1; 4-4-2 the best formation to counter this formation is 3-5-2 followed by 3-4-1-2.for more information see this thread best formation against 4-4-2. 2; 4-3-3 no doubt its on of the easiest formation to counter.3-5-2 and 4-4-2 give you control of midfield and thus have upper hand against
  13. hello friendz i have seen many players asking for best wayz to counter different formations.so i decided to make a thread which tells about best formation against all types of formation.anyone who knows an excelent formation against any formation plz post here and help us.lets begin with the major formations. 1;4-4-2 the best formation to counter this formation is 3-5-2 folowed by 3-4-1-2 as voted by most of the forumers here.for more info see this thread 'best formation against 4-4-2'. 2; 4-3-1-2 not too sure but from what i have noticed in my leagues team wid 3-4-
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