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  1. With either older game worlds or newer game worlds... is there a limit to the number of players that can be on a roster? So many teams just have like 100+ youth players, soaking up all the best available players, with no penalty. I played this game a lot in 2007 (very early original sign up...) but lost interest because of the dynamic of player hoarding. I'm guessing this was never addressed?
  2. I'm noticing that my 4-2-3-1 formation keeps failing. Especially against 4-4-2s... I feel I have the right team in place for the 4-2-3-1, but I'm wondering what I have wrong. It could either be players, or it could be tactics. Would someone be willing to give some advice? I manage Vfb Stuttgart. Current starting team: GK: Ulreich (88) 4: Molinaro (LB/88) | Tasci (CB/89), Maza (CB/87) / Aurier (RB/86) 2: Khedira (DM/92), Kvist (DM/88) 3: Lucas (AM,88), Dzagoev (AM,89), Oscar (AM,87) 1: Ibisevic (CF,88) Laid out: ---------------Ulreich------------------- -Aurier----Tasci------Maza---
  3. Re: Douglas Costa Can't believe that Shaktar got him... He's the type of player my Vfb Stuttgart neeeeeeeeeed to start bring in like Leverkusen, etc.
  4. Re: ThE nExT MeSsIrOnAlDoInHoZiDaNeBeCkHaMkAkAkAkAkA WoNdErKiD!!!1111eleven Reasons why not to title your posts like that: (1) So when people search for a player to see if he is already added, they see your thread and you get the credit that apparently so many people care deeply about. (2) You lose my (and probably many other's) interest immediately because it's just another run-of-the-mill over-exaggeration. (3) A little credibility is established. Oh what happened to our little scouting community?
  5. Look at those moves! This kid is going to be great! Seriously, I leave these forums for a while by getting distracted with other things in life, come back, and see nothing but posts about 6 year olds and every other title being "the next messi/ronaldo/whatever wonderkid" C'mon guys. Try harder than that!
  6. Re: Lukman Haruna What position is he playing, mostly?
  7. Re: Kuzmanovic to Stuttgart -- What do you think? Oh I listened Herby. I always listen to you :-). I was only pressing the question to see if there was the possibility of him starting alongside of Hitz/Khedira as well, but your answer is pretty great. It certainly looks like it'll be a 3-man rotation as the two CMs. This seems to fit the formation Vfb is playing as well. They are doing this 4-2-2-2, similar to what Werder is doing right now with Ozil and Marin. Thus: -----------Pogrebynak----Cacau------------- Hleb----------------------------------Gebhart -----------Hitzlsperger---Khedira
  8. Re: Kuzmanovic to Stuttgart -- What do you think? Stuttgart have not done bad. And you're looking at the next best young coach of the next generation of coaches in Marcus Babbel. I'm more worried about losing him than Tasci, Khedira, or Gomez before! They only played bad in the CL two seasons ago but that's because we had a terrible game plan. It was all coaching. I'm excited for this go round though. I'm pretty sick of the hating on transfers to the Bundesliga. Get over yourselves. *sigh* At any rate, Still haven't heard much on where you see him fitting in...? Does he take Khedira's spot
  9. Re: Bundesliga Analysis & Predictions 2008/2009 So would anyone know his playing style? Do you see Kuzmanovic taking Gebhart's place on the right side? Or can he not play the winger role and can only place centrally? And if he can only play centrally, is he only a stopper, or a playmaker, or both like Khedira? Anyways, the reason why I ask is that if he can play the right side, I can see him keeping the 89 or rising to 90 due to playing most of the important games. But if he can only play centrally, his split time means he won't rise from the 89 (at least to me).
  10. Re: Bundesliga Analysis & Predictions 2008/2009 Do you guys think Kuzmanovic will have an eventually ratings increase or decrease after the move to Vfb from Viola? Tough to see who will be better between him and Khedira. And he certainly won't be benching Hitzlsperger. I wonder if... ----------------Pogrebnyak---------------- Hleb---------Kuzmanovic---------Gebhart/Cacau -------Hitzlsperger----Khedira------------ ??? Otherwise I'm struggling to see how he'll get into the starting 11... but perhaps that's because I don't know enough about him... Any help?
  11. Don't know much about Kuzmanovic's skills. Is he that good? I wish we would have gotten Kacar instead, but am I wrong? Anyways, I'm looking for some feedback on whether he's a playmaker, stopper, winger, whatever. What does he excel at? Where do you see him fitting in at Stuttgart? Thanks!
  12. Re: Anyone play Football Manager Live? Wow, that's exactly what I was looking for Jinky! THanks! Any more opinions would be great though!
  13. Re: Anyone play Football Manager Live? Oh, I've read that it's more that you manage your "Team" and you're in fake "divisions", rather than managing Barca etc. in the real live leagues. However, the players, their names, and real-life up-to-date stats are real. Of which I could never figure out how SM got away with having names, logos, and players for every team without licensing...
  14. So these guys are a direct competitor to Soccer Manager, whom I love, so I feel bad posting about them, but I'm curious if anyone plays there and what their feelings are? www.footballmanagerlive.com It's basically the MMO version of Football Manager. The closest thing to Soccer Manager I've seen. I will NEVER leave SM, but I'm curious if there are other SMers out there who can say if the game is worth it or not? So far, I've read - There are a lot of bugs - It's a lot more competitive - Farming and hoarding young talent doesn't exist as much as SM - You have to pay per game world that y
  15. I'm desperately trying to find the latest German national team jersey (away, though, not home) with Gomez on the back... but can't find any stores online who will sell it! Does anyone have a hook up? I don't care if it's cheap-o from Ebay or legit and very expensive from an official site... I just want one! Thanks.
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