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  1. With either older game worlds or newer game worlds... is there a limit to the number of players that can be on a roster? So many teams just have like 100+ youth players, soaking up all the best available players, with no penalty. I played this game a lot in 2007 (very early original sign up...) but lost interest because of the dynamic of player hoarding. I'm guessing this was never addressed?
  2. I'm noticing that my 4-2-3-1 formation keeps failing. Especially against 4-4-2s... I feel I have the right team in place for the 4-2-3-1, but I'm wondering what I have wrong. It could either be players, or it could be tactics. Would someone be willing to give some advice? I manage Vfb Stuttgart. Current starting team: GK: Ulreich (88) 4: Molinaro (LB/88) | Tasci (CB/89), Maza (CB/87) / Aurier (RB/86) 2: Khedira (DM/92), Kvist (DM/88) 3: Lucas (AM,88), Dzagoev (AM,89), Oscar (AM,87) 1: Ibisevic (CF,88) Laid out: ---------------Ulreich------------------- -Aurier----Tasci------Maza----Molinaro- -------------Kvist-------Khedira---------- ----Lucas-------Dzagoev------Oscar---- -----------------Ibisevic------------------ Tackling style: normal Mentality: normal Passing style: direct Tempo: Slow Pressing: own half - Tight marking - Use playmaker - Men behind ball Playmaker: Dzagoev
  3. Re: Douglas Costa Can't believe that Shaktar got him... He's the type of player my Vfb Stuttgart neeeeeeeeeed to start bring in like Leverkusen, etc.
  4. Re: ThE nExT MeSsIrOnAlDoInHoZiDaNeBeCkHaMkAkAkAkAkA WoNdErKiD!!!1111eleven Reasons why not to title your posts like that: (1) So when people search for a player to see if he is already added, they see your thread and you get the credit that apparently so many people care deeply about. (2) You lose my (and probably many other's) interest immediately because it's just another run-of-the-mill over-exaggeration. (3) A little credibility is established. Oh what happened to our little scouting community?
  5. Look at those moves! This kid is going to be great! Seriously, I leave these forums for a while by getting distracted with other things in life, come back, and see nothing but posts about 6 year olds and every other title being "the next messi/ronaldo/whatever wonderkid" C'mon guys. Try harder than that!
  6. Re: Lukman Haruna What position is he playing, mostly?
  7. Re: Kuzmanovic to Stuttgart -- What do you think? Oh I listened Herby. I always listen to you :-). I was only pressing the question to see if there was the possibility of him starting alongside of Hitz/Khedira as well, but your answer is pretty great. It certainly looks like it'll be a 3-man rotation as the two CMs. This seems to fit the formation Vfb is playing as well. They are doing this 4-2-2-2, similar to what Werder is doing right now with Ozil and Marin. Thus: -----------Pogrebynak----Cacau------------- Hleb----------------------------------Gebhart -----------Hitzlsperger---Khedira------------ To which Werder is doing: ------------Moreno-----Pizarro------------- -Marin---------------------------------Ozil- ------------Borowski----Frings------------- Aaaaaaanyways, Seftinho, we have a VERY solid defense. CB: Tasci, Delpierre, Bouhlarouz, Niedermeier (former Bayern kid, very good) RB: Trasch, Osorio, Celozzi LB: Magnin, Boka, Celozzi You're looking at a fantastic young nucleus between Tasci, Neidermeier, Trasch, and Celozzi. I've been VERY impressed with Celozzi. He was a steal. I'd put Vfb's defense in the top 5 of the Bundesliga, especially when Hitz and Khedira play farther back. Cacau does a great job of backtracking as well.
  8. Re: Kuzmanovic to Stuttgart -- What do you think? Stuttgart have not done bad. And you're looking at the next best young coach of the next generation of coaches in Marcus Babbel. I'm more worried about losing him than Tasci, Khedira, or Gomez before! They only played bad in the CL two seasons ago but that's because we had a terrible game plan. It was all coaching. I'm excited for this go round though. I'm pretty sick of the hating on transfers to the Bundesliga. Get over yourselves. *sigh* At any rate, Still haven't heard much on where you see him fitting in...? Does he take Khedira's spot? Do you see something more like -----------------Pogrebynak-------------------- --Hleb---------Kuzmanovic-----Gebhart/Cacau --------Hitzlsperger-----Khedira------------- ?
  9. Re: Bundesliga Analysis & Predictions 2008/2009 So would anyone know his playing style? Do you see Kuzmanovic taking Gebhart's place on the right side? Or can he not play the winger role and can only place centrally? And if he can only play centrally, is he only a stopper, or a playmaker, or both like Khedira? Anyways, the reason why I ask is that if he can play the right side, I can see him keeping the 89 or rising to 90 due to playing most of the important games. But if he can only play centrally, his split time means he won't rise from the 89 (at least to me).
  10. Re: Bundesliga Analysis & Predictions 2008/2009 Do you guys think Kuzmanovic will have an eventually ratings increase or decrease after the move to Vfb from Viola? Tough to see who will be better between him and Khedira. And he certainly won't be benching Hitzlsperger. I wonder if... ----------------Pogrebnyak---------------- Hleb---------Kuzmanovic---------Gebhart/Cacau -------Hitzlsperger----Khedira------------ ??? Otherwise I'm struggling to see how he'll get into the starting 11... but perhaps that's because I don't know enough about him... Any help?
  11. Don't know much about Kuzmanovic's skills. Is he that good? I wish we would have gotten Kacar instead, but am I wrong? Anyways, I'm looking for some feedback on whether he's a playmaker, stopper, winger, whatever. What does he excel at? Where do you see him fitting in at Stuttgart? Thanks!
  12. Re: Anyone play Football Manager Live? Wow, that's exactly what I was looking for Jinky! THanks! Any more opinions would be great though!
  13. Re: Anyone play Football Manager Live? Oh, I've read that it's more that you manage your "Team" and you're in fake "divisions", rather than managing Barca etc. in the real live leagues. However, the players, their names, and real-life up-to-date stats are real. Of which I could never figure out how SM got away with having names, logos, and players for every team without licensing...
  14. So these guys are a direct competitor to Soccer Manager, whom I love, so I feel bad posting about them, but I'm curious if anyone plays there and what their feelings are? www.footballmanagerlive.com It's basically the MMO version of Football Manager. The closest thing to Soccer Manager I've seen. I will NEVER leave SM, but I'm curious if there are other SMers out there who can say if the game is worth it or not? So far, I've read - There are a lot of bugs - It's a lot more competitive - Farming and hoarding young talent doesn't exist as much as SM - You have to pay per game world that you're in - More customization and control over tactics and management, rather than simply player buying/selling and general tactic set up like SM I'm REALLLLLLLY interested in the fact that the teams are smaller (thus making purchases/trades mean something like in real life) and that the tactics are supposedly a lot more in depth, but it seems expensive and I've hard has a ton of bugs, so I wanted to see if anyone else had experience. By the way, I tried searching for "football manager live", and I got an error: "Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 16777216 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 83 bytes) in /var/www/html/forum/includes/functions.php on line 51" So don't blame me if there's a thread already. But please post a link if so :-)
  15. I'm desperately trying to find the latest German national team jersey (away, though, not home) with Gomez on the back... but can't find any stores online who will sell it! Does anyone have a hook up? I don't care if it's cheap-o from Ebay or legit and very expensive from an official site... I just want one! Thanks.
  16. Re: Iván Marcano - 77 -> 87 by EoS (Now 84) I could definitely see him grab an 88 too though. Won't get lower than 87, but 88 is possible. He has 2 goals as well as a boat load of minutes.
  17. Re: Niclas Heimann- German Wonderkid The thing with GKs though, is unlike strikers and midfielders who can feature at an early age (and so you can end up with easy ratings like 20/88 or 19/87), GKs take forever to develop. If you get him, he'll be sub ~84 for at least the next 6 years. How many of you will be playing this game that long? lol. I plan on it, but still, that's my point. Just saying that GKs take extra extra long to realize that 90+ rating...
  18. Re: German Prospect at AC Milan I've seen him play U17 games. He's very strong in the air, a great stopper, and looks like he will grow into a good size (height/weight). If he crashes out at Milan, he'll end up with a team like BVB and should hit 88 by the time he's 20/21.
  19. Re: Neymar: A future buy for sure Guys, this is the way Gold Championships work. Plain and simple. Money is useless trying to by other players, so you have to spend it snapping up the best young talent to come through. For example, the day before Neymar came out Lukman HARUNA came out as well. Many have him dubbed the next Essien. He's already starting for the first team Nigerian team. In GC11, I bought him for 41mil with TSV Munchen 1860. That's just the way it works, guys. Money is useless otherwise.
  20. Re: German Changes Leverkusen got him? Man, they are freaking animals. If Leverkusen can keep their team intact, and let Risse and Rienartz grow, they are looking at being champs (finally) in a few years. Freaking unbelievable how good their youth is!!! (makes me sad. I wish I would have picked them as my fav over stuttgart long ago lol)
  21. Re: German Changes Tasci: I think he's as good as his 89 rating. To be honest, I think Osorio -- who plays on his right -- and Delpierre -- who plays on his left as a fellow CB -- are both really really slow. Because of this, I think Tasci tries to hard to pick up for them. If you placed him with a better D (or he grows up a bit and dominates on his own), I think he'll show just how good he is. Also, with him only being 21, I think he'll be just as good as Mertesaker was at 23 once Tasci turns 23 himself.... ------------------------ Gebhart: My apologies. Spelled it wrong . He's still really good. By the way, Jungwirth (on the German U19 team with Gebhart and was captain) was awesome. -------------------------- German U19: And actually, I had Lars Bender as the best U19 player from Germany last cup last summer. Dude just snuffed out any attack as a DM. He's going to be the next Frings for sure. My order of best players from last summer: Lars Bender (DM) Gebhart (CM) Nsereko (W) Jungwirth (CB) Fischer (F) ----------------------- Daniel Schwaab: I hadn't heard where he signed. If he's going to BvB, great signing for them! He's been the starting German RB for the generation U21 team, and I don't see him giving that up. He's by far the best RB German has to offer under 21 years old. I was hoping Stuttgart would get him and ship Osorio out.
  22. Re: German Changes I love Kacar. He's quality. Some Stuttgart news and thoughts: By the way, I think Khedira will go up and match Tasci to an 89. Watch out for Trasch to go up from high 70s to like an 84. Good couple million money maker there if anyone is interested. Lanig should go up from an 85 to an 86 or 87. Possibly even 88, but doubtful. I'd bank on 87. Sell Basturk. Now! I hope you already sold Pardo I'm in the process of selling Osorio (RB/CB/27/90) in all my leagues where I own him. He's been very slow, and a big weakness on Stuttgart's right flank. I predict they will be looking for a younger RB come next year (perhaps Daniel SCWAAB?) Anyways, at a 90, you can still sell him for a lot, and I recommend doing so. Marica will continue to stay at an 88 forever. He's kind of not that good Cacau could possibly drop to an 89. I'd sell him if you can get good value. Man I hate Delpierre. He really has gotten bad. I personally think he's only as good as an 88 rating. I could see him dropping to an 89. And to think only a couple weeks ago he was a 91! And only last summer he was looking to go 92, and being considered as a starting CB for France! Now he's just awful. I'm not a huge fan of Hilbert this year. I could see him dropping to an 89. TASCI!!!! He's going to be a 94 some day folks Magnin will drop to an 89. Possibly even 88, although he's been having some bad injuries so they might give him some leeway. Boka has been alright. 88 sounds fair, but could go 89. GEBHARDT! This kid is going to be good. I've had him on all my teams from 1860 for the last 2 years. Was 2nd best performer on the German U19 team last summer... If any more Stuttgart questions just ask.
  23. Re: Gold Championship 31 discussion/match report's Oh I know... I've been around enough to see the crazy deals, especially when people think cash is important, haha. It's just that this is the craziest one I've personally had in about a year, so I wanted to share, lol. That is all.
  24. Re: Gold Championship 31 discussion/match report's LOLOLOL. I normally don't mock people publicly, but this was too good to give up. I placed a bid to Lazio for ZUCULINI (19/84/CM). Very fair... some cash, Lars Bender, and Thiago Carleto were involved in the deal. He responds with ZUCULINI for Tasci (21/89/CB) and Rakitic (20/89). Seriously? lol.
  25. Hey all. I posted this in the player ratings thread as well, but it's probaly better posted here: ---------- Just to let everyone know, Gebhardt has transferred to Stuttgart today. He'll be on the first time next half. This dude is AWESOME. He's played CM, AM, W, and F in the last 2 years for both 1860 Munich and the German U19 team. He was easily the most impressive player on the U19 team, scoring more goals than Sukuta-Pasu! Many articles on goal.com and Kicker have stated he's better than most German midfielders. With Marin, Kroos, Gebhardt, Kruse, Ozil, and Risse, you're looking at a fantastic young German midfield of the future! So anyways, I'm passing that along to everyone because although some may have already spotted his talents at 1860, being signed to Stuttgart will mean he'll have his chance at 88ish in the next year or so. There is rumblings in the Stuttgart camp that he's their choice to be Hitzlsperger's eventual replacement, or their LW/LM of the future. (With Khedira as the obvious CM/AM and Hilbert as the RM/RW.)
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