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  1. Re: SM Credits

    It was no longer feasible to use Pay by Mobile and that is why we have removed it. This was a business decision we have taken and the correct one going forward. We've even found that a lot of people who used to use Pay by Mobile are now using PayPal' date=' their credit / debit card or are now paying via the app using the respective payment providers.[/quote']

    I give you one thing mate, you're very good at beating around the bush, so to speak.

    Answer me this, you've removed 'Pay by Mobile' which was the only option for me, and replaced it with an alternative, that is the 'Soccer Manager' app, that isn't compatible to my device (My android is 2.36). What should I do then ? I don't have access to the other payment methods, paying my mobile was the only and real option, in which I have used in the past ? When was this feature removed?

    I am from the UK, whereas a few people who have also commented on this issue are from abroad, ie Spain, Argentina. How are you catering for them? This is YOUR loss, since it is potential revenue that could be lining your pockets.

  2. Re: New Dortmund team

    Final question. Is it worthwhile to sell Schmelzer and buy Azpilicueta' date=' Ricardo Rodriguez (who could have a good world cup performance) or Alberto Moreno (who just won the Uefa Cup)?[/quote']

    Go for Ricardo Rodriguez mate, I reckon in the short term he is a better option than Moreno, who didn't play well in the Europa League final. Gaitan was ripping him apart, time and time again.

  3. Re: Yoann gourcuff

    Sell him as quick as possible. Unfortunately, he isn't a hot property anymore. Injuries have plagued him, which consequently has lowered his rating. I dont see his rating increasing, he's on a spiral downwards my friend. Invest in younger, better players :)

  4. Re: Players with a rating between 80 and 85

    I participate in a league where you can not buy players with rating higher than 85 (very funny). It is now almost a year since I manage the team but I need a list of defenders (central) midfielders (defensive) and strikers (top scorer) with scores between 80 and 85' date=' who could become the next years talent. Thank you.[/quote']

    CB: Tin Jedvaj, Eder ÁLVAREZ BALANTA, Alessio ROMAGNOLI, John STONES, John

    DM: Youri TIELEMANS, Pierre HÖJBJERG, Jorrit HENDRIX, Salih UÇAN,


    Striker: Luciano VÍETTO, Timo WERNER, Richairo ZIVKOVIC,

    For your next question, who can become the next talent, you can have Youri TIELEMANS who I think has a good future. What budget are you looking at mate ?

  5. Re: SM Credits

    well this is a huge blow to us mobile payers... We can no longer buy credits for our custom gameworlds and stuff........

    This is a decison I don't understand. This is a method of SM making money, yet they've taken it away, and replaced it with a version from the app that isn't compatible on most devices ? That's madness

  6. Re: Respuesta: Re: SM Credits

    I have the same problem as you. My only way to buy loans was through me cell phone' date=' but now I have taken and I have no other way.

    Buy credits every month, and I know there are many people of Argentina that is having the same problem as it is the easiest way to do it, because here almost no Pay-Pal is used and not everyone has a credit card.[/quote']

    Yes, I have same problem as well.

    How am I meant to give YOU money, if you can't allow me to do so by means other than involving credit cards/paypal. I cant get the app, since it's for android 3 upwards ? What am I meant to do now hey ?

  7. Re: SM Credits

    Thanks for flagging this up. I'll pass this on and get the number of credits you receive reviewed.

    Hi there, I would like to purchase credits from my mobile credit, rather than through paypal/credit card, but the only option is through the Soccer Manager app. The problem I face is the app isn't compatible to my device, so I am unable to get the app, thus not allowing me to buy credits ?

    Is there an alternative way of getting the creds, other than by pay pal/credits

  8. Re: The Best Talent of 10k

    Andrija Mijailovic - Teleoptik

    Ryan Finnie - Rangers

    Milan Makaric - Proleter

    Ivan Markovic - CSKA Sofia

    Nemanja Antonov is 90K but worth it. Played a lot of games for OFK Beograd this season and is an U19 Serbian international.

    Interesting list you have there mate,

    oh and how can I forget Nick Powell ? He was another 10k, back in the day!

  9. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread

    From what i saw he's a very very good player' date=' with great potential. Dominant DM, physically strong, great ball recovery and very good technic for a DM also.[b'] He will probably be one of the revelations of Portuguese League next season[/b]. Top signing by Estoril.

    Regarding a possible rise, being added to DB as a 77 rated player is a reflection of his season in Leixões, so now he will only rise for what he will be able to do in Estoril. And i'm sure he will be one of the main risers in Portuguese League review next season.

    Interesting insight you have there, on this 'Esiti'. Also, worth mentioning that he can bought for as little as 890k, which for a player of that description is pretty cheap.

    Now, he plays for Leixoes, which are in the second tier of the Portuguese league, does this matter as such to see his rating increase even furthur, depending upon how he performs ?

  10. Re: 60-80 rated risers

    Thought I would bump this thread, since it's disappeared of the face of the earth.

    Here is who I have so far:

    Saidy Janko, 75 rated, reserves player of the year at United.

    Amando MORENO, 72 rated, can be snapped up for as little as 60k

  11. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions

    Yep I did see it' date=' he was impressive, but his performance was overblown in the midst of the cup magic. He certainly has potential but nothing I haven't seen from many young exciting English players who had a big hyped breakthrough and then ended up accomplishing next to nothing.

    Not saying the kid is going to be a failure he could turn into a very good player, but will be very interested to see how he progresses this season.[/quote']

    Totally agree. The number of english youngsters who are labeled next generation talents are ridiculous. Jut look at Wickham, had a nasty injury and then the hype dies down

  12. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings II - 12/13 Winter Predictions Up! - by BRNL||-

    i am not very knowledgeable' date=' i mean i am not watching Eredivisie a lot but i can tell you something :

    - Boetius is not very special but worth keeping, probably he will play more next season and he will rise

    - i don't know anything about Andersen, sorry :o

    - Vilhena is very talented, doesn't matter you have Maher, keep him

    - Indi is good, playing for his NT, keep him

    - Van Rhijn - nothing special imo

    - Fischer - for me he is the best talent in Holland, he is amazing, keep him[/quote']

    Thats all I wanted too hear. Sorry for being ignoratnce its just that I have no idea regarding foreign talent! I bidded on Vilhena, he's a blooming free agent haha yes I didnt even know :)

  13. Re: Riferimento: Re: The Fluffy Ligue 1 Thread

    You should buy at least 2 of those. I suggest you: GRENIER and UMTITI.

    Arsene Wenger had been looking at bringing Grenier to Arsenal this summer but the Frenchman has opted to stay with current club Lyon signing a new contract. But still Arsenal are not ready to give up on the rising star. It seems that Gunners are too stubborn. :D

    Umtiti is another hot prospect around France at the moment. He is a solid and serious defender and surely has a bright future ahead of him. He is attracting interest from Spurs' date=' West Ham, MUTD, and Newcastle United in the BPL.

    These 2 are some of my favourite players but also the other 2 are very good IMO, but if i have to choose i'd go for Grenier and Umtiti.:)[/quote']

    WOW you've certainly sold me on GRENIER. I knew about Umtiti but not that much ! So cheers for helping me on that. I've repped you :)

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