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  1. Re: My U18 players Well out of the list you've given me : Alvaro Morata - Never heard of him. Luc Casnos (good) - Keep Ryo Miyachi (very good)- Keep Juan Iturbe - Keep David Alaba (good) - Never heard of him. Raphael Varane (great) ? Benik Afobe - Never heard of him. Gonzalez Borja - Never heard of him. Simone Verdi - Never heard of him. Jody Lukoki - Never heard of him. Haris Vuckic - Never heard of him. Alcantara RAFINHA - Never heard of him. Lorenzo Crisetig- Never heard of him. Tomas Kalas - Never heard of him. Ignasi Miquel - Never heard of him. Jack Robinson -Keep Muhammed Demirci - Never heard of him. Gerard Deulofeu ??/ Saul Niguez - Never heard of him. Erick Torres - Keep
  2. Re: General Squad Advise Ooops I read it wrong Sorry ThePlayMaker :/
  3. Re: General Squad Advise Dont sell Wilshere. He's the future of England !
  4. Re: External club 'interested' in player?? Hey hey fair enough mate.
  5. As he's getting a rting change what do you think he'll get ?
  6. Re: SMFA spoiling the game Yeah I hate this. Why not just stick to the normal method ?
  7. Re: SMFA Blocks Thought so....Anyway you can tell by their last online date.
  8. Re: SMFA Blocks But how do they find out accounts are linked ?
  9. Re: 2 ideas....may have been reviewed somewhere else so apologies if already reviewed Wont it lead to concerns to them players ? What would happen if I kept on loaning out a 90 rated player ?
  10. Re: Best Prospects List - By TPM. Is LAMELA, Erik the next Pastore ? A must buy ?
  11. Re: money Aaah few That's a big relief
  12. Re: money Just say I dont meet my chairmans expectation what would happen to me ? WWould I get fired ?
  13. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions When would you say is the next review ?
  14. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? v2 Why keep Bruno Caesar ?
  15. Re: Shall I swap Well money ain't a issue atm but I've got quite a lot of FWD who rarely get to be player. How much shall I of load him for ?
  16. Re: Shall I swap How about selling S.Jovetic ?
  17. Shall I swap A.Sanchez for chicharito ?
  18. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? v2 Shall I sell Bruno Uvini
  19. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Bruno Uvini - I think he'll go up in terms of rating & hopefully a sold cb for years to come for Brazil.
  20. Re: *NEW* Young Argentine Talent Ohh such a shame :/ Anyway cheers bud.
  21. Re: alintop and huntelaar Yeah. Hope he dosen't drop ever ferther.
  22. Re: alintop and huntelaar Do you think alintop will stay all MID as his positon ?
  23. Re: Javi Martinez, 27M? Depends how many players you've got in that position mate.
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