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  1. Re: Javi Martinez, 27M? Hell yeah ! 27 million is quite a lot of money.
  2. Re: Worldwide Risers Cheers mate.
  3. Re: *NEW* Young Argentine Talent Awesome thread mate ! When ANDRADA, Esteban moves to barca how much would his rating change ? Also is he a must buy or have you got more GK talents waiting to be written up ? Also a sugestion who could do next : RODRIGUEZ, Patricio !
  4. Re: Best DM to buy Yes but most of the time he's taken :/ So I'd sugggest Moussa Sissoko
  5. Re: Best DM to buy What about Moussa Sissoko ?
  6. Re: Worldwide Risers Who would you say is the best out of the bunch of players.
  7. Re: Too many wingers/midfielders Really bruno cesar ain't a bright prospect ?
  8. Re: Wellington - The World at His feet Hope he plays a lot next season
  9. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Who would you say have failed to archive there reputation over the last couple of years
  10. Re: Who is the best for the future; Kieran Gibbs or Fabio Da Silva? This is a no brainer - I'd choose Fabio over gibbs
  11. Re: jeremy toulalon I'm in the situation as you - How much shall I sell him for ?
  12. Re: Julian DRAXLER Cheers mate - I'm on it right now
  13. Will he rise ? By how much ? Shall I sign him ?
  14. Re: can english division 5 be updated How about the Blue Square ? Or NPL Premier Division ? Please !
  15. Re: 2 ideas....may have been reviewed somewhere else so apologies if already reviewed I'd love that COM teams would loan out players. Make's it abit easier. I've got about 50 players in my team but most of them are for the future !
  16. Re: Dont you just hate the shortlist? Is their a limit of players I can have on my shortlist or can I go in to the thousands of players ?
  17. Re: Why one soccermanager account is not enough? Having more than one team in the same game-world is but as you aren't doing that, you're fine. How would you know if another has got another account in that same league ? Also what would happen if they got caught ?
  18. Re: Phil Jones I'm glad I signed this lad when I first started SM ( I think he's my first ever signing ) & hope he'll have a long/great career at Manchester United. He just rose to 86 but is their a chance of a even higher one when he joins Man Utd ?
  19. Re: Neil Taylor - Future Welsh Star Oh ok will do.
  20. Re: uruguayan young risers Who's the best to buy in terms of getting a high ranking.
  21. Re: Neil Taylor - Future Welsh Star Looks like he's heading to Newcastle United next season....Shall I sign him now ? Also how much will he rise ?
  22. Re: Should I ? Youth... Aah thank you !
  23. Re: Leandro Damiao .... Cheers for the list.
  24. Re: Leandro Damiao I prefer others opinion as they're more worthy than mine. Well ?
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