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  1. Re: Leandro Damiao Should I sign him ? Is he like a Gotze ?
  2. Re: Matthew James- Big Manchester United Talent He's a free agent in my gw. Should I sign him ?
  3. Re: Finances Really that MUCH ! How did you get it like that !
  4. Re: Free Agent Search It would make it so easy to buy players. You meant to search for them. As much as I love this idea I'm against it as your rivals can snap players straight away.....
  5. Re: Will these 88/89's get to 90 in a few days? What about GROSSKREUTZ, Kevin should I sign him ? What will he rise to ?
  6. Re: Now that Abate and Ranocchia didn't rise,will these players get 90?! Yeah I was thinking the same thing.V - I've got quite alot of german talent.
  7. Re: New Arsenal Should I sign GERVINHO before he gets a rating change If so do you know how much will he rise ?
  8. Re: Should I ? Youth... Well it would help !
  9. Re: Marco Reus- In The German Squad & A Big Move On The Cards??? How come ? Also out of them two who has got the best prospect ?
  10. Re: Football-Wonderkidsfc This is great cheers !
  11. Re: I need to find the next great CB Out of that list who will you say are the best ? Please can you just number them in order who you think will be the great in the future.
  12. Re: 10 Premier League stars of the future I'm looking foward to seeing them soon. Pm If they appear on the DB - I'll be checking very frequently !
  13. Re: Marco Reus- In The German Squad & A Big Move On The Cards??? If I've got the chance should I sign him ?
  14. Re: Ilkay Gundogan Yes how much will he rise as he's just moved to Borussia Dortmund. In SM he only cost me 7 million.
  15. Re: Mateus Kelvin - FC Porto Coming from him he should be great ! Shall I sign him ?
  16. Re: Oguzhan Ozyakup -Arsenal youth Aah ok. Bought JENKINSON, Carl the other day !
  17. Re: Oguzhan Ozyakup -Arsenal youth How come he ain't on the DB yet ?
  18. Re: Should I ? Youth... What about the rest ?
  19. Ok I want to sign some players who ARE THE Future I've got the following list of players and I want to know are they worth to buy, will rise, great prospect. Please stick to this criteria. Frank Acheampong - Wing/AM - 17 - Muhamed Besic - CB - 18 Connor Wickham - Fwd/Wing - 18 Sergio Araujo - Fwd - 19 Cenk Tosun - Fwd/Wing - 19 Joshua King - Fwd/Wing - 19 Matt James - CM - 19 Thibaut Courtois - GK -19 Stefan de Vrij - RB/CB - 19 Ilkay Gündogan - AM/Wing - 20 Danijel Aleksic - Fwd/AM - 20 PIZZI, Luis - Wing/Fwd - 21 Leandro Damião - CF - 21 VARGAS, Tobías - Gk - 21 MUSTACCHIO, Mattia - Fwd/Wing - 22 COLEMAN, Seamus-RM/RB - 22 Out of these can you please go through each player and tell me weather he's worthy to buy or not. Thanks for reading.
  20. Re: Neil Taylor - Future Welsh Star Ok thanks.
  21. Re: My Shortlist Well ? Please any one ?
  22. Re: Thorgan Hazard - Better than Brother Eden? Lol yeah - Hope he's as good as his bro.
  23. Re: Neil Taylor - Future Welsh Star When will he rise ?
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