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  1. Re: 60-80 rated risers How much would you pay for Sanchez ? Also in my game world Pastore is transfer listed fot 22 million. Is this worth it ?
  2. Re: 60-80 rated risers What's happeing to Philippe Coutinho ? He's a great prospect. Also he's risen to 85. Should I sell him then ? Or keep him. Also some other rises could be John Flanagan & Jack Robinson. John is 18 & a RB while Jack Robinson is younger and a left back. Will they rise up and by how much ? Tobias Vargas - Is he worth the buy as he's a free agent in my game world. Will he move to United or is that all a load of bull ? Alexis Sánchez - Could he be up for a rise ? Thank you.
  3. Both are free agents. Should I buy them ? How much will they rise.
  4. Well I want to buy him but he's a bit deer. It will cost me 14 million plus Rogério CENI with a total of 21 millions. Money ain't a issue as I've got bucketloads. Should I sign him ?
  5. Re: Official Red Devils thread Hey ! I'm Manchester United
  6. I'm fairly new to this game as I came across it surprisingly
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