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  1. Ok, now I've inherited a team from a previous manager who had gone crazy and started buying cheap young rated players. As a result of this I've got a huge wage bill and need to know who you would sell. Luís GUSTAVO, Javi ESPINOSA Sergi GÓMEZ, Tomás KALAS, Álex GRIMALDO, Álvaro MORATA, Joel CAMPBELL, John GUIDETTI, Mateus KELVIN, Krkic BOJAN, Femenía KIKO, Isaac CUENCA, Etxebarria BEÑAT, Aaron RAMSEY Rachid GHEZZAL, Fernández ALEX, José CAMPAÑA, Federico VIVIANI, Oguzhan ÖZYAKUP, Emmanuel FRIMPONG,
  2. Re: Erick Torres Tbh, he's not that good. If he was, he would of got bought by now.
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I think that eventually he'll reach 90 MAX. That's pushing it as well' date=' ok player who hasn't done as well as he performing at Swansea. As for Callum, very talented player but he's playing for Wigan - who are now in the championship so don't expect him to rise high. Currently he's sitting on 85 which is a fair rating for him. Wont rise any time soon. Look for better prospects imo. It's a tough call really considering they've moved to lesser leagues. In terms of talent, I think Willian as he was very good at Shakter. If you can, look else where.
  4. Re: Riferimento: The New Players Thread I've never heard of Kingsley , what can you tell me about him ?
  5. Re: Riferimento: The New Players Thread
  6. Re: The New Players Thread Go to "Player Database" by clicking on the Globe icon, from there click on "New Players" - Wala you've done
  7. Re: Getting Messi Yes do that. Messi is awesome, that deal is ripping off the other manager ! I would only ever swap Messi for Ronaldo haha
  8. Re: England U20 They'll be good buys, but to make some money on them. Dont expect big things though !
  9. Re: Dwight GAYLE - 67 rated Wing/Fwd will he get a rise for moving to palace ? If so any predictions what it might be ? I'm thinking of a +2
  10. Re: The New Players Thread Not really, I would happily have waited if somebody has noticed a good player.
  11. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Because he's playing alot of football at United. Go for him, will deffo rise. Might I say, whats so good about this Fred Santos ? First I've heard of him.
  12. Re: Official Red Devils thread Haha, already knew anyway. Was in the MEN. I scared alot of my mates on facebook. The foreign lot will probs think it's the footy stadia, but instead its cricket !
  13. Re: The New Players Thread Out of them players who would you recommend in buying ?
  14. Re: Official Red Devils thread Oil you United fans don’t be celebrating yet. If one thing has taught me from last season "CHAMP20NS" after the Arsenal game where we went 8 points ahead is never rest on my laurels. At the start of the season Chelsea were in pole position but after dropping few points look where they are? As for Citeh, they won’t be going away anytime soon. If United are winning a game & City are drawing I won’t think "yes they've dropped points here" as they've picked up United’s habit of getting the late goal in the dying moments. Just look at the reading match, west brom match in October ! So, the sensible thing would be to take one game at a time, next we've got Wigan. After last year I'm kind of daunting the trip to the DW (I'm going, should be fun :L) So don’t expect United to thrash Wigan as they're a decent team who seem to pick up points out of nowhere. Never underestimate City as once SAF goes they'll be pleased as he's the one standing in the way of domination. Savour these moments with Sir Alex as he's 71 tomorrow. Tick Tock But hey that's life, I've enjoyed growing up with my local team (ish as I lived in Salford for a while until moving to Oldham) So savour these moments & don’t be bitter towards City fans as the many years of hurt for them will be reflected upon us. The one thing I 'admire' of City is the redevelopment of what they're doing near the stadium for the community as for the locals on here know that the area is a 'dump'. Just letting you know I am not a southerner or a glory hunter but as you mature in life you relies there’s consequences of your actions, in my case it was celebrating like a mad man when there were still games to play. That’s my take on it.
  15. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Any of you Citeh fans going to this tonight ? If so what section will you be sitting ?
  16. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Yeah his was decent, imo de jong's was fantastic. Some of the comments made on BlueMoon !
  17. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Brilliant performance by Ajax, their first goal was magnificent ! Cheers for losing Citeh, I managed to get ticket for the Madrid game ! MON Ronaldo <3
  18. Re: Official Red Devils thread So yeah got tickets to the Braga game without any hassle, brilliant game it was. As for the defending it was hilarious, we'll deffo get punished against a decent team, ie: City, Chelsea, etc..... just have a look at the Spurs gamer I ended up winning a sweepstakes ticket to go see Madrid @ the Etihad as a result of predicting the right score. Won't be the first time going as I ended up getting free tickets for Dortmund (even though I support United who would pass the chance to see the Champions of England v Germany ? Getting there is pretty easy, just 30 minutes (depending on traffic) ! MON RONALDO
  19. Re: The New Players Thread I take it no one decent has been uploaded on here
  20. Re: Counter formations What's the best way to beat a unmanaged team who are using 433 or 442 ? Please help ! My team is very strong: Manuel Neuer, David de Gea, Thibaut Courtois - GK Patrice Evra, Gareth Bale, Yuto Nagatomo - LB Thiago Silva, Javi Martínez, Chris Smalling - CB Rafael da Silva,Maicon,Nathaniel Clyne - RB Franck Ribéry, Nani, - Wing Wesley Sneijder, Thomas Müller, Lucas Moura - AM David Villa, Robin van Persie, Sergio Agüero - FWD They are my main players, I've got loads more but they're the low rated ones. Going back to my question, how can I beat a unmanaged team who are using 433 or 442 ? Thanks
  21. Re: Official Red Devils thread Everton away will be interesting, having already got my ticket a few weeks ago. More so Kagawa & RVP will probs start V Fulham !
  22. Re: The New Players Thread Nice he's been added, already signing him in all my G/W ! Is Jonathan Ferrante a must buy ?
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