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  1. Re: International Management when is soccermanager putting this on
  2. Re: chairman blocking loan deals again i think it is just so stuped u should be abile to loan any player
  3. should soccer manager make some euro 2008 setups when euro 2008 starts they should of done it for the world cup but they never i think it will make the game a lot better and if u could pick your own team to be in euro 2008 and pick the players you want to be in your squad.
  4. Re: more money for clubs that have been taken over by million airs how do u send a messange to your club
  5. hi every on u now that liverpool have been taken over i think that they should get more than 24.8m the clubs that have been taken over should get about 40m -30m what do u lot think.
  6. Re: being abile to ask chairman for more money what about if u were only allowed to ask the chairman for only 4m two times and after that your not allowed to ask chairman till next season then
  7. Re: being abile to ask chairman for more money yh but how are u going to get your team in the first divison with them if u dont have that mutch money i got a grimsby and they only have 5m
  8. should we be abile to ask chairman for more money i think it would be a lot better what do u lot think
  9. updating season who thinks sm takes to long updating season the updating should only be about 5 or ten mins
  10. would u like more money of the chairman at the end of season with my west ham team at the end of the season i only got about 5m to spend on players it is just not good.
  11. Re: Jamie Carragher j. carragher and j.terry are the two best cbs in the world and carragher should be in the england starting 11 all the time with j.terry
  12. what do u all think about international management it managing the likes of england brizil and meney others just for gold members.
  13. Re: change player position and formation during the match i think its a good idiea
  14. i think matchers are on far to long it should start at about 8.00 then finish at 9.00 or 8.30 it would be a lot better
  15. Re: more loans i think we should be ablie to loan about 6 or 7 loans a season
  16. Re: Fitness levels yh it is a joke my liverpool players are not fit most of the time so i have to put in some of my yuoth players some think needs to be done about this
  17. hey do eney of u now when we get the youth teams
  18. youth team Coming soon you will be able to move players from your 1st team squad into your youth squad if they are 21 years or below. This will enable you to organise your squad better. Youth team players will have to be promoted into your 1st team squad in order for you to play them. Players can be moved between the two squads freely throughout the season. this will be so good.
  19. fowler he is crap robbie fowler is a better finisher rafer should should start him more for liverpool and see how him and bellamy play
  20. what would u think if we could watch are matchers when there being played and i think u should be able to manage your team when there playing there match like when the tactics u put out before match starts u can like change them at half time we the tactics are not working or make subs let me now what u think thanks.
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