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    kader keita is a class act i think he should go up to 92/93 hes pacey, skillfull and can cross a ball like woah any one agree?
  2. Re: HILBERT & DE JONG definatly de jong
  3. Re: when do they start? i would of thought micah richards was a good buy tonight lol
  4. english rating changes that is i thought they started today??
  5. Re: Michael Owen i think stay at 93 he will pick up his form soon no point taking him down then going straight back up might aswell save time and leave it lol
  6. Robinho does anybody think he deserves a 93 after picking up his good form again?
  7. does anybody know why adriano hasnt been playing them for lately?
  8. farfan hasnt been playing for psv lately?
  9. Re: english players i think will get an increase i think adel taarabt deserves to go up aswell hes quiet a skillfull player when playing for spurs
  10. doesnt he deserve a 90/91?
  11. Re: Van Persie (and a few others) viera should stay the same, but the rest i agree with
  12. Rawdot


    idris kameni what does every 1 think of this goal keeper for espanyol good young keeper makes great saves maybe a 91 on the cards for him?
  13. Rawdot


    i think Urby EMANUELSON has been great for ajax and deserves a 91 any one else think so?
  14. psv won the league and he was there top scorer will he go up?
  15. Re: help with this 1 plz its robinho
  16. i have made a bid for a player for 14mill and was accepted but then the next day it said my chairman has canceled the deal because he is not prepared to spend that much of the budget on this player, but i have spent more then this on players lately so i put a bid of 12 and it was accepted then said the same thing so i put another bid of 10mill plus a player but sm blocked the deal??? any suggestions?
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