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  1. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread From all that text ,u paused on this sentence?? this means that u r only searching for something to argue on it's in your blood goal.com is just a biopsy , if u want i can give u along list of all the international press that critisized barcelona too ,so try to be more open minded matey and stop the pigs that are around ur head cause it's obvious they are making u really dizzy OMG can't believe u and other forumers always like to find something to argue and object on, from 120 sentences that are talking about a certain issue u chose only 1 sentence that's irrelevant and that was just a personal opinion getting it out of my chest
  2. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Style and success have gone hand in hand with the name Barcelona over the last four years. It would also appear, however, that during that period, the Blaugrana have become synonymous with controversy ... especially when the Champions League is concerned. Ahead of last week's first leg quarter-final clash between AC Milan and Barca, Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho had voiced his hope that the football spectacle rather than the match officials would be the talking point after the final whistle. Neither happened as the focus fell on the San Siro pitch. But in the return leg at Camp Nou on Tuesday night when the Catalans won 3-1 to become the first club to make five successive semi-final appearances in the Champions League era, and despite Lionel Messi equalling Jose Altafini's record of scoring the highest number of goals in a single European Cup campaign, the spotlight was all on one man: the referee. Ever since Pep Guardiola took charge of the Blaugrana in 2008 and led the team to victory after victory, success after success, the club have been accused of winning favourable decisions from match officials. Below, Goal.com looks at the recent controversial refereeing decisions involving Barcelona in the Champions League. Chelsea's rivalry with Barcelona started even before this highly controversial clash in 2009 when Mourinho and Frank Rijkaard were in charge of the two respective sides. But when the Blaugrana somehow escaped as many as five penalties in the second leg of the semi-finals at Stamford Bridge, eyebrows were raised. After a 0-0 stalemate in the first leg, the Blues took the lead in the return clash as early as the ninth minute through Michael Essien. Over the remainder of the encounter, Guus Hiddink's men made five penalty claims: the various shouts ranged from Eric Abidal pulling Didier Drogba's shirt, Dani Alves hauling down Florent Malouda inside the box only to be awarded a free kick, and handball appeals when Gerard Pique and Samuel Eto'o blocked Chelsea's attempts at goal with their arms. Andres Iniesta went on to score a humdinger in injury time to salvage a 1-1 draw and send Barca through on away goals. But his sumptuous effort was overshadowed by one man: Tom Henning Ovrebo. This was the game that turned Sergio Busquets from midfielder to actor. After going down 3-1 to Inter in the first leg, Barca's attempted fightback began with Thiago Motta's sending off. The Nerazzurri man swung his arm back to fend off Busquets and connected with his chin, and the young Spaniard went crumbling to ground. Many would argue that an arm across the face warrants a card, no matter the severity of the contact, and even if it was to be a yellow instead of the straight red, Motta would have walked. But Busquets being caught on camera peeking through his fingers to see whether his efforts had paid off didn't help referee Franck De Bleeckere's case. The man advantage didn't work in Barca's favour, however, as it prompted Mourinho to put every Inter man behind the ball for the remaining hour of the game to see off the tie 3-2 on aggregate. But De Bleeckere's debatable refereeing performance did come back to bite Guardiola's side as he disallowed Bojan Krkic's late effort - a goal which would have sent Barcelona through - when he deemed Yaya Toure had deliberately handled Lucio's clearance in the build up. After being demolished 4-1 by Barca, and Messi in particular, the previous season at Camp Nou, Arsenal looked as though they had the measure of the Catalans in this last-16 encounter in 2011. The Gunners won 2-1 at home in the first leg and held on for an entire half in the second before Messi scored two minutes into injury time in the first period. The momentum was with the Catalans at the interval as they held the advantage of away goals, but Busquets heading the ball into his own net eight minutes into the restart swung the tide back Arsenal's way with a 3-2 aggregate cushion. Then came the turning point. Three minutes after the own goal, Robin van Persie was shown his second yellow card of the night when he "kicked the ball away" by taking a shot at goal after the whistle had gone for offside. Barca went on to score the two goals they required to advance 4-3 on aggregate. Van Persie claimed after the match that he could not have heard the whistle, and he struck the ball away just one second after Massimo Busacca had blown his whistle. Last season's chaotic Clasico series was littered with incidents and debates, all of which culminated in the highly-anticipated Champions League semi-final showdown. The controversy had started in the first-leg meeting, where Real Madrid went down 2-0 at home. Barca netted both their goals through Messi, but only after Pepe had been sent off in the 61st minute for a challenge on Dani Alves. Mourinho's sarcastic applause at referee Wolfgang Stark's decision also earned him a dismissal from the bench. After the encounter, Pepe and some of his Madrid team-mates accused the Barca right-back of play-acting and claimed that there was no contact made with the Brazilian before he spun to the ground clutching his ankle. In his post-match press conference, Mourinho infamously went on his tirade and cried conspiracy, accusing Uefa, and even Unicef, of collaborating with the Blaugrana. One of Jose's more memorable lines was: "If I tell Uefa what I really think and feel, my career would end now. Instead I will just ask a question, to which I hope one day to get a response: Why? Why? Why Ovrebo? Why Busacca? Why De Bleeckere? Why Stark? Why?" More sparks were to fly in the second leg, where a certain De Bleeckere indeed returned to the spotlight. With the score on the night still 0-0, the referee disallowed Gonzalo Higuain's goal after he deemed Cristiano Ronaldo had clipped and brought down Javier Mascherano in the build up. The game finished 1-1 and Barca advanced to the final 3-1 on aggregate. The trend of controversial second leg Barcelona calls continued last night, and it was yet another decision that proved to be the turning point of the game, if not the tie. After a goalless draw in Milan in the first leg, Messi opened the scoring as early as the 11th minute of the second leg through a penalty. But Antonio Nocerino's equaliser just past the half-hour mark tipped the advantage towards the Rossoneri on the away-goal rule. Five minutes before the break, the complexion of the game would change when the Blaugrana were given another spot-kick by Bjorn Kuipers. While the first penalty award was rightly unprotested by the Milan camp, the second left the Italians frustrated and bemused. Alessandro Nesta had held back Busquets by pulling his shirt as a corner was about to be swung in, while Carles Puyol also got in the act by trying to shove the Rossoneri defender away. It was a debatable call because the infringement happened when the ball was not yet in play. Messi converted from the spot and Andres Iniesta added a killer third goal early in the second period as the Catalans saw out the tie 3-1 on aggregate. After the game, Clarence Seedorf argued that "if he [the referee] saw that a foul was being committed [before the ball was in play], he should have stopped the game, which is what always happens" while Zlatan Ibrahimovic cried conspiracy and said, "If he gave that penalty, he should have given my penalty." I AM HAPPY THAT THE WORLD PRESS STARTED TO REALIZE THAT TOO ''FINALLY''
  3. Re: Best Deals You Have Ever Made? i think soo :D:D:D i was surprised and very happy at the same time , i couldn't believe myself :D
  4. Re: Best Deals You Have Ever Made? i made a big deal kagawa+neymar+ozil = Artem MILEVSKIY +Chicharito+Carroll+Gaitan+Van der Vaart+ Giovanni Dos Santos+6million i got ozil+neymar+kagawa
  5. Re: Respuesta: Re: Respuesta: Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread
  7. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Regardless of how they won their CL titles ( i mentioned it below attached to busquets acting photo too :D) You're right ,they are the team of THE MOMENT (ONLY THE MOMENT MATEY ) and history can't be made by 3 years they can't surpass the reputation that real madrid built for 110 years ,and was honoured by the FIFA as the team of the century too, by just 3 years Real Madrid is still the most prestigious club in spain and the greatest club of all time too and no one can deny that , barcelona are just having their moment , just as BARCELONA( JOHAN CRUYFF) ,MILAN (SACCHI), AJAX every team in europe passed and will pass in a 3 ~ 4 years of glory but that doesn't make him the greatest right matey ? cheers
  8. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread i am stating the facts buddy, no one can deny any of the facts i've mentioned below i am not playing any card i am mentioning facts that no one can deny and that everyone admitted it after every match of those
  9. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread totally agree mmmm...........i agree i will mention how they got through chelsea in 2009 ( 4 clear penalties weren't whistled ) and how hard they tried to get inter out in 2010 by booking thiago motta after the famous act of busquets but they failed although they tried so hard 17 men on the pitch against inter milan and how they got through arsenal in 2011 and how they passed milan in 2012 too OMG every year there's a new story with them hahaha they can't get the job done by themselves for one time only one time
  10. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Barca deserved the win , as a result that they played 2 good matches but there was no second penalty, that penalty was decisive and it could have affected the match because if milan went to the locker room tied with barcelona , we could have seen a different 2nd half from them and not always the team that deserves a win will win or qualify in conc as i and all of us ( except ray1981 and cheeky lad, cheers guys :D ) said there was no 2nd penalty at the end of the day barca qualified and it's all over, but i wished to see a more pure match i will leave u with that photo for the 3rd time LOL :D:D cheers chums
  11. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread matey the first leg is gone and everyone admitted that there were 2 penalties, but now we are talking about this leg , the refree shouldn't make it up for barcelona because they were robbed in the 1st leg, it make no sense , look at the pics mate i hate both milan and barcelona in the first leg i picked up the 2 errors the refree made and now i am picking the errors too
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... depends on ur team , do u really need schwieni if not go for gotze ASAP
  13. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread FOR ME IT'S NOT A PENALTY WHAT DO YOU THINK ?
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... if u guarantee that no one will snap him then no harm to wait
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... keep nani mate or try to find someone other than pablo
  16. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... KAKA DEFF :eek:
  17. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hummels cheeky bud
  18. Re: Respuesta: Help With Deal(s) Thread... capoue for me matey
  19. Re: Fluffy's Troll Thread
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