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  1. Hey Kev, I’m American. Still have space? And I assume you already started, how late am I? Lol
  2. Re: The Leamington Invitational Official Thread Well, The Raith Rovers gained three more points with their win taking them to 4th in the tables. Da Rocha ha a hat trick! Amazingly enough, Milosavic was the MoM, helping to lead the team to victory. No cards were given out, and no injuries occered. It was a good night for the rovers... On another note, the Manager is hoping that they can continue their wining form thourhgout the season. He also stated that he is looking to sell players to cut the noose on the bank account. If any other managers need players, then the Raith Rovers may be the pl
  3. Re: The Leamington Invitational Official Thread After a long match full of events the Raith Rovers end with a draw to Northwich Victoria. Laslandes scored two on the Rovers to keep the score level as Da Rocha and De Zeeuw scored to do the same. The Rovers advanced to 7th in the tables after securing a point from their match. Unfortunately, Prosperi is out due to a red card, and Muaro Gomes recieved a fractured foot, putting two starters on the bench in the future. A new line-up will be trying for three points in their next matchup against Alloa Athletic on Nov. 1st, after a bye in the Leaming
  4. Re: The Leamington Invitational Official Thread The Raith Rovers receive their first taste of sucess this season as a 4-3 win goes thier way in an incredible match that lasted all the way into the dying minutes. After going down by 2 goals from McBride and Koller, Arjan De Zeeuw came up big with after an error allowed to him to slip through the defense. Several more chances camefor both sides ut ended with 2-1 at the half. The Rovers fell down by another goal once again to make it 3-1 after McBride got his second from a brilliant ball. Then everything happened to go right for the Rovers as t
  5. Re: The Leamington Invitational Official Thread Raith Rovers Manager Critisized The Rovers 4-1 loss to Albion Rovers showed which rovers were ready for the season. Manager Gavin Metz has received critisicm from everywhere as he starts off the season with a horrible loss. Not much can be said about the game except for that the score says it all. The Board has stated that if changes dont occur fast, there may be changes happening again, especially because the Manager has spent the entire budget on new players to help the team win games. All that the manager has said is that the tactics and sta
  6. Re: The Leamington Invitational Official Thread Raith Rovers Manager has already made offers to several players at the forward position. It seems as though he feels a more potent attack is needed. With the small funds available, older more experienced players are thought to be the target. Manager Gavin Metz is on the lookout, and is hoping to find a good but cheap forward to help create a better attack. Any managers looking to be rid of a forward, now is the time to offer them....
  7. Re: The Leamington Invitational Official Thread Raith Roves F.C is now managed by the young, yet knowledgeble Gavin Metz instead of the other experienced Managers that the club had in mind. The Owner stated that he made this choice not to save money for the club, but because he trully thought that Gavin Metz has what it takes. He is hoping that with someone like Gavin, who is ready and willing to take on a challenge, that the Rovers will be lead to prosperity again and perhps even be compared to the likes of Bert Herdman, Frank Connor or even Jimy Nicholl. Gavin Metz has already made offers
  8. Re: Calling All Distinguished Members Of The Forum I will take Raith Roversm or Rushden and Diamonds with my other account if thats O.K. with you guys!! I applied for Raith Rovers....but so did Havoc it seems. The account is brand new, so the rating is at 40, but I want to have a challenge! Please accept the application-should be under the same name (Gavin Metz) ...and btw-great job making something so unique and hard, yet getting people interested...
  9. Re: Best players to buy I said Rooney, just because he plays well in real life. He is also very good, and in most of the leages I have seen, he is one of the top goal scorers. He is still young too, so he can stick around for ahwile...but thats just me
  10. Re: Forumer of the month - new , improved and this time it will last ! Haha... Thanks for newb of the month. I should be eback on here mor often again now, I kinda died for a bit as my soccer season started. Hope to c ya guys in the rest of the threads thanks again!!
  11. Re: Help needed guys.. darn, I guess I should have posted here. Then I would be good lol
  12. Re: Robin Van Persie vs Fernando Torres I think Torres. His goal against CHelsea was great, ad with Gerrard's abilities to get hi through balls I thinkhe will definitaly be able to get some great breakaway opportunities. He played really well against Chelsea, and I think theres more of that to come as well...
  13. Re: hi friendz.formation help needed. I would suggest the 3-5-2. I stated why in the "Best formation against a 4-4-2" thread...I would take a look there.
  14. Re: Gregory van der Wiel haha...I was just looking around and ended up coming across this guy. I was just gunna make a thread for him, but you beat me to it. I think he will turn out to be a very good person. If not, he can at least incease in the ratings enough to gain some cash for your club, if you can get him now while he's still kinda cheap....
  15. Re: Freddy Adu on his way to Benfica With as young as Freddy is, and the potential he has, I am glad he got out of the MLS. He needs beter people around him so that he can get better. I cant tell you if Benfica is the right place for him, but he had reached his max playing with people in the MLS. Going to Europe was the right thing for him to do. Unortunately, the Stars of America need to sometime quit leaving so that the MLS can become a more respected league-but that will take a lot of time lol
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