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  1. Hey Kev, I’m American. Still have space? And I assume you already started, how late am I? Lol
  2. Re: Sir Metz's SoccerManager Guide to Football/Soccer. looks like I have some tweaking to do with those formations sorry for the confusion, ill get it fixed as soon as i test it out/give it some thought. May be awhile though...
  3. Re: 3-5-2 Formation? Maicon will be fine. I would try and use a RB, CB and LB as well. I would actually think that a LB/CB and a RB/CB would play best on the outside, but any combination of the three works.
  4. Re: Centre Midfield , Centre Midfield, Centre midfield? The best formation I think would be a 4-5-1 formation, and use three CM's in the middle. That or a 5-3-2 with three CM's in the middle. Of course, just because you have a lot of good CM's doesnt mean you have to use them all.
  5. Re: Question I've had it work, esp against unmanaged teams/computer controlled teams..
  6. Re: Centre Midfield , Centre Midfield, Centre midfield? Sounds like you get to sell and buy some players!! I would keep about 4-6 CM so injuries and things will not be a problem. but, If any of them can play CM/RM, the old guy probably used him as a RM. Thats pretty crazy though. Try and sell some guys and get depth in other positions though, thats my advice lol
  7. Re: 4-3-2-1 Anyone had success with it? It looks good to me. You may want to try having the passing focused down the middle, since you dont have very much width on the pitch, or have the two AM make runs wide to try and gain some width.
  8. Re: Long time no see! Welcome Back!!
  9. Re: Newbie Alert! Welcome!! I hope you enjoy it!
  10. Re: Sir Metz's SoccerManager Guide to Football/Soccer. I would have a normal tempo, mixed attacking style and normal tackling style. If you have used the counter attack in the past and remember having success then you can use it if you want. I wouldn't use tight marking with offsides trap in any formation, because you risk having your players be too close to the offensive player for the trap to work....you want the other teams forwards to get away from your defenders to get offsides if that makes sense.
  11. Re: Are these rediculous results? I dont think the game has a hiccup or whatever it is you are talking about. I think you may be incredibly unlucky, or your tactics were super crazy...im leaning towards reallllly unlucky. I think its just a coincidence that you recently got a GM.
  12. Re: Sir Metz's SoccerManager Guide to Football/Soccer.
  13. Re: Sir Metz's SoccerManager Guide to Football/Soccer. Aryaman...Sorry man!! I got busy and must have missed you post Here is my suggestion though: Casillas Ramos-Terry-Juan- Bastos Robinho-Alonso-Gerrard-Robben Villa-Eto’o Use a regular 4-4-2 formation, with men behind ball, tight marking, own half, playmaker as Gerrard, Target man as Villa or Eto’o (Use both target man and playmaker), have the LM and RM make runs down the flanks, mixed passing, normal tempo, normal mentality, corner taker as Robben, and Penalty taker as Gerrard. You can also try having Alonso make a run back into
  14. Re: Sir Metz's SoccerManager Guide to Football/Soccer. I would go with a defensive minded counter attacking style formation yourself, such as a 4-5-1 defensive. Use a counter attack and target man, maybe try and use direct passing... otherwise, if you want to try and play them straight up, even though your players are fatigued, try using a 3-5-2 or similar formation
  15. Re: Formation and Tactics for my team? I would try a 4-2-2-2 formation if your looking to be a more attacking style team. Depending on the league/level you are in and the ability of other teams, you may want to go with a more defensive style formation, such as a 4-5-1 (Defensive) If you want me to go though and put player names to the formation I can do that too, but just put the best rated player in the best fitting position
  16. Sir Metz


    Re: help I would use a regular 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 formations. That way you will outnumber their midfield, but still be abe to defend and attack properly.
  17. Re: Schalke Tactics I would use a 4-2-2-2 Formation Neuer Uchida/Hoogland-Metzelder-Plesten/Howedes-Pander kluge-Moritz Miniero-Jones Raul-Jurardo Huntelaar-farfan Use Huntelaar as a Target Man, Raul as a Playmaker and have attacking style as Down both Flanks. Mixed passing, normal tempo, tight marking, huntelaar as pen taker. As far as players to buy, you may want to look for LM and RM position players, as your squad is loaded with wingers, but no actual LM's and RM's. I'm not the best player advice person however, just tactics I suppose, so I'm not going to recommend a player to g
  18. Re: Sir Metz's SoccerManager Guide to Football/Soccer. No problem! I hope it works!!
  19. Re: Sir Metz's SoccerManager Guide to Football/Soccer.
  20. Re: Sir Metz's SoccerManager Guide to Football/Soccer. Carson Young-Zuiverloon-Rodwell-Abate Mascherano Morrison Brunt Giovinco Stanku Moore Have Giovinco be a playmaker, use men behind ball defensively, Press own half, normal tempo, normal mentality, mixed passing. The 4-4-2 Diamond fits your personnel the best IMO...Have you tried anything like this?
  21. Sir Metz


    Re: Help! Try a combination of the two formations, a 4-5-1. Use your normal back four from the 4-4-2, your normal 5 midfielders from your 3-5-2 and then use your best forward, preferrably a CF-Llorente or Cole, unless a Fwd has a much higher rating. Then you can hopefully have the stronger defense of the 4-4-2, but the midfield attacking and creative ability of having 5 in the middle... Yes, you only have one forward, however in the 4-4-2 you have 6 attacking players which is the same in the 4-5-1. Although you have 7 attacking players in the 3-5-2, if your losing with that formation now i
  22. Re: Sir Metz's SoccerManager Guide to Football/Soccer. @Aryaman.sanganeria: Please repost the squad with player ratings and positions and I would be happy to help you. Unfortunatly don’t have the time to look all of that up for everyone everytime I go to help them with tactics :/ @Dudeskin8: I would use a 4-5-1 mentality, with an AM and not a DM. If you have the personnel to fit the formation, use it with playmaker as AM, target man as CF and tight marking. Press own half, and normal tackling, normal mentality, mixed passing (or through the middle if you have CM, AM, CF 90 rated or higher
  23. Re: Sir Metz's SoccerManager Guide to Football/Soccer. I cant see your squad when I click on the link you gave me...the page comes up blank
  24. Re: Best tactics for these Barcelona players! I might use a 4-5-1 formation. Use your normal back four Iniesta-Xavi-Mascherano-Kieta Kaka Villa Tackle: Normal Mentality: Attacking Passing: Mixed or through the middle (Since you have Kaka, Xavi and Mascherano in the middle, plus Villa up top, and your play maker and target man are centered in the pitch) Attacking: Mixed Tempo: Normal Pressing: Own Half Playmaker (Kaka), target man (Villa) If your still reallly reallly trying to get some goals, you have have your LM and RM make runs down the sideline, use a m
  25. Re: Sir Metz's SoccerManager Guide to Football/Soccer. Hello everyone, I'm back in action and ready to help as much as I can again. I updated the guide so it can better help you if you need it, whoever you are I just wanted to let everyone know...so let the tactical help questions commence!!
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