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  1. Re: Freddy Adu on his way to Benfica With as young as Freddy is, and the potential he has, I am glad he got out of the MLS. He needs beter people around him so that he can get better. I cant tell you if Benfica is the right place for him, but he had reached his max playing with people in the MLS. Going to Europe was the right thing for him to do. Unortunately, the Stars of America need to sometime quit leaving so that the MLS can become a more respected league-but that will take a lot of time lol
  2. Re: Ronaldo Red Card - What Do You Think ? He made a bad example for everyone-that deseves a card. He tried to headbutt someone-that deserves a card. He did headbutt someone that deserves a card. No matter what, he deserves a card for what he did-and the fact that I hate him for diving all of the time makes me happy about his suspension lol. I still think that its a valid suspension for the 'headbutt' thing or whatever you guys are wanting to call it.
  3. Well, what I would like to know, is how you get them. I dont have a Gold Membership-if that is what is required. I would also like to know what they do, it seems as though they are just a way of telling you how good you are at the game, but i dont want to be missing something lol Any help would be appreciated THANKS!!
  4. This is for WC 247-I havent seen a thread for it yet. News Report The tables are set after 16 games have been played. Many teams are now begging to see the great or harsch reality of what their season could be, while our very own Ajax remains midtable at 10th place. Hopefully the new Manager, Gavin Metz, can bring more wins our way. He went on record making this statement, "I am happy to be here, and am looking forward to a great season. We have a very established position with great players, and I will only settle for a good showing during the season. My main concern right now is to get s
  5. Re: Moussa Sissoko haha...I hate Man U. and almost felt the same way! I must say that this guy does seem to be pretty good...
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    Re: Hello hahah...sorry, but I only root for good teams lol and ones that dont have people that fall over everytime someone touches them (Christiano Ronaldo) I also just changed to Ajax!-They are in 10th place in Division one! oh yea....I would say thats an improvement
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    Hello everyone!! I am Sir Metz. I am very new to the game an just took over Sevilla. A team that looks really good, but is facing relegation because of the previous manager(Had goalies at forward and crap like that). I am hoping to turn it around and get to the top!! My favorite team is Liverpool:) Are there any other Liverpool Fans out there!?!?
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