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    Re: hello Welcome to the forums!! You'll have to beat me first if your looking for trophies! haha jk...
  2. Re: Best Tactics thank you. It is really good to know that people appreciate the help I give them
  3. Re: Whitch Formations is Good For ME? HELP Good choice. Fabregas is arguably the best CM in the game. the CM is much more involved overall than a fwd in the game, as he plays defense and offense and the ball typically goes through him everytime you have the ball. Plus, ibrahimovic is older than Fabregas. Fabregas has a lot more time to have his rating increase...
  4. Re: Team Formation 4-3-2-1 Neuer Sagna-Subotic-Chellini-Clichy Nasri-Fabregas-Hamsik Van Persie-Higuian Lukaku Focus passing through the middle, and set Fabregas as the playmaker, and Higuain as the target man. Use a playmaker, offside trap, and a target man, normal mentality fast tempo and mixed passing. Tackling style normal as well. Hopefully with having all 90’s in the midfield and up top and focusing the play of the ball through them in the middle of the field you will be able to really play the ball around and create some chances. You can also try having Fabregas make a run stra
  5. Re: Best Tactics With a 4-2-3-1 formation I would use the target man as a CF if you have a CF on your squad, and use a CF at the highest spot on the field. Have your two wingers make runs down the sideline..and use an attacking style of mixed, or down both flanks. I wuld also use tight marking. With the 4-5-1 Formation (the formation I like the best out of the two )I would have a CF play up top again, with two wingers making runs down the flanks. Use Pjanic as a playmaker and then when he gets the ball he will have the two wingers wide and CF in the box to play with. Use an attacking menta
  6. Re: Help my psv team come 1st! You have a great squad capable of a lot of formations. If your losing to some of the lower teams, I would try switching the mentality that you are using against them. if your using the 4-2-4 against the lower level teams, try using a 4-4-2 diamond formation or something, instead of leaving your team open for the counter attack. A team that is much worse than yours is going to look to pack it in on defense, get a goal on the counter attack, and then sit in and defend like hell to try and get a result. With you commiting so many players forward, your allowing th
  7. Re: Interesting indeed... To be honest, I've never really been in that sort of situation. I would have played my backup left back at right back before I would have tried a RM/CM. I'm glad you have tried it though. I would think your just getting lucky...however, I would look at your opponents tactics and see how much of the possession your team has. If your team has had 55+% of the possession then it may make sense for him to play so well as he would not have to be playing out of position in RB and can go forward into his normal place on the pitch for most of the game. Also, check and see i
  8. Re: 3 Years and I've never posted Welcome to the forums, I hope you enjoy it here and stay ahwile!
  9. Re: Player Runs I just started getting back into the game, and I updated a tactical guide as to what runs I think would be best. It interesting to hear that you do not think that player runs help at all though. I'm going to have to experiment with the tactics that I placed in my tactical guide and see if they seem to help or not...
  10. Re: Sir Metz is back @Sonofpluto: I guess you better start using my guide then haha @Tiesto: tack så mycket! I'm glad the guide helped you out. @Foreverblue:thank you and I am glad you liked them @MikeH: I'm glad the guide helped you out, and more importantly got you involved on the forum. There are loads of goodies on here lol @El-NiNo: Thanks man, I hope those tactics I threw your way prove to be useful if you decide to give them a try. I'll be ore than happy to help you out anytime, esp since you have a name such as El-Nino!!!
  11. Re: Whitch Formations is Good For ME? HELP no problem, if that works out let me know...otherwise I can try to think of something else for you if you like!
  12. Re: Sir Metz is back Thanks, Im glad it could help you out! I updated the guide now too, so its still a lot of the same information, but it has all of the formations and everything. I'm going to try and do a section on possible in game changes to make sometime...but I need to figure ou how to go about doing that first.
  13. Re: Team Formation If you can post the exact rating of every player and the positions they can play I'll be able to better help you... Otherwise I would try using a 4-5-1 formation. Have to wingers wide, a CF up top, a good AM and a CM and a DM in the middle of the pitch if you have a DM....otherwise two CM would be fine...
  14. Re: Whitch Formations is Good For ME? HELP Use a 4-3-1-2 Formation Almunia GK Clichy LB Sagna RB Squallaci CB (by RB) Vermalean CB (By LB) Arshavin RM Rosicky LM Nasri AM Fabregas CM Van Persie Fwd Chamach Fwd Substitutes/Rotation to use if guys get tired before next match: Walcott LM/RM, Ramsey RM only, Vela as LM/RM Diaby, Denilson to switch as CM Wilshire as AM (You could also switch Wilshire and Rosicky if you want a better rated player as an AM instead of an outside mid) Switch Bentner on for whichever forward is tired. If you need Vela as a Forward, then you can keep
  15. Re: Sir Metz is back @BOWESYY: Thanks…and yes, the game has had several changes, but I have hoped on and off the game every once in awhile the past few years, so its not as much of a surprise as you would think lol @Phill: Thanks! I hope the guide led you to some of those 19 winning GC Honours:) My first goal is to get my guide back up to speed too @shack: I don’t believe we have spoken, but its nice to meet you and I hope we can become regulars on the forum and friends… @Ashh: Thanks for the compliment, I’m going to update the guide as soon as possible. I’m glad you enjoyed it @SonofPl
  16. Re: Sir Metz is back Thanks Burrow! 9000+ posts...seems Ive been missing out on a lot haha And, I'm hoping to get a new team so I have a fair chance at getting some of the players in the world, but def. PM if a team opens up. I like taking lower level teams and trying to compete with the 'big' boys lol
  17. Hello everyone, I'm back!! After the past two years of a bit of academic struggle with college, I'm finally back on track and finding I have enough time for this again. I am hoping to get back to my guide in the tactical help thread, keep it updated, and do my best to help the loads of people that use it and seek my help with their tactics I have taken on managing one team for now, Xerez, in Spanish Championship 4154. I'm looking to join a 4 Division league that is in its first season/turn, so please PM me if you would allow me to join one or know of one I can weasel my way into. Just to l
  18. Re: Can Some One Help Me - Tactic - Yes you can... I would use these players in the formation Gokhan-Nalta-Marquez-Pinto -------Marcos Senna------- Arce-Jenas-Montolivo-Vederson --------Van Nistelroy---------- (Keep Zambrotta as a sub for your LB and RB should they get fatigued since you dont have any other LB and RB's) (Can Use D'Allessandro at LM if you need to use Vederson as a Left Back)
  19. Re: Tactical help needed I would try a 4-3-3 or a 4-4-2 Diamond formation. The diamond formation would allow you to keep the AM behind the forwards if you like that set up and its working for you...I would keep the same tactics that you already have set, just change the foration to the Diamond if you choose to do so. With the 4-3-3 I would use Torres in between two Fwd's and have him as a target man. Then place a CM a RM and a LM behinf the three forwards, and then use your best defenders and what not. Keep an attacking mentality, defend own half, target man, playmaker (either a Fwd or
  20. Sir Metz


    Re: 4-2-2-2 I would go with a winger, and then a RM and LM if you dont have wingers.
  21. Re: Tactical Help Let me know what happens!
  22. Re: 12 goals against in 4 games I would try a 4-4-2 Diamond, or a 4-4-2 formation. Use a CF and a Fwd up top, your best players in the midfield, a DM and a AM if using the diamond, and two CM in the middle with the reg 4-4-2. Then put in your best defenders and you have your formation ready to go. As far as tactics, I would defend own half, normal mentality, mixed passing and attack, normal tempo, use a target man (Being the CF) and have the AM as the play maker, or your best midfielder if using the reg 4-4-2, and then men behind ball. You can use counter attack if the team your playing is
  23. Re: Tactical Help First of all, I would suggest buying some players that are actual LB and RB in order to help your defense as you only have CB, causing them to play out of position when you play them on the LB or RB position…I don’t even like playing a CB/LB as a LB to be honest, but that’s just me I suppose. Secondly, I would try to get another Fwd, as I seem to find that a CF and a Fwd play better together than two of the same position. Thirdly, I would use a 4-3-1-2 formation with your best defenders your three CM/DM’s (If they are all fit) and then the best AM and then a Fwd and CF up
  24. Re: Shakhtar Donetsk Team - Help Me Win - I would use a 4-3-1-2 formation (Put on whatever defenders have the best player rating if you have multiple people with same ratings Uchida-Chyhrynsky-Suchy-Yasuda Blanco-Ramires-Islinho Piatti Kalinic-Hladky I would then click on Men Behind ball, set Hladky as target man, Piatti as play maker and then set it up for an attacking mentality. Leave everything else the same. You can try using the play maker and target man as the same thing, I have never tried it but according to the previous post it works quite well (I’ll be giving that a try my
  25. Re: Formation Help I have used all CM and I have used a RM CM and a LM too I didnt see a big difference as I seem to win either way. I usually try and use a RM/CM or a LM/CM on the right and left side, just to cover both. My suggestion would be to play whichever person is better. If you have a great RM and a not so good CM then play the right mid ect ect
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