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  1. Re: a player's morale... I would play the better guy as well, esp since he used to playing. I dont know how much of an effect morale has either, but if he has been scoring goals then he should still be able to do so. The new guy, although having a good rating, may not play well with the team you have or whatever and not score...which is not what you want to happen in a finals match
  2. Re: has anyone had.... I have played a Fwd/AM in an attacking mid role and won games, but thats usually against teams that are worse than mine so I cant really say if it works well. I have never tried to play just a Fwd in a AM role however...
  3. Re: COnverting Chances to goals? I find that playing a CF and a Fwd together works well. Also, you coul try using an attacking mentality...maybe that will get you better chances or something. I also use my CF as a target man in many games, and that seems to work for me.. You could also try doing something completely different, like trying to use a counter attack. This might cause you to lose many of the chances you are getting, but the odds of them going into the net may increase since a counter attack (if done right [which depends on game programming]) can easily result in a goal. This is
  4. Re: Villa bad patch I would try using a 4-3-3 wingers formation or a 4-4-2 Diamond, maybe just a reg 4-4-2. With the wingers formation, use klose as the Lone Striker/CF and agbonlahor and Young as wingers, with two CM and then a DM behind the two CM’s. Use the best four in the back and throw in a keeper an you should be good to go. For all formations suggested, Use an Attacking mentality against poor teams, and a normal mentality against better or equal teams. Then with the wingers try and attack down the flanks, and the 4-4-2 or 4-4-2 Diamond, use a mixed attack. Try and Use Klose or wh
  5. Re: 12 goals against in 4 games Can you post your team and their ratings and everything? maybe more people will be able to help if we have more information...
  6. Re: Can Some One Help Me - Tactic - I would do a 4-4-2 or a 4-4-2 Diamond formation. Use your best players at each position, and I would try to use a Fwd and a CF up top and a CM/DM for the two CM players in a 4-4-2 but use your best DM and best AM in the 4-4-2 Diamond. Prematch instructions: Tackling: Normal Passing: Mixed Tempo: Normal or fast (Normal if players are fatigued, fast if they are at 100%) Mentality: Attacking or Normal (Attacking against bad teams, Normal against good competition) Attacking style: Mixed Pressing: Own half Play style: Click on Men Behind ball and targe
  7. Re: Sir Metz's SoccerManager Guide to Football/Soccer. Hello everyone! I am sorry for the long leave of absence everyone, but I became active in other games and training for college soccer. I am hopefully going to update this guide, and try to include some in-game formations and such to help people as well. I know SM has had many changes, including adding and maybe even eliminating formations...hopefully when I finish updating this the guide will not contain anymore of those problems Now to answer some questions...I cannot answer them all but I will answer this one since it was the last one
  8. Re: Sir Metz's SoccerManager Guide to Football/Soccer. I would do a 3-5-2 formation, since you have three really good CB, then use the two DM or CM that you have as the players in the centedfield, and then switch arshavin and kaka as the AM, fill in the forwards and outside mids with the appropriate players, and you should be good to go. You have a greeat squad...
  9. Re: How to beat a 4-2-4? This is too late most likely, but if the 3-5-2's and everything else they said doesnt work for you, you can try a 5-4-1 formation, and try using wingers at the two wing back positions. I have never tried that before, but I am eager to know what would happen. The 5-4-1 position would allow you to control the midfield and your half of the field with superior numbers. Then you can play defensively and go on the counter attack, and try to score goals that way. It may wok to perfection, but it could also give you a slap to the face...but if nothing else works, give
  10. Re: Tactics for Barnet would say a 4-4-2, 4-4-2 Diamond and 3-5-2 are your best bet formation wise. Fill in the best players from there, and your team should be good. Try using a CF and a F t the same time, if you have been using both F or both CF. You can use these tactics too, if you have been conceding a lot of goals, -defensive mentality Counter Attack Target Man (Make it your CF) and Men Behind Ball That should let you suck in the other team, and then counter attack them when they have only a few people back to defend...you can score, and make it hard for them to score at the
  11. Re: Battle of Prestige Official thread Villarreal News Villarreal have won their openeing match 4-0 against the opposing Bristol City in a match that was Villarrealwas favored in. LLorente scored two goals and took MoM as he lead his squad to the top of the tables. Manager Gavin Metz stated that he was very happy with the performance of his team, but that they have to be able to carry that form and momentum into the next game if they want to win the league, and help the forumers gain more points.
  12. Re: Should I play.... Well, due to your stats it seems like your midfield is scoring more than your forwards, so you may want to go with the second formation as that allows for more of your midfielders to get forward and score.
  13. Re: What formation should I play ? I would do a 3-5-2 defensive formation. Use Javier Macherano as the DM, and then fill in the two CM spots with the two great CM you have, and then use your wingers and L/RM players on the outside. You have two good CF or F players as well, so put one on the field at a time and rotate them everygame, that way you dont have a great forward front one game, then a weak one the next...you may want to do that with the CM and outside Mids as well. You have great defenders too btw. Great squad, but you might want to try to improve on the depth in case you get
  14. Re: So Many Good Players AHHHHHHHH!!! If you need to decide what player to play, trying playing all of the players once, and see what form and morale they get. The ones that play well and have a high morale are the ones that will help you get better results. Then, due to fatigue, you can mix in the other players that havent seen the pitch as much. If you really want to integrate your team, then mix the team to be half high morale high form players and half low morale low form players, and you can do decent with two different formations. If after doing that (if you decide to do what im tell
  15. Re: Getting goals for certain players Yea, you can set him as your target man, or have only one forward or centre forward playing up top. Also, if you have the tactics set to "down the left side" for example, I have seen the forward on the right side of the field score more goals due to the crosses that are coming to him. Depends on if you think the game is that deep, because it may just be me over analyzing the game lol
  16. Re: Battle of Prestige Official thread OOC: Im a little late, but i have been on vacation so, here is my first post Villarreal New Manager Sir Gavin Metz, an American man, took control of Spanish side Villarreal last week. He was originally thought to be a temporary manager, but after bringing in talents such as Jose Luis Capdevila, a desperately needed LM, Raul Tamudo, a great CF, and Pedro Munitis another needed winger, Sir Metz was hired as the full time manager. Sir Metz has stated that Jon Dahl Tomasson is up for sale, and that Luis Guille Franco would be sold as well if a
  17. Re: Formation for non league team with some world class players Hey...I would use a F and a CF to answer one of your earlier questions. If you do well with an AM then use the 3-4-1-2 formation. If your team is conceding a lot of goals, use a defensive mentality, with a Play maker(AM), target man (CF) and a counter attack, with men behind ball, tight marking, and defend own half. The rest is up to you but DO NOT use the offsides trap, since you only have three backs. Hope this will help.
  18. Re: Austins guide to different styles of play Great Guide by the way...I was about to make this myself, and just happened to read yous first haha...glad I did becuase it would have been a waste of my time.. + Rep for you (I tried to do it, but my comp did something funny, so let me know if you got it or not;) cuz you deserve it! )
  19. Re: Corinthians GC17. I would also try using a 3-4-1-2 formation. Use what Daniels said, and then if those players get fatigued, switch to the 3-4-1-2 formation. Use a Playmaker at the 1 spot right behind the forwards. Use an AM or a F/AM player there. Set the tactics for mixed passing, normal or defensive mentality, men behind ball, playmaker, counter attack and tight marking. Sometimes if you just use one formation, the other human opponents can read right through your team, and use a formation that will exploit your weaknesses, so its good to change between two or three formation in m
  20. Re: hELP ME please Dumb question!!! I would agree with snapis, since he copied my guide and didnt give me any credit
  21. Re: Chatroomers vs Forumers Applications I will take benfica please. I had said I wanted Villareal but Lil Kik Kid already had it. So...ill change to benfica if no one else has that team.
  22. Re: Playing a 4-1-2-1-2 that attacks down he flanks.. I would agree with Joe Black on this one. If you are worried about the oppenent going down the wings, you can always use a 4-1-2-1-2 as well, and try playing a defensive style and go on the counter attack or use a target man. I do think you should just stick with what yu are doing though if that has been getting you results.
  23. Re: A question about the 3-5-2 formation... I think that playing a RB/CB CB and then LB/CB works the best, but it does not have that great of an effect if you just use CB or have a CB/RB n the left I dont think. Do what you feel is the strongst three you can put on the field I would say.
  24. Re: Chatroomers vs Forumers Applications I will take any of these clubs please Fiorentina Schalke Villareal Stuttgart Benfica CSKA Moskva Hamburger SV thanks...if all of those are taken..then I have no idea what im gunna do:D
  25. Re: Chatroomers vs Forumers Applications Hey forumers, PM me some good teams to choose from. I just got back from vacation and dont have much time to think or lok at the teams that have already been drawn/picked. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks
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