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  1. Re: New chatroomers and forumers setup count me in! depends on hte rules as well...but most likely ill join
  2. Re: Sevilla squad..help Great squad!! Try and see if you can change your four defenders to be a RB, CB, CB then LB. They are fine the way they are, but I think its better to have just plain old RB, and CB and LB then the combo's if you are losing games. Also, Try using a 4-4-2 Diamond formation. You have a great DM, great outside midfielders, and great forwards. I dont know if you have an AM player, but that could be the player you use that 70 Million on If you need help with the tactical decisions you can PM me with the ones you need help with, and ill see what I can do.
  3. Re: counter a v defensive 4-4-2???? W you can try to copy his tactics, an beat him at his own game. He is winning by drawing the other teams in, and then scoring on a counter attack. If you keep your team back on defense, they will come forward, and you can do that to them... I would try copying it, but if you dont wanna do that I can try to think of a different strategy for you.
  4. Re: Tactical help with 4-2-4 formation Well, I really do not know what the position is in real life, as I have never played that formation, but I dont think it will make a huge differance between a DM or a CM. If the other team is really strong up top, make them DM to help your defense, if you need help getting forward, then make them CM. If you have a DM/CM or a CM/DM, then you have the best of both worlds You can experiment with CM and DM and see which combo works best...
  5. Re: Sir Metz's SoccerManager Guide to Football/Soccer. No problem!!! Best of Luck to ya! and Kalel Shah...I answered your questions via PM correct?
  6. Re: National fairplay chatroomers setup I just joined today as the manager of Benfica. I have began to make the changes necissary to the club to have it fit the rules. I was also wondering what you meant by a reasonable price. For EXAMPLE, one could pay 40 million for gerrard, and that would be fair, but they could also go by the SM Value, and it would be less.. ARe we going by what we think is fair?-Because I think we should sell people at the SM Value, just so no conflict can occur.
  7. Re: Countering a 4-2-2-2 Thanks, and as much I like Liverpool, I hope you beat 'em in your setup so you can get more points Best of Luck!
  8. Re: MK-Don'ts hey, if you show all the people on your team, their ratings, and their position, then i can help you more.
  9. Re: Sir Metz's SoccerManager Guide to Football/Soccer. well, i will be able to help you more if you can PM me your squad (w/ Position and their ratings). That Way I can fully analyze what will be best. If not I can take a stab at it...but even though my signature says otherwise, I give you permission to PM me, and I will help you out
  10. Re: Is this a RB or a CB?? In my opinion, you should do a RB-Cb-LB, or a Cb-Cb-Cb. The best woulde a Rb/CB-CB-LB/CB though. That way your outside backs are playing centreback, but also know how to play outside, and therefor can make runs forward in order to assist your offense. I hope this doesnt count as spam...you off topic people! Best of Luck to your team as well, ans I hope you win a lot in the future
  11. Re: Tactical help with 4-2-4 formation hey im glad you won! i hink this is what you are asking, so heres the answer lol: You should have 2 Cm or DM or a CM/DM, Then two Wingers Then two Forwards ========G======= ====RB===CB====CB====lb =======CM/DM====CM/DM==== ==W===================W==== ======F/CF====F/CF========== OIhope that makes sense and is the answer to the question asked!
  12. Sir Metz

    Hi Peeps

    Re: Hi Peeps Welcome GoodLuck!! Have fun!
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    Re: newby Welcome! Hope you have fun, if you need anything let me know
  14. Re: Whatabout yee 's !!! Welcome!! If you need help with tactics..just let me know. Apparantly im pretty good at that
  15. Re: Attacking midfielders? would agree with Biscuit. They are best right behind the forwards... Some can play well as a forward, but make sure their position is marked as "AM/F" or "F/AM" or something like that.
  16. Re: how to counter 5-2-3 Do 4-4-2 Diamond. You will have enough middies to go on the attack with your forwarss and outnumber their 5 defenders, and enough people to get back and shut down their attack. Use Counter Attack Target Man or playmaker. If you have a great forward whos big, use target man, if you have a great AM with great ball skills, use him as the PLaymaker Men Behind Ball Defend own half Mixed Passing Mixed Attacking Normal Mentality Normal Tackling and tight markg if you think you have a lot of good defenders with high stamina.
  17. Re: Discussion On Uefa Euro 2008 I joined as Metz FC. This is the first time i've done this, and im not feeling too confident lol but Ill do my best I joined the league using the code 45068-8612 btw.
  18. Re: Countering a 4-2-2-2 Sorry if this is too late, but the 4-5-1 with the tactics you mentioned should be able to beat the 4-2-2-2 formation in my opinion. I hope you win!!
  19. Re: Sir Metz's SoccerManager Guide to Football/Soccer. I dont know about him really... its all up to you. PLaying a RB in a different position shouldnt kill your team, so it may not be worth the hassle of selling him to get another LB, but its your choice lol
  20. Re: Fiorentina formation.. Those tactics should work, but your games will all be close, like 1-0 victories, maybe a draw or two. I dont think a draw will happpen though, b/c your forwards are top notch.
  21. Re: Tactical help with 4-2-4 formation That formation should work well, use these tactics Tackling Style - Normal Mentality - Normal Passing Style - Mixed Attacking Style - Mixed Tempo - Normal Pressing - Own Half Counter-Attack - Y Men Behind Ball - Y Tight Marking - Y/N you can decide Play Offside - N Use Play Maker - Y/N you decide Use Target Man - Y/N You decide i would use either the target man or the playmaker not both at the same time.
  22. Re: please please help! You can do any formation really... Try using the mixed passing, Press on Own Half, Men behind ball, target man and tight marking, and play down both flanks tactics. You can look at my guide if you want/need more info on any of the formations.
  23. Re: Sir Metz's SoccerManager Guide to Football/Soccer. You can do and advanced search, search for a LB, with a rating of 75-85 or whatever you want back there, and then make the nationality whatever you want it to be, or "none" if you dont care, and then search. There are plenty of people to choose from, but you may have to spend 7Mill or so on a decent one, that or sell another player to make room for the LB. Youre the manager though, so dont do anything you arent comfortable with doing....theres always next season.
  24. Re: New Setup-U21 League I would love to join in on his setup. I love the idea behind it, and I think that setups like this are the only way to prove managerial skill, at least in this game. If you have space, I would be honored to join you guys!
  25. Re: Liverpool - Help me! No problem, Ill always help a fellow liverpool Manager/Fan. Let me know if that works though, Best of Luck!!
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